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Community DVD Giveaway: Win a Copy of Season 4!

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It may go down in history as The One Without Dan Harmon, but Community Season 4 was not a total bust.

We met Jeff's father... Annie dressed up like a classic handmaiden... Pierce was pretty much a non-entity.

So before Harmon returns (and Donald Glover exits), we're offering THREE (3) lucky readers the chance to win ONE (1) copy each of Community Season 4 on DVD. The giveaway is free, quick and easy.

Just follow any or all of the following steps by Thursday, August 22 for a chance to win. GOOD LUCK!

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Community Quotes

Troy: I think I'm failing psychopharmacology.
Britta: Why are you taking that?
Troy: I thought it was a class about crazy farm animals.

Sensible night, appropriate night.
Snow on ground, left and right.
Round yon purchase of decorative things.
Tolerant rewrite of carols to sing.
Function with relative ease,
Function with relative ease.

Shirley [sung to the tune of "Silent Night"]