Agents of SHIELD Review: Coming Clean

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On Agents of SHIELD this week, we got a better look at Centipede as we met Raina, a new key player in the organization who arrived as the "Girl in the Flower Dress."

Raina has a lot more subtly to her style, easily charming Chan, a street pyrokentic, and convincing him that taking the name "Scorch" would give him a chance to be remembered by the world. The Yin to her Yang was the doctor we previously met in the pilot, who was much more direct in her methods of wanting to use him up.

Skye's Secret

The doctor, "Debbie" (as she was listed in the credits), was well portrayed by actress Shannon Lucio, but the character felt a bit two-dimensional, which is why I suspect she was given a spectacular send off in a ball of fire from the hands of Scorch. What better way to improve your antagonist than killing one off and introducing an improved version?

Speaking of Scorch, I was truly impressed that the solution to neutralizing Chan Ho Yin wasn't a warm and fuzzy ending; that Melinda and Coulson made the hard choice of taking him out by over dosing him Extremis and making him blow up. 

This single story point gave the whole episode a darker and more realistic feel to it, especially when you consider how hard Coulson worked to keep Mike from exploding in the first episode from the very same thing. 

If you consider that in conjunction with the full exposure of Skye’s reason for hacking and joining SHIELD, it looks like we might be seeing some evolution of the story telling for the show. 

Was anyone else surprised that they opted to complete so much of Skye's story this soon? While I realize there is another chapter to her story in the form of what she's looking for on her parents, I was surprised that they had Coulson learn about her lying and connection to Miles this quickly. 

That said, now that Skye has shown her hand and Coulson has offered his (again), I really hope that we see some love spread among the other characters. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled with what we learned about Skye this week. From her fling with Miles to her realization that she wants something different than the Rising Tide, it was all great. I’m just ready to learn about Fitz, May, Ward or maybe even Coulson.

I guess we will find out in two weeks if there is a different tempo/feel to the show. But I’m kind of excited to see where Raina and her prison bound contact take Centipede and if they are going to turn up more often now. 

Overall, I’m giving the episode 4.6 lost shirts in honor of Skye losing hers along with the lies. What did you think about the episode? Are you happy with what we've learned so far? 


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@braaf_hond, thanks for the reminder on that quote, I've added to the episode. I hate it when I miss a good quote :)


Ruth Negga as Raina is great. Scorch burning the doctor is great. The rest is mediocre.


Everything about this episode was better, its just too bad it will never be good with the terrible actors and the terrible main characters they use.

@ Tyler

I agree, the show could be so much better ! I find the characters so bland, i can't root for them. Even Coulson can't save the show, his reaction towards Sky's hacking is stupid, her excuse about her parents is cheesy and too easy...


they have raised their game … going further into the mythology … centipede is using the rising tide … is it a "one off" or is the rising tide an unwitting branch of centipede ? scorch has been blown by shield but i am not sure we have seen the last of him : he had (or has) pyrotechnic abilities … he may well have been able to canalize the blast … we had to learn more about skye "this soon" … her past is her motive for infiltrating SHIELD … if we do not know what is driving her, what is the point of her being there ? SHIELD are the "good" guys but they may not have always been nice … so the wristbands might turn very nasty indeed! on a lighter note : simmons saying "you missed a button" ROLF and battleship was the moment where agent ward was the most fleshed… "you can't save someone from themselves, sir"
"you can if you get to them early enough"


Continue really good. I don't want to wait 2 weeks before a new episode I wish it was a new episode next week.


This was a really good episode. Last week I kept thinking how they would find out about Skye and the way they did was not one of the ways that crossed my mind. It looks like Coulson had no idea Skye was hiding something like that. I'm glad we found out more about centipede. I liked the beginning when Skye and Ward were playing battle ship and she was kicking his butt. I wasn't suprized that Skye was still on the teams side as was actually defending them because I believed she actually did care about them. I wasn't shocked we found all about her past at the same time because that's what I thought would happen but I wasn't expecting it to happen so soon but I guess it makes since because her story is actually bigger than we thought and they can do the story on her trying to find out about her parents which should be a very interesting story. I agree I want to find out more about Ward, May, Fitz, Simmons, and Coulson especially Coulson and May. Can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


So, what are the wristbands that Miles and Skye have to wear?
It is it something like an ankle bracelet that people under house arrest need to wear? Is she not a trusted member of the team anymore? I liked the background information and story line. I loved the look on Skye's face when she opened the door to get her top.
That was priceless.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Raina: You need a similar name. More powerful name. A name like Scorch.
Chan: Scorch? You're joking?
Raina: Have you ever heard of Steve Rogers? No? Captain America, now he's on the news and lunch box and a poster on the on the wall.

Skye: I don't want to ruin the moment, but I'm going to have to respond with G4. Say it Ward. Say it.
Ward: You sank my battleship.