Grey's Anatomy Review: Surviving the Storm

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Welcome back, Grey’s Anatomy fans! Just like every summer, I’ve been counting down the days for the most wonderful time of the year and it’s finally here. Our fall television shows have returned and our favorite doctors are back.

Tonight, Grey’s Anatomy hit a milestone by kicking off its 10th season with a two-hour premiere that was in true Shonda-fashion being dramatic, emotional and riveting.

Awaiting Victims

We were left with a number of questions following "Perfect Storm." From wondering if Meredith’s baby was okay to pondering if Webber made it out alive, "Seal Our Fate" brought these lingering questions to the forefront and featured the doctors facing the devastation left by the storm.

With Webber narrating, there was more reason to worry for his well being. Things grew even more intense when Heather tried rushing to his side but was also electrocuted and suffered massive head trauma. It was no wonder Shane was feeling guilty, as he was the one who sent Heather to go find Webber in the first place. I really liked him before and can't help but be kind of mad at him now.

Thank goodness Cristina showed up as her badass self and bought Webber more time by successfully performing a risky procedure. However, there just wasn’t enough of it. Webber required additional emergency surgery and the decision to move forward was made by Meredith, who was designated as Webber’s medical power of attorney.

Heartfelt stories were aplenty when a giant mudslide injured a number of patients and first responders.

Elsewhere, the doctors had their own drama. I was shocked when Callie announced that Arizona had cheated on her. Then, my favorite new couple, Jolex, just couldn’t move forward in the on-call room. Also, April realized that she wanted Jackson back. Overall, it was a crazy hour with so much going on all at the same time.

MerDer and Baby

The second hour, “I Want You with Me,” opened with the doctors continuing to fight to save Webber’s and Heather’s lives. Catherine Avery showed up and wasn’t too pleased that Bailey was opening Webber back up again. She screamed at the top of her lungs and while his vitals worsened, Bailey made the decision to close him back up before she could find the root cause.

Luckily, Meredith later decided that the risk was worth taking and wanted Bailey to give her best shot one last time. This time around, Bailey saved Richard’s life and found the damaged tissue in Webber’s pancreas. Bailey is still awesome and I loved that Meredith was willing to reconsider.

Unfortunately, Heather wasn’t so lucky. While Derek did all that he could, it just wasn’t enough. We knew so little about Heather and this showed even more as the other interns tried to think of nice things to say about her to her mother.

One thing I will certainly miss about Heather is her quirkiness. With her death, it’s clear that the other interns will grow closer and we’ll continue to learn more about them. Last season, I didn't care to learn too much about this new group, but my mind is slowly changing.

Meanwhile, Cristina and Owen couldn’t seem to keep their hands off one another as they continued to try one-upping their last special memory. Are you rooting for these two to get back together or will they eventually end up apart?

Calzona’s future is also in question. Callie and Sofia are staying at the dream house because Callie simply needs a break from Arizona. For the time being, they will take turns taking care of Sofia. Look, I get that Arizona knows she messed up big time and is sorry but I think it’s way too soon for Callie to just forgive her.

Arizona needs to give Callie some real space and let her have time to think things over. Do you think that Callie will ever be able to forgive Arizona?

Lastly, I was really glad that Jackson was totally blunt with April and told her exactly how he felt about her wanting him only when she thought she was going to lose him. I didn’t expect for April to propose to Matthew right away, and am not so sure their relationship is going to stick. I was never a fan of Japril, but Matthew seems like a really nice guy.

Other Thoughts:

  • Chaos was at the forefront, but I was stoked to see that the McBaby was perfectly fine. I loved seeing Auntie Cristina snap pictures of the new baby boy and Meredith calm Alex down by having him hold baby Derek.
  • Did you catch all of the mentions of the former characters including Mark, Izzie and George? I miss them all.
  • Don’t forget to check out the typical memorable Grey’s Anatomy quotes.

All in all, I thought the two-part opener was solid and am stoked to see what the writers have up their sleeves for Grey’s Anatomy Season 10. Like always, Shonda and company know how to keep us captivated and always wanting more. Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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The star savors simplicity, and she didn disappoint in a black halter gown by designer Jenny Packham, accessorized with vintage jewels and her big reduced back tattoo. She told E! that awards days, although hectic, are enjoyable. exciting to wake up and play together with your little ones and get prepared and go out and be together with your pals.


UPDATE: Grey's Anatomy FAIL! Ellen Pompeo was against Isaiah Washington because he was African-American before he was a slur throwing black homophobe, but she was not racist in love interest preference. Put all the little ugly words in the same basket with strikingly typical results for Isaiah Washington's POV sans the political-racial context of Ellen Pompeo who just could not wake up next to a nameless black man she met in a bar when we meet her in season one, episode one. Yet, bless her heart she adopts Zola; which would have made sense had she been with Dr. Burke. (Finally, got it all in after four posts, pitiful). Turning The Chief into a bitter-old-man was beneath his character only to have Dr. Baily work reverse psychology and allow those who respect these two to exhale when he inhaled. Cheap stunt. Bottom line the characters are vanilla lives even with Arizona and Callie. The fat lady is singing.


Loved the opening episode.Though felt bad for Heather but it seems as if SHonda has to kill one intern always.They killed George in Meridith's batch,Lexi was in one after Meridith so she also got killed and now Heather in this one.Loved Senior Bailey's talk with Junior Bailey though.


Am I the only one that noticed Arizona had 2 legs? When she walks into her apartment and bends down to get the sippy cup you can clearly see she has two legs and she wouldn't be able to bend that way with a cut above the knee like her character has. I hate when shows mess up like that because it takes me out of the story and then bothers me the rest of the episode. I can't help but look for more mistakes after that. And it's like they've totally forgot she's supposed to be an amputee.

@ Andy

You must have missed the episode when Arizona got the realistic looking prosthetic leg, when she wore high heels for the first time since the amputation. (I'm binge watching GA and just watched that episode.)


I am a new fan - starting watching just last season and now catching up on the earlier seasons on Lifetime channel (3 shows a day). Have to say the earlier ones are better but still record the new ones also. I liked Arizona before but no more after the last two shows. The reason I started watching in fact was I remember the actress from "The Practice" and liked her. She chose to abandon her marriage and now she wants everything to be normal - I hope Callie takes her to court.
Glad Webber ended up OK.


These interns are uninteresting as actors and as characters. New dialogue won't help. There is no energy. The introduction of the medical designee was good. If nothing else, it brought attention to the need for a designee and to tell that person your wishes. It needs to be in writing. The paperwork for Webber gave him no input over his treatment. He left it completely up to Meredith. It is also important to have a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) if that's what you want. I wonder how many people will assign a medical designee? Go back to story lined with the characters your audience loves. From these comments we don't ever like the new interns.


I hated seeing Heather die. Heather and Jo are the only interns that I liked, the others can take a long walk off a short pier.


Be with Arizona which is why I never liked their relationship. Arizona blase attitude towards infidelity almost degrades and supports negative stereotypes of homosexual relationships. I hate that she isn't giving Callie her space. It's the least she can do. I also hate that their drama affects everyone. Honestly, they need the break. I welcome it. Arizona needs to deal with her issues and Callie needs to rediscover who she is...I loved that comment about her not being the girl who dances in her underwear anymore.


I'm glad that Webber survived. I didn't understand why it was so shocking that he chose Meredith. They're the only family they have left, whether she realizes that or not. Unfortunate about heather but I suppose it was the catalyst to bring the interns closer together and give them a purpose other than sleeping with residents. They still don't have much presence however. I'm glad Avery was blunt with April. I always seen their relationship as sibling like, but she screws with his head and he never comes first. Isn't fair to him. I like Matthew but that won't work. Christina and Owen have amazing chemistry but aren't lifestyle compatible which sucks. Love them. Callie loses herself in relationships and I always hated that. The only time she didn't was with Mark. I rather enjoyed her blasting Arizona. Arizona doesn't seem apologetic to me though. She never does when she's in the wrong. I feel like Callie has had to sacrifice a lot of who she is to


I hate Alex and Jo together - sooo annoying

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 1 Quotes

We're all going to die. We don't get much say over how or when, but we do get to decide how we're gonna live. So, do it. Decide. Is this the life you want to live? Is this the person you want to love? Is this the best you can be? Can you be stronger? Kinder? More Compassionate? Decide. Breathe in. Breathe out and decide.


Cristina: Who's Dr. Boswell?
Callie: She's the woman Arizona slept with last night.