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"Return to Sender Part 2"

On the season 2 finale of Major Crimes, the squad closes in on a serial killer while Rusty decides to take a stand.

"Return to Sender"

The team fights to stop a serial killer while Rusty ends up in a dangerous games of chess on Major Crimes.

"Year-End Blowout"

A supervisor for Special Investigations searches for the person threatening Rusty and Sharon while the team investigates when a bomb goes off at a used car lot on Major Crimes.

"Risk Assessment"

An investigation shows how each member of the team came to join the force and Fitz comes on board during a joint investigation with the FBI on Major Crimes.

"Curve Ball"

Christmas vacation is put on hold when a baseball scout's murder leads to an intricate kidnapping plot on Major Crimes.

"All In"

When a body is found at an exclusive country club the squad heads up the investigation on Major Crimes.


When a therapist questions a parolee's mental state, the squad tries to track him down on Major Crimes.

"Pick Your Poison"

Major Crimes is back! On this episode, the team looks into the drug-related deaths of two siblings.

"Poster Boy"

Rusty gets some extra freedom just as a spree killer terrorizes the area on Major Crimes.


The squad runs into problems with a judge when they suspect that the murder of a teen prostitute is connected to a much bigger criminal operation on Major Crimes.