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Should Annie have let Teo kill Henry?

That will probably be a Covert Affairs question that will haunt her. At the time, there was no doubt that she was doing the right thing by stopping him. However, her decision left Henry alive and Teo dead along with the six helicopter passengers. 

Annie Heads to Copenhagen

Throughout Covert Affairs season 4, Henry's actions have been a mystery. He wants to make Arthur pay for Jai's death, but that alone didn't explain why he was meeting with ALC terrorists, funding them or stealing missiles. Henry's interactions with the ALC pre-dated Jai's murder. While his past motivations remain unclear, the ties to current events were finally explained.

Henry was responsible for funding the bombing that killed Teo's mother, but he didn't know about the connection to Arthur back then. He's taken advantage of Teo's involvement with the ALC and his past to get vengeance against Arthur.

Now that Teo is dead, will Arthur go after Henry and try to finish him off just like Teo wanted to do? It seems unlikely that Teo's death would be enough to satisfy Henry's anger and quest to make Arthur pay. A face off between these two experienced and powerful spies would be epic.

I'd prefer to see Arthur take the high road and go through with his plan to come clean and use the appropriate channels rather than with bullets. But I wouldn't mind seeing Arthur get a good punch in.

At least Arthur and Teo made peace with each other. Would it have been possible for Teo to move to DC and work for the CIA? Maybe, but probably not. That moment of hope between the father and son was precious. Arthur will at least have a positive final memory with his son.

I've spent several paragraphs talking about the implication of Teo's death, but I have to mention the possibility that Teo isn't really dead. There are several scenarios that legitimately could be at play. Joan, Calder and Henry all would have reasons to fake Teo's death and make Arthur believe that his son is dead.

Teo's a wanted man. If he's "dead," it would provide an opportunity for him to move on with a new identity. Given Arthur and Teo's relationship, Joan may have thought it was the best course of action. Calder is trying to get to the truth. A dead Teo would allow him to question the presumed terrorist. Or, if he believes Teo's innocent, Calder could want to use him to take down Henry. Perhaps, he's even working with Joan.

Henry has connections everywhere. If he could take custody of Teo, he would be able to cause Arthur even more pain, while solidifying his scapegoat in the helicopter attack. Whether Teo is alive or not, his presence will continue to be felt until this war between Arthur and Henry comes to its conclusion.

In addition to Henry's motivations and history becoming more clear, in "Hang Wire," Calder's integrity was solidified. I've questioned the idea that Calder was working for Henry since the beginning. He always came across as a by-the-book guy who couldn't be bought or influenced by someone like Henry. 

He stepped outside the lines a little by taking Auggie into custody; at the same time, he provided Auggie the opportunity to leave. Now, Joan, Annie and Auggie have someone outside their inner circle that can corroborate the facts behind their investigation into Henry. It's been an off-the-book mission and Calder's support could help protect their careers at the agency.

Now that Henry has blown up a helicopter of people, it's a changed game. He's a smart man and will find a way to cover up his involvement and use it to his advantage. With Teo's death (if he is), he'd be an easy scapegoat. There is evidence that the Puma was there and that's all he'll need.

With Annie off the grid, how far will she go to bring Henry down? Will she pull a "Helen," go off the grid and go deep undercover to take him out? It's a dangerous world for Annie right now.

Do you think Teo is really dead? Would you prefer that he be dead? Or do you hope someone faked his death? What will Annie do next?


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The story line went off the grid. This has turned into a farce. Good Bye Covert, you were good in the begining.


I thought Lena killed Jai! That is why this whole Henry Wilcox thing makes no sense, didn't Jai turn him in? I know that Arthur knew why and Jai knew and gave him up. I don't know why he was in jail for treason, but Arthur had a something to do w/it, does anyone remember? Henry doesn't care about Jai, he is a sociopath, narcissist and I would say a megalomaniac. As or Teo the show needs more new blood than Calder, it needs a serious injection of new spies


I to hope Teo is not really dead. I found him intriguing and also thought he had some chem with Annie. also I'm a big fan of Peter G. and I was hoping to see the relationship between the estranged father son explored more fully. I don't understand why Henry blames arthur for Jai's death at one point it even seemed as if maybe henry may have played a role in jai's death.


I believe we are going to see Eyal again.


I liked this episode even though the show has become increasingly ludicrous with the very uninteresting Augie/Annie story lines. Is it just me or does Annie have the best chemistry with more interesting characters like Teo and Simon? There is so little chemistry between Augie and Annie and worse they seem to be making the CIA into a secondary story line. Gone is the great theme music showing Annie as a spy. Gone are all the great characters like Jai, Ben and Eyal who I thought made the show more exciting. It is as if they have become irrelevant even though those characters did a lot more to help Annie on her missions than Augie and she had great chemistry with all of them.




Good episode - At this point, it is looking like it was a Big Mistake to keep Henry Wilcox alive. He exercises no conscience and no boundaries to reach his goal. It is best for Arthur if Teo is alive and discontinues contact with him.


I hope that Teo isn't dead. Things will be much more interesting if he isn't. I'd considered that his death would be faked to escape those looking for him, but I did not consider that Henry could be involved. That would very diabolical, even for Henry. However, at this point the game has been very lopsided. Henry has had the good guys at every turn, Teams Campbell and Walkerson need to put some points on the board. A dead but not dead Teo would give them the chance.


I still don't think Henry's motives have been adequately explained. We have seen no evidence that Arthur had anything to do with Jai's death, and Jai was killed by a man Henry created (Henry's exact words when Arthur showed him a picture of Jai's assassin last season: "I know who he his. I made him.").

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