Castle First Look Photo: Who is Sully?

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We're less than two weeks away from learning the answer to the most pressing question of Castle Season 6:

Will Kate accept Rick's proposal?

But while we can't reveal that answer just yet, we can give fans their first look at Joshua Bitton, who will debut as Detective Grant Sullivan on Episode 3 and stick around the 12th Precinct as a law enforcement officer set on proving himself to Castle and company. Will be replacing a D.C.-bound Beckett at work?

The actor - who has appeared on such dramas as Vegas, Private Practice, Justified - stands below with Nathan Fillion's title character and Seamus Dever's Ryan in this EXCLUSIVE Season 6 photo. Check it out now:

Joshua Bitton as Sully

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It might be interesting if after her stint with the FBI Beckett returns to NY to set herself up as a private investigator with a knack for solving odd cases. Imagine the possibilities of locations across the country and the world!


Do you think Gates asked Castle to stay on at the 12th? Looks like Beckett is gone for a while.


OMG!! That guy is such a shorty!


The whole DC job for Beckett is such a ruse by the show creator. However, I like the idea of Castle teaming up with Ryan and solving cases. Both are great at finding the details behind suspect motives. Recall in 4x1 "Rise", Castle worked at the precinct for months with the 'boys' trying to identify the sniper while Beckett chose to ignore Castle after he professed his love for her.


Martha's mom?

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