You have shown so much heart never giving up on Simmons, and I will always respect you for it. But look around, we need you. We need that big brain of yours and that heart here.


Coulson: Daisy damn it, hard for us to get used to, huh?
Mack/Hunter: Ah, no, just you.

Rosalind: These altered humans are a threat and I'm in charge of neutralizing that threat.
Coulson: By any means necessary, sounds like is coming next. And who do you answer to?
Rosalind: Mr. Coulson, it's others who answer to me. The laws of nature have changed, and until the laws of man change to reflect that we can only do what we feel is right.
Coulson: I agree. I think.

Mack: We lost Fitz again huh? He out there chasing down another ghost story?
Bobbi: He has a theory.
Mack: He's always got a new theory. That's why he locked up that damn rock and won't let anyone in.
Bobbi: He wouldn't dare go in there. He's not totally irrational. The process of digging just helps him cope.
Mack: No, it keeps him from coping. Look, I love the fact that he won't give up hope. I do. But the man's a scientist and the evidence is pointing one way.

Daisy: We try to protect people like you from the world, or from yourself. Unless we have to defend the world against you.
Joey: People like me? What is happening to me?
Daisy: You've experienced what's called a biomorphic event. Short version, your DNA changed.

Coulson: Are you ready to refocus your energies?
Skye: Team centered around people with powers? How many on the list?
Coulson: Right now, just you. Take it slow.

Cal: I reassembled her, piece by piece; sewed her back up. But she was never the same.
Coulson: She was out for blood.
Cal: Before Whitehall, an elder would sacrifice themselves every few decades so she could live on; carry on tradition. She would weep, scream, beg them not to. She had a good heart Phil, she did. It was just torn out.

Simmons: You'll be careful.
Fitz: I won't be careful, I'll get the job done.
Simmons: Well, watch your back because I just saw Hunter with Bobbi and it made me realize that... It's just that, we never really spoke about what you said to me at the bottom of the ocean.
Fitz: This? Now? You want to talk about this now?
Simmons: No, we don't... it means a lot to me that we're friends again and maybe when you get back we could finally just talk about it.
Fitz: There's nothing to discuss Jemma.
Simmons: Maybe there is.

Skye: She knew I would see this. She said as much. She saw who you really are so you killed her.
Jiaying: Everything I've done, everything I will do is for the protection of our people.
Skye: You killed Gonzales. You want a war.
Jiaying: War was inevitable. I struck first so we would have the advantage.
Skye: He came to make peace.

Skye: You knew, didn't you? Your visions, you saw fire, destruction. You knew it would all fall apart.
Raina: I'm afraid so. Everyone thinks flowers are so delicate, but they really are quite resilient.
Skye: I'm not here to talk botany.
Raina: No, you're here to ask questions about what's going to happen next.
Skye: Yes.
Raina: Well that's the tragedy, because even if I were inclined to tell you... you wouldn't believe me.

Please just sit down with him. Coulson, he's a good man. He's the only person who's ever tried to take care of me. And until now he's the closest I've had to family.


Skye: How'd it go?
Lincoln: The indexing? They just asked a lot of questions. I'm sure you guys already have my blood from when I was out, right?
Coulson: It's protocol.
Lincoln: Hydra said the same thing.
Coulson: I know you've been through a lot, but you can trust us. You'll see.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Quotes

The world is full of evil, lies, pain, and death and you can’t hide from it. You can only face it. The question is when you do, how do you respond, who do you become?


Hill: What does S.H.I.E.L.D. stand for Agent Ward?
Ward: Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.
Hill: And what does that mean to you?
Ward: That someone really wanted our initials to spell SHIELD.