Major Crimes Review: Prognosis, Homicide

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"There's No Place Like Home" was most definitely a throwaway episode of Major Crimes, but with the guest stars and the circumstances surrounding the rather boring murder, there was no reason to hold it against anyone.

A New Set of Eyes

When Provenza had a hard time hitting his mark at the firing range and worried that his age might be causing him to lose his edge on the job, the entire team was introduced to a group of zany characters who had made an apartment complex into their own retirement home after working together on a television show in the 70s called Prognosis: Homicide

Enter Tim Conway, Paul Dooley, Doris Roberts, Ron Glass and Marion Ross. My favorite enactment by far was Ron Glass. He was an absolute delight as a past wardrobe consultant on the program. 

It was a case dreams are made of. Their friend owned the building and left it to his "family" - meaning them. Instead, though, his nephew fought the meaning of family in court and took the building. They never knew that, but the nephew was a horror. He took away their Shangri La and made their lives miserable in the hopes of getting them to move out so he could sell the land.

As evil as he was, they were just as interested in getting rid of him. After all, with all his rules and regulations, he still had the nerve to walk by their buffets and help himself, so he kind of deserved to drop dead of an allergy, right? The episode was rife with great quotes like this one, and some great one liners from Tao:

Howard: I'm Howard Grey and, uh, Ed helped himself to our buffet without asking and walked off with two brownies. We waited while he went upstairs to eat and then, after he choked to death on his own rudeness and his cries for help kind of petered out, uh, I propped him up in one of those kitchen chairs and called 911. And, we're very sorry your honor, and we promise never to let someone kill themselves again. | permalink

Provenza used the funny glasses Doris Roberts used on the show to shoot a perfect target and I have to hope like hell the entire "Time Of My Life" karaoke video is on the Major Crimes Season 2 DVD release. 

So, yeah, it was a tosser episode, but it was fun. And there's really not much more to say about that.


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The most enjoyable episode and I agree with Pam, thank you for not having Rios. I love these actors, and to inject humor was artful and exactly what Major Crimes needed.


(finishing my comment) --- need to be raised, is. For some younger people, this line is already quite fuzzy. I did enjoy watching these actors. Tim Conway is always a favorite, and I like Doris Roberts, too. Ultimately the story line as disappointing, and, I thought, disrespectful to their talents and to the talents of the regular cast.


I see the point about including older actors. The deeper meaning is the perceived expiry date of 'older' people and their perceived uselessness despite their own desire/ability to provide more service, like Provenza, who fights to preserve his status quo. However, on the other hand, the comic portrayal of murder and of the minimal, almost comic consequences these characters received highlights their age and mortality (9 years probation -- will they live to the end of that?) and sends a different kind message: some people are okay to eliminate, especially if they have no one to descry their demise. It is never an option -- no matter how minimally acceptable it is portrayed -- to take someone's life (except arguably in cases of self defense). Most people will 'get' that this episode is a 'throwaway' and a parody, some might not. I certainly don't accept that anyone will act on the basis of this one episode, but the right/wrong line is slightly blurred, and a question that does not need to be raised, is to an extent. For some younger people this line is already quite fuzzy. I DID enjoy watching these five characters. I agree that Tim Conway, always a favorite, was a stitch, and I love Doris Roberts, too. The storyline was disappointing, though, and ultimately disrespectful to the talents of these fine actors and to the regular cast as well.


Yes, light episode, but after rewatching last weeks episode about the swimming coach and sexual abuse, which reran just before this light episode, this light episode was what was needed by viewers.


Loved this episode. Glad the old ADA wasn't on it. Didn't like her at all.


I loved it! It was so wonderful to see people we grew up with in the 70s. Tim Conway is/was an absolute master of ad libbing. I don't know how much of his courtroom quote that you include was scripted, but I can truly imagine him adding in the whole bit about the cries for help petering out. I had to rewind and watch it a few times. I understand it didn't move any of the main characters stories, although one might argue there isn't much to move for the most part. I loved the homage to these grand actors/actresses. I wish more shows would show them the love and respect that Major Crimes did tonight. After all, without them, TV would not be what it is today.

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