The Vampire Diaries Season Premiere Pic: Move-In Day!

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It's move-in day!

The CW, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, has released the first set of photos from The Vampire Diaries Season 5, with the following image depicting Elena and Caroline in the first hours of their freshman year... along with a ghost-like Bonnie who appears very happy for her friends.

Check it out now and visit ET for plenty more TVD pics from the October 3rd opener, "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

Vampire Diaries Season Premiere Pic

Season 5 will feature the first significant time jump in series history, with an entire summer having gone by when we meet back up with our favorite Mystic Falls residents.

Look for Whitmore College to play a major role this fall, with new love interest for both young ladies pictured above and one very shady professor portrayed by Rick Cosnett.

NOTE: TV Fanatic spent all day yesterday on The Vampire Diaries set. Return each day next week for exclusive video interviews with Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and more!

UPDATE: The CW has also released a new promo featuring fresh Season 5 footage. Check it out now:

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Of course it is "new love interests for Both young ladies"...Bonnie is dead
They can't see her and I am pretty sure she will not get any romantic interest unless they bring another ghost into the show just for her.


Ummmm it says "new love interest for BOTH young ladies pictured above". There's THREE ladies in that photo!?!?

Dancing eyes


Dancing eyes

I know tvd isn't know for its great wardrobe but wtf,Bonnie looks like a complete hobo in this pic,i mean even Elena the original hobo of this show looks better in comparison.jeez


Where is Tyler in all of this? Is he coming back? Why Elena can see Jeremy if he is supposed to be dead?


HAHAHAHAHA. Even in death Bonnie can't help but stalk Elena. WTF???

Spindae 2o

Nice pics but not much revealing. I really hope the give us a nice follow up story. Really intruiged by the spoilers so far. And can't wait for the Stefan/Silas story to unfold.

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That pit is called guilt. You feel terrible because you broke Stefan's heart. And that nagging feeling is your brain waking up to tell you that you've made a horrible, yet completely reversible, mistake.


You brought a panini press?

Elena [to Caroline]