The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Pre-Premiere Edition!

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Welcome to a special edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table!

With Season of this this CW smash just hours away from premiering, we've gathered a handful of TV Fanatics - Matt Richenthal, Miranda Wicker, Leigh Raines, Dan Forcella and Steve Marsi - together to discuss their hopes, dreams and predictions for new episodes of our favorite supernatural thriller.

Where do we think Delena is headed? How psyched are we to see Paul Wesley go all bad ass as Silas? Will Jeremy please show off his physique again?!? Gather around below and join in the debate as we countdown the seconds until "I Know What You Did Last Summer" airs.


Do you hope Delena stays together for all of The Vampire Diaries Season 5?
Matt: Very much so. The show has been bogged down for too long with Elena's indecisiveness. She's in college now and should be focusing on avoiding the Freshman 15, not wondering if she made the right choice.

Miranda: Yes. This has been four years in the making. It's their time!

Dan: No. The pulling apart and getting back together is the best part! If they stayed together the whole time, there would be no fire!

Leigh: I want them to get a couple of good episodes in with hot vamp on vamp lovin, but everyone knows you can't keep the main couple together ALL season. Elena is going to college. She needs to mix it up with some co-eds.

Steve: I wouldn't say I want them to stay together no matter what, or that I want them to break up because that's more fun. Rather, I'd like to see it play out in a realistic way. If there's some huge, game-changing event or new, believable reason for them to break up, I'll accept it. I just hope they aren't pulled apart in some contrived way again just to toy with viewers.


Are you psyched to see Bonnie as a ghost?
Matt: I'm not Jeremy. So I can't see Bonnie as a ghost. So... yes! Very excited for this storyline!

Miranda: Eh. I'm not sure psyched is the right word for it. Bored to tears already maybe?

Dan: Yeah, Miranda's got it! Bored to tears. Who is out there asking for more Bonnie? Seriously, who?!?

Leigh: If Bonnie being a ghost means we get Jeremy back in our lives then I'm cool with it.

Steve: I hear New Orleans is a hotbed for ghosts.

What should Elena and/or Caroline major in at Whitmore?
Matt: Clearly English for Elena. She can't let those journal entries go to waste, can she? Caroline is a bit more challenging, but I'll go with Music. Remember her rendition of "Eternal Flame?"

Miranda: Caroline should major in event planning. Look at all the high school dances she planned! She's a natural. Elena should major in hot vampire sex. Damon will make an excellent teacher.

Dan: Majoring in History couldn't hurt. Maybe it helps them learn more about folks like Silas.

Leigh: Caroline definitely needs to major in PR. Great point by Dan about event planning. Elena should major in Psychology because this cast needs a good therapist.

Steve: Forensic Science. Gotta think about how many mass murderers there are Mystic Falls ... that profession has to be hiring, and isn't as inherently dangerous/marked for death as say, Sheriff or Mayor.

More exciting prospect: Paul Wesley playing Silas, Jeremy in more tank tops or Katherine as a human?
Matt: Katherine as a human. Because now she can be killed off! Sorry, Nina Dobrev is tremendous in this secondary role, but the character was played out a long time ago. I'll be happy to see her finally go.

Miranda: Paul Wesley is so good at playing bad. He genuinely enjoy the dark sides of characters so I'm really looking forward to that. Super ultra close second, though, are Jeremy's biceps. Super close.

Dan: Wesley as Silas is what I'm most excited for this season. Well, that, and the idea of Stefan not being around for a while. It should give Wesley some room to breathe.

Leigh: I'd love to see a more vulnerable Katherine. She's a great bitch and thrives having vampire control. Let's see her without all that. Also, Jer... duh.

Steve: Jeremy is still on the show? Kidding (sort of). As Miranda said, Paul Wesley is great when he goes dark, so that I'm genuinely excited for. Katherine as a human could be interesting too, although she often borders on a randomly-used plot device to me.

Which Originals cast member will you miss most?
Matt: My man crush on Daniel Gillies knows no bounds. Sure, I'll see him in New Orleans each week. But will it be the same?!?

Miranda: None of them. Because I'll see them every Tuesday night.

Dan: Yeah, I'll be watching The Originals as well, so I guess I'll miss the fact that Klaus won't be courting Caroline this season on The Vampire Diaries.

Leigh: Love Elijah but Klaus was the dynamo out of that family. Who will we blame everything on now? Can't wait to watch Originals!

Steve: Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin (obvious, Australian, gorgeous tie).


Your comments about Bonnie and having Jeremy back who actually serves no purpose made me tune out. Jeremy being brought back ruined season 4.


1. Dont care! But I hope there's less drama, no Stupid Sire Bond type of nonsense!
2. No! Bonnie lost all appeal after season 1, Couldn't care less at this point!
3. Elena: English, Caroline: PR
4. Katherine! the only person I care about on this show, atleast she doesn't make it dull and tedious, disagree with Matt!
5. Elijah! Klaus and Rebekah have had enough screen time the past two seasons!


What did you all just say about Bonnie? Your opinions from there on meant nothing to me. And Bonnie isn't even my top four favorite characters. Next.


1. Could not care less. 2. Could not care less 3. Please, education is a word these kids have not heard in years.... 4. PW as Silas because s4 finale 5. My love Elijah and Klaus, duh!

Spindae 2o

1. Delena!
I want them to be a real couple. Couples fight disagree make up and ect. I mean give them a little spirit like Stelena had. But I see them break up after midseason and get together later on til the final.
2. Ghost Bonnie.
I love bonnie in S1 and S2 but she is the biggest plot device ever I mean really. But this other side stuff is quite interesting and I wanna see how will she come back. And I have a feeling she will be able to posses people. She is storng.
3. Major?
Elena on how to not be a victim? and Caro is the born wedding planer as someone earlier said.
4.Looking forward?
Katarina is great and this human thing could be quite nice. Silas is interesting as well. Especially who doesn't love a devious Paul. Nasty.
Of course the Original sister. She is just perfect can't wait to see her rock both shows tonight. AND PLEASE LET SAROLINE HAPPEN! WE ALL NEED IT!


Hey now, Steve, don't be wishing Bonnie on The Originals! We already have Hayley to suffer through.

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