The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Premiere to Be Titled...

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Julie Plec has come out and revealed the title of the upcoming Vampire Diaries Season 5 premiere... and it has a decidedly Jennifer Love Hewitt-ish ring to it.

The October 3rd opener will be called "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

Based on what producer Caroline Dries told us at Comic-Con, the title makes sense.

The Season 5 premiere will feature the show's first-ever time jump, as we skip ahead three months from the dramatic events that concluded Season 4.

Elena and Damon are together and happy. Caroline is preparing for college. Jeremy is alive and able to communicate with Bonnie. And Stefan... okay, he's still at the bottom of that quarry.

What else do we know about The Vampire Diaries Season 5?

  • We'll actually see The Other Side.
  • We'll meet one of Stefan's vengeful ex-girlfriends.
  • Three new characters will debut: a doctor with knowledge about Damon's past; a mysterious Russian named Nadia; and an upperclassman named Jesse, to be played by Kendrick Sampson.
  • Despite her casting on The Originals, Claire Holt will portray Rebekah on the premiere.

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i really would like to happen when stephan gets out of that quarry


in my opinion i really would like if stephan forget about elena and date somebody else. and it is a good thing introducing new charaters

Ronald simkins

I am not getting into an argument over time jumps - quite trivial. I am more interested in Jeremy and Damon being roomies. Homoerotic much! Which we gays love much more than the "immortal love story" between Stephan and the excellent actress that can play all over the place. I cannot wait until the best vampire ever Caroline is going to take over college. Also looking forward to the Doppelganger story they can reinvent the whole show!


This article needs a bit of revising because Season 5's time jump is not the first time jump of the series. Remember back in Season 2's As I Lay Dying, we see Klaus and Stefan taking the coffins of the Originals and heading off to find Klaus werewolves to turn into Hybrids, but then we came back for Season 3's The Birthday and three months have passed seeing that is was Elena's 18th Birthday. The Sacrifice occurred in May on a full moon and changed Elena's birthdate to August 22 due to the senior prank night episode in the beginning of Season 3


Agreed. There was a time jump between 2 and 3. Was there between 3 and 4?


I dont hate delena because they have there chemistry but stelena didnt need the word love in there vocabulary because they were , he didnt need to steal the girl because when there eyes touch you can see there meant to be and yes its going to get intresting with the bottom of the river and silas but the love they have was amazing untill she turned vampire and damon took the hole sistution to his level with the siberbond thing and i bet she still has it and dosent no it but she dosent love him . Stefan will never find another love like that because he was so happy with her and with one word he goes back with her . People say he will be happy with another girl but did you see the hole entire series . I wish he ends up with her because yes damon is wild and free but stefan all ready had it or more terrfying things


I hope Stefan gets saved by a Radagast the brown type of vampire,who will be his sort of Vampire Zen master and teach him things about the way of the force :)

Sarah silva

I am looking forward to the premiere.
There is a time jump as the first year of college starts but I am sure they will explore what everyone was up to during the summer.


I thought there was a time jump between season 2 and 3? When they came on they kept saying how they had been searching for Stefan all summer.


Like the title

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