George Eads to Miss Multiple CSI Episodes After Clash with Writer

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George Eads has been placed on a leave of absence by CSI producers.

The actor, who has portrayed Nick Stokes since the series premiere in 2000, engaged in a heated exchange with a writer and will appear in the opening three installments of Season 14… but his return after that is unknown at this time.

Said a red for CBS TV to The Hollywood Reporter: "George Eads will not appear in several episodes during the first half of the season. We look forward to him returning to CSI very soon."

George Eads as Nick

It's unclear just what prompted the clash, but insiders say Eads was unhappy over the direction of character; the writer with whom he argued was eight months pregnant and Eads threatened to quit in a subsequent meeting with show runner Carol Mendelsohn.

Look for Nick's absence to be addressed in Episode 4 (and for him to be sent for training at Quantico) and for the actor to miss the drama's 300th installment, which will feature the return of Marg Helgenberger.

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George Eads is awesome, I'll be boycotting the 300th episode and the following ones where hes absent. They should have brought William Peterson back instead of losing George for that special episode.


first off no is making him leave he did this this is his fault and no one else's. He's done this before said he was going to quit because he wanted more money. I hope they fire his ass because he is ungrateful.


the writers should recall the wrath of fans when JJ was dropped from Criminal Minds. Even writers and executives should feel some accountability to those of us who watch every week. To cause George to miss the 300th episode is inexcusable. As one of the original cast members it is a terrible slap in the face. What a blow for women, I wonder if the writer had been a man and NOT pregnant if the punishment would have been as harsh. Perhaps she should have already been placed on maternity leave. Bring George back!!


Not taking anyone's side here, but if a (union) actor is unhappy, he should go to the producer (management) to discuss things as opposed to confronting a (union) writer. That would be the proper protocol, just as it would be in any business. Obviously, someone is approving the scripts the writer is writing, and that's why it eventually ended up with Mendelsohn.


I really can't belive what I am reading not only do I love George but I also love his character as well. First Eric Dane gets killed off because he butted heads with Shonda and now the writers are taking George off for awhile all because he didn't like where his character was going.
George is one of the original Members left on the show Aside from sara who left then came back.
Please don't kill off or make the original cast leave


Nick Stokes is a pillar of this show ...NOT... just an afterthought fill in and after 14 seasons is entitled to major input on his character's direction. New writers breath fresh air into old storylines and plots. Actors are like old friends and family.
One thing really bothered me in this article. What does the writer's being eight months pregnant have to do with anything?! It made it sound as if George was posing a threat to her pregnancy. What hogwash!! This was no more that a dispute between creative energies and George should not be punished for it. I suggest they agree to disagree and compromise.


Get over it writers and let George be on the show that he helped make a following.


I love George Eads, you can't get rid of him, it won't be CSI without him, what is wrong with you people! BRING HIM BACK!!!


You've rode this horse too long, Poncho.


Dump the writers. Keep the actors. After 300 episodes its been proven that the writers can be replaced NOT the actors. Where are the producers and the network? Why aren't they supporting George?