The Bridge Review: Did They Capture the Right Man?

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Did the police capture the right guy? Is he the Man on the Phone and/or the Beast?

I doubt it. Jack Childress is definitely a cop killer and deserves to be imprisoned, but he's not the guy they have been hunting. Sonya and Marco were tricked into following a false lead left by the real Beast.

Suspect Cornered

Last Wednesday, in "ID," the police were investigating a fake police cruiser that was left outside Gina's house after her father was killed. Up until then, the Beast and the Man on the Phone (I still believe they are two different people, though Gina's father could have been killed by either of them.) have been careful not to leave any clues to their identities behind. The police cruiser was left on purpose to mislead the police.

In "Destino," Sonya's extensive research into the vehicle lead her to Jack Childress from a three year old purchase. Given Childress' mental instability, he was the perfect patsy. Whoever is on the phone has ties to the police department and most likely knew Childress from his time on the force. It wouldn't have been too difficult to set him up. And, the real killer either took or bought the police vehicle from him.

Childress' obsession with the border, his manuscript, and weapon collection only helped frame him. As Sonya mentioned, Childress is insane and the man they are after is the exact opposite. She's going to figure it out, but will it be before or after they get a phone call gloating about them catching the wrong guy? He planned this and will want to take credit for it.

Frye also immediately realized that Childress was unlikely to be the killer by asking the simple question that neither Sonya or Marco did: What was his connection to Gedman, Frye, or any of the other victims? It was difficult to see Frye dealing with his detox, though commendable that he's sticking out his cleansing. When he collapsed at the end, was it from the detox? Or, was he targeted by the killer again? 

I hope he's not seriously ill because I want to see him join the investigation even if on the outskirts. His interactions with Sonya are enjoyable to watch. They have an intriguing chemistry and way of interacting. He may well have the key to solving the case and just hasn't realized it yet.

In addition to the main investigation, there are many unrelated storylines that aren't nearly as interesting. Whether they will directly tie into the investigation remains to be seen, but if nothing else they provide commentary on the differences between life in El Paso and Juarez. Whether it's the tunnel with Charlotte, Ray, and Graciela; Linder saving girls; or Fausto and his criminal enterprise, they all show the state of this world.

There are despicable and corrupt people on both side of the border. Even Marco's wife isn't innocent now that she's having an affair. Any and all of them could become targets of the killer for their sins. Well, except perhaps Linder. He genuinely seems to be in the business of helping protect and safe women in danger. The rest are all flawed and corrupt to varying degrees. It will be intriguing to see how they are incorporated the rest of the season.

And, could one of them be the Beast and/or the Man on the Phone? Or, will it be someone we haven't seen yet? So much is unknown, but one thing I'm certain about is that Childress is not the right man.

Do you think Childress is the Man on the Phone and/or the Beast? What's going on with the supplemental characters? Will they tie into the rest of the story? Is anyone innocent?


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Why the disgusting sex? The Swedish/Danish version didn't go that far and was one of the best tv shows I've ever seen. It wasn't needed at all. I am hoping they cool it off for the rest and just tell the story. Don't go giving us any more nightmare material. Please...


This episode was crude but thrilling. I think that this is the best show since the first season of the killing. Of course game of thrones is tops and I am waiting for Dracula. I think that Hank is either the beast or in control of the beast. That last scene with Sonya was a wonderful display of outstanding acting. She is tortured but I am not sure its because she hasn't caught the beast or because she now knows the identity of the beast.


I'm hoping it wasn't Childress because he just kind of gave up at the end there. The Beast seems much more dangerous and formidable to just kind of give in like that.

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There are no coincidences with this guy.


Sonya: He's insane.
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Sonya: I'm just not sure that the man who planned all this is insane.