Drop Dead Diva Review: Never Mess With A Beauty Queen

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This week's Drop Dead Diva really tugged at the heartstrings of longtime Jane and Owen fans. In "Missed Congeniality," the issue of Stacy and the sperm donor reached its peak.

So did she find a solution? Read on to find out!

Kim & Dad

I have to say after hearing out both sides of this argument, I am still staunchly on Team Jane. As Teri so eloquently put it:

That violates every rule of friendship. No way, no sperm, no how! | permalink

I know in the end Jane came around and was the bigger person and did the selfless thing and for that I commend her. I'm not sure I could've ever found the strength Jane did, especially after Stacy completely went behind her back. It was ballsy enough that Stacy was asking for Jane's ex-fiance's sperm to begin with... then she lied and told Owen that Jane gave her blessing when she originally didn't. 

Do you think Owen made his decision thinking he had Jane's blessing the whole time? I know Jane's speech at the end made it clear she was okay if he said yes, but she also said that she still wanted to be with him and start a family of their own one day. Either way, his decision to to be Stacy's donor made it very clear that he and Jane were O-V-E-R. When he nodded to Jane as she hugged Stacy, my heart broke a little for Jane.

Enter into that equation that Grayson is on his way to making his relationship with guest star Annie Ilonzeh more serious. It was all just crappy timing, but Grayson deserves to be happy too and Jane had said no to him. Such a tangled web! 

It was nice to see Kim mend fences with her father when she took his case. Maybe he wasn't there for her when she was growing up, but hopefully they will be able to make up for that lost time now that he will be moving in. It goes to show how Kim has grown as a character and is moving past her abandonment issues and sadness with Parker.

What did you think of Jane's beauty pageant case? Were you laughing when she wanted to get Anderson Cooper on the phone? I think it really triggered old memories for her and that's why she felt so upset when she originally thought she was lied to. Hit the comments with your thoughts about this week's Drop Dead Diva!


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Ughhh! This was the worst Drop Dead Diva episode ever!! I want Jane and Owen back! They are so perfect for each other! Grayson's story line has taken on some weird and uninteresting turns this season and Stacy....What the Heck! What friend would EVER ask for your ex's sperm!!


I love the show, but didn't think that Stacy should have ever considered asking Owen to be a sperm donor nor ask Jane to give her blessing. I don't see the chemistry between Grayson and Kim's assistant. BRING FRED BACK.


Are you kidding me??? I love this show, but this episode pushed me over the edge. I am a huge Owen-Jane fan, but regardless of whether or not not they worked out, Stacy's story line is ludicrous! Why would supportive Stacy even consider Owen. And why did the writer's not just take her character there, but Owen agreed? I don't care how giving Owen's character is, I do NOT think it's within him to something like this. Boo on this week's episode. I hope to see this remedied, or I just may turn the channel permanently. I'm so disappointed.


I LOVE this show! Agree...tone down Jane's eyeshadow! Although a bit disturbing, it was good to see conflict between Stacey and Jane-finally. I totally support Stacey- up to this point, she has been a loyal friend- always helping Jane in EVERY situation including Jane's engagement/Grayson, going undercover to help with difficult cases, style tips and more. Jane pretty much takes her for granted- so... now she wants one thing (albeit a major "thing") and Owen obviously thought about it and is willing- so Jane.....be supportive of Stacey no matter how difficult it is for you- she's been there for you!
I love how Kim has "softened"! Relationship between Grayson and assistant is awkward........


I wanted to add that the last two angels were/are horrible. Bring back sweet naïve Fred. And also please tone down Jane's eye make up. In this episode every time she blinked she looked like one of those anime characters.


I am very sad... I always think that Owen finally forgives Jane but seems like he can't do it. They both look amazing together but after the episode 5.07 is better for Jane to move on and look for another place to live, another work specially another BFF.
I have to admit the writers are made a good job because noone knows what will happen in the next episodes, things will change in many directions.


I loved it when I heard this show was back after the cancellation. It was so fresh and light, I really enjoyed it. This last season has been awful. I end up feeling so bad after each episode. Stacy's storyline is so wrong in so many levels, she was the good, unselfish one. I don't think I will watch it anymore.


I always thought Jane and Owen would end eventually. This show is about Jane/Deb and Grayson and how she can find her way back to her true love even in a different body.


I sort of thought Jane & Owen would eventually get back together but now it looks like that's not going to happen. Owen seems to have a nasty side which shows itself at odd moments. I think Jane deserves someone better than him or Grayson for that matter. And with friends like Stacy, better watch your back! How come Jane's "angel" didn't intervene in this one? Think she needs to get her original angel back. Don't care for this one.


Okay this sperm donor storyline and Stacy being a manipulative backstabber just about made me turn the channel. Jane was happy with Owen until Grayson decided to kiss her on her wedding day. That kiss seemed to let her let go of any residual feelings her "Deb" side may still have had. But poor Owen saw it and well we know the rest. Now she is free of Owen after this convoluted mess. And Grayson is unavailable. Okay time for Jane to go off page and find the true love of her life that proves the other two were not!!!! And I hope the writers stop jerking her chain! And ours!!!

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