Brad: Can't we be our old, regular selves for a minute?
Lisa: Please

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Provenza: Can you believe I was married five times and it never occurred to me to run away?
Sanchez: What about your wife, sir?

She says she's never stolen anything and if she wanted to clean up after murderers she'd move back to Honduras.


Well we wanted fireworks.


ME: You want me to shock the corpse?
Tao: Why not? He's not getting any deader.

You can be just as hateful in a whisper.


In 40 years, I've never met a pair of more spoiled brats!


You know, Buzz, at the end of this ride along, I rate your performance based almost entirely on my mood.


Well, of course I don't want to... did I say I wouldn't?


Hey Buzz? That's it?


Two people died because of you, sir. I killed one of them myself. You're going to jail.


So... some guy illegallly recorded 42 women without their permission and I videoed a confessed killer at his request, and I'm the one in trouble?