Revenge Season 3 Promo: Shots Fired!

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Shots will soon be fired on Revenge.

Not of the verbal variety between Emily and Victoria, but those that come from a gun. And they will strike Emily on her wedding day. And she'll plummet into the water.

All within the first 60 seconds of the Revenge Season 3 premiere on September 29. Is that enough of a tease? Watch the following promo now for more:

ABC President Paul Lee has promised that a new showrunner will make the series "less complicated" this fall, with a returned focus on Emily and her feud with the Graysons.

We can also expect Aiden to play a key role and for Justin Hartley to come on board as Victoria's son; Karine Vanasse to play a woman from Daniel's past; and James LeGros to come on board multiple episodes as a priest.

Will be be reading Emily her last rites?!?

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I hope in the end Emily falls into Aidens arms @ the Villa in Italy...


I'm pretty sure that Emily won't end up with Jack, I'm sure that the producers of the show would not be that dumb. They spent all of season two making Jack look stupid so how did they expect us to still want Jack to end up with Emily? I think something will happen to Jack and he will realise that Emily is not the same 9 year old girl he fell in love with and he will move on and find someone else more suited to him. The show will end (eventually) will Emily arriving at the villa in Italy with the key Aiden gave her (was it Italy?) to meet up with Aiden and fall into each other's arms!!! Whether Emily gets full revenge on the Graysons or just decides they have been punished enough, I'm not sure. I think I would prefer if Emily gets a bit of a conscience and decides to leave them be.


To be fare, there are a lot of people who could be really pissed off with her. Daniel if he finds out the truth! Aiden etc. Yeah I dont want Emily and Jake together. I know its gonna end that way and I hate it.


Is that Jack and Amanda/Emily kissing in Jack's bar? Damn, no!! She really should be with Aiden...this show can be as cheesy as to end up with Jack and Amanda living together happily ever after.


Noticed you don't see any blood when she gets shot... Only Emily/Amanda would have to worry about a bulletproof corset on her wedding day lol


What?! I hope Emily didn't die? I quite agree with lee here. None will make sense if she dies.. can't wait to find out what really happened!


It was a bit hard to see, but it looked to me that Emily was shot from behind so whoever she was talking to was not the person who shot her. It will be very interesting to find out what actually happened, can't wait!


maybe Daniel, maybe jack, maybe aiden, maybe Nolan, it would seem to be someone she lied to in order to get her revenge on the graysons. but if Emily were to die, which I doubt, none of this would make sense. if this story does not end where Emily rides of into the sunset after blowing up the Grayson mansion where Victoria and Conrad had finally gotten their payback, then this story wont make any sense...


one sweet delicious promo, keep them coming.


It's totally Daniel who shoots Emily.
shooting is Daniel's forte.
Not to mention Emily would never say I'm sorry to Victoria or Conrad. And it's about time Daniel finds out at least apart of we identity.

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