Dexter Review: And The Greatest Of These Is Love

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The end of Dexter Season 8 - the final season of the series about everyone's favorite serial killer, is nigh. But an episode like tonight's, while a strong one, has me wondering just how it will all end for Dexter and company with so few hours remaining.

Among all of the shows' characters, "Are We There Yet?" ran the gamut of emotions before settling on one for Dexter Morgan: Love.

Four is a Crowd

After tonight, here's how I hope this series ends: With Dexter, Hannah and Harrison on the Slice of Life motoring away into the sunset. 

Sure, sure. Dexter and Debra have been the central relationship of the series, always anchoring each other. She's the main reason he hasn't gone completely off the serial killer deep-end. He holds it together for her. She needs her brother in her life. I get it.

But I really want Debra to return to homicide at Miami Metro (and be with Quinn) and for Dexter to walk away from his life of killing because, as Harry said, there might finally be a greater need in Dexter's life than his need to kill.

Thank you, Hannah McKay.

Is it realistic that a psychopath would change his stripes? No, probably not. But this is a fictional world, after all. 

Every interaction tonight between Dexter and Hannah was flawless. His suggestion that she finally go to Argentina, their frank discussions about what he needed to do in the Keys and their conversation over breakfast did nothing but engender the feeling that these two are supposed to be together. 

Without getting too graphic or lewd, can we talk for a second about that scene in Hannah's hotel room? Dexter has had several lovers over the seasons - Rita, Lila, Lumen - but none of their intimate moments have been quite as, well, intimate. I mean, did it get a little hot in here or what?!?

Asking her to stay with him was a natural, if dangerous, course of action. Vogel did say, after all, that they're both good and bad for one another. Dexter and Hannah need each other, but staying together, especially in Miami, is perilous for Hannah. And since Dexter will likely do whatever it takes to protect her, it's perilous for him, too.

After their meeting in the hotel room in the Keys, even Deb knows that Hannah and Dexter are it for each other, much to her own dismay. Walking away from the opportunity to turn Hannah in - or take her out - caused Deb to re-evaluate what it is she's done with her life since leaving Miami Metro.

Is it just me or has this probably been Jennifer Carpenter's best season yet in terms of everything Debra Morgan has experienced in such a relatively short amount of time?

From damaged and on the verge of a complete collapse to getting her life back together despite knowing Dexter's secret, thanks to Dr. Vogel, Deb has shown more growth and development since she became a Liutenant.

Speaking of Dr. Vogel, it was clear after she, Dexter and Debra dumped her former patient's body over the side of the boat that he wasn't the Brain Surgeon and that said killer would return.

While we're making wishlists and predictions, Dr. Vogel is somehow involved in the Brain Surgeon's murdering, and not just because she was the killer's doctor once upon a time. There's more to her than appears on the surface, something to which she hinted at when Hannah asked how she got into her field and she said it was an event a long time ago that she wouldn't bore them with at dinner.

Is it possible Dr. Vogel was born in blood as well? I think yes. And that's a pity for Zach Hamilton. After his quirky, over-eager, funny one-liners tonight I was starting to like the kid.

Now that Hamilton's body is in its watery grave, how will Quinn proceed with his murder investigation? There's certainly more speculation swimming in my brain and I'm eager to see if I'm right as the series draws to a close over the next few weeks.

What did you think of "Are We There Yet?" Is Dr. Vogel involved in the Brain Surgeon's murders? Should Deb have let Hannah walk? Did you find Zach Hamilton amusing tonight like I did? 


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Vogul created the brain surgeon, just as she's created many other killers over time. I called it from the first episode. It's the plot from The App CAUSE of Death. She gets other people to do her killing for her. Side Note: Vogul totally insulted Hannah with that whole " its nice to see a girl that can eat alot" line :". She does not want Hannah around unless she can control her.


i feel like i wrote this review. i stumbled here after looking on the internet to see if anyone else felt dr vogel was the brain surgeon. after seeing your review im beginning to wonder if the writer wants us to suspect vogel, leading us off the true and less obvious brain surgeon.


Also masuka said who ever killed Cassy was someone she knew and let in so unless jamie did it u can all crown me the genius I am... lol also I was in a hurry sorry for all the mistakes in my post


Am I the only one who watches the show.. vogle does not no who the brain surgeon is Yet. How ever look at her remarks at dinner about how she got into her bizz. With that I'm thinking this Cassy boyfriend is gonna end up being vogls son. She got into killers by tranning her son.. he framed Zache. HD would have known dexfdr because the brain surgeon made it clear he new vocal had got help from him with the his and her brain... also cassys boyfriend did meet Zache before they went for the late note swim yet he lied to Quinn y because he did not want a cop around... not to mention this character does not fit.. this will end up connecting vogle to the brain surgeon but she does not yet no him.. how can it b her was she sending herself brains and pretending to me shocked even while alone? Come on people my theory maybe a jumb but its at least a maybe... after all season for the reporter girl ended up being Trinity's daughter so this is the shows mo


Michael C. Hall gay? I don't think so unless he's bisexual... He and Jennifer, his co-star (Deb), were married for several years. But these days, one never knows...but say it ain't so!


I was hoping to see Zach behind so that I can compare them with Michael Hall's and Liev (Ray Donavan) hinder parts. The love scene did not move me with since Michael Hall is gay right? Or am I forever tainted from his character in 6 feet Under? I'm upset with Dexter as a show because I love it and it's so darned tired now. Masuka's long lost daughter works in a er um sports bar. Who cares? I guess we need a young woman to balance a tired looking Charlotte Rampling. Those side shots of Charlotte's jowls are not good. At least she is going to the bank for the retirement fund. The show needs fresh blood. Or at least a new wardrobe. Deb needs to wear something besides those dumb ankle boots straight leg pants and a flannel shirt. At least she didn't blubber this episode. And Dex needs new clothes too. Tired of Dexter's purple shirts and his unconvincing sinister power. I think the real bad ass with a bad ass is Danny Huston on Magic City. That was a hot very dark show! But alas cancelled by Starz.


How can Dr. Vogel be the Brain Surgeon? That lady cannot carry those bodies. She might be related though...


"She is definitely either the brain surgeon or his associate." Or his sous chef.


Two things:I was a little disappointed that Zach is dead. He seemed to be growing into a decent side character (way more interesting than Masuka's daughter) It seemed like Dexter and Zach could have made for an interesting combo, especially after seeing Zach's personal kill room. Unless there is a twist, all of the time spent dealing with Zach really just became filler. Also, did anyone else notice the song playing when Vogel was attacked and when Zach was found dead was "Make your own kind of Music?" That can't be a coincidence, right?


I have a feeling that Vogel is the "Brain Surgeon" too. She looked like she had a piece of the brain in a container, right after we saw the missing back of Zack's brain. And yeah, her comments about the food were Hannibal Lectorish, and she was kind of coy about what meat was in the casserole she served them. So that wouldn't surprise me at all. I think they will have to kill her ultimately. I'm wondering if Deb's boss will kill her though, in a jealous rage as the ending for Deb. I hope not, but her boss is acting very weirdly and possessively about her, and I don't trust him as far as we could throw him. He certainly gives me the creeps. But this show has been so "twisty" this season that I won't be surprised by any ending they choose.

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