Agents of SHIELD Review: Committing To The Cause

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Skye being the only non-SHIELD person on Coulson’s team makes her an easy choice to tie into story plots and dig into her back story.

However, given that the show is called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it might be nice to rotate the character focus and included some of the actual Agents.

The Center of Attention

"The Asset" would have been the perfect time to do this, given that both Fitz and Simmons had a history with Dr. Franklin Hall. We could have gotten more of their back story, worked them into the action a little more and had some story attention for our two favorite nerds.

Alas, it didn't turn out that way. Instead, we got Ward giving Skye a crash course in hand to hand combat, more discussion about Skye’s commitment to the team and Coulson and Ward storming the beach together while Skye did her impersonation of True Lies while mingling with the crowds using information fed to her. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled with where things went with Skye and her opening up to Ward about her foster home. It was a great bonding moment for the two of them. But now that we know she’s committed and Melinda is willing to be back in combat, can we please focus on some of the other characters?

Speaking of other characters, for those not familiar with Marvel Lore, Dr. Franklin Hall becomes Gravitron in Marvel comics; they alluded to it in the final scene where the hand sticks out of the floating mass in the box. This was a pretty cool, yet subtle reference to the Marvel universe.

Which brings me to another point: is anyone else noticing a strong trend in there being a reference to The Avengers movie in every episode so far? We get it, this all happens after the movie and SHIELD was working with the Avengers. If we have to hear about the Avengers in every episode, can we at least hear more about how Coulson’s back? 

While I am enjoying the show, it almost feels like it needs another character in the mix at the front. Coulson is great, but he’s a bit more Giles-like (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) where he is very knowledgeable, but you really don't expect him to lead a rescue mission. Maybe now that Melinda is going to be mixing it up with combat and flying she will come out of her shell a bit. 

What do you think? Does the show need another character to really pull it all together or will sharing the focus on the other characters available fill in the gaps? Overall I’m giving the episode 3.9 hits to the punching-bag in honor of Ward and Skye bonding a bit more. 


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As someone who doesn't normally post, on any show, I have to say I really enjoyed this episode. It is my favorite so far. I liked the pace. In my view, FitzSimmons are supporting characters, who seemingly provide some lighter fare. I was fully expecting everything that happened with Skye, but her role worked within the episode. And having Coulson being part of the two man op who enters felt organic, in the sense of him wanting to be more hands on - perhaps in a way to proce himself.
And it also seemed natural that Bay would get the "itch" to be back in the game. Ward I assume is fulfilling the role of brooding, smart/muscle. It all fills in nicely, this coming from someone who lacks real history with Marvel beyond IM and the Avengers movies.


That's "Graviton," not "Gravitron."

Saad khan

sadly it has become just another generic show solving a weekly crime .. i thought it to be more groundbreaking .. none of the cast standout and you dont even remember and want to talk about the show if a show doesnt makes you talk about then they should it wont last long.


i had a feeling coulson had been cloned since the first episode the implanted vaction memory and now his lack of muscle memory seems to lend further evidence to that idea.


@braaf_hond, thanks for the heads up on the typo.. I always seem to use those backwards :P


What, no mention of Coulson's suspicious (lack of) muscle memory? This definitely seems to tie into his mysterious not-death and magical Tahiti.


I do agree with what one person said I can't see this show going past the next team up movie


I am loving this series so far. I will be majorly pi55ed off if they pull a Firefly or Dollhouse!!! Why is it so hard for the networks to make a little escapist TV? I was over reality TV before it even began, and dramas take too much effort. When my husband and I sit down after a full day at work (together - nothing like being in each others pocket 24/7!)and after the kids are in bed, we are not looking for something to make us tense, rather something to help us relax and disconnect and the sci-fi genre always seems to do the trick.
This series (so far) is enjoyable and easy to watch and I sincerely hope it will be around for many seasons to come!


This was a good episode. I agree this would have been a better time to learn about Fitz and Simmons since they had a connection with the guy but at least we learned a little about others. We learned about Skye and her foster homes and we also learned a little about Ward and his 2 brothers. I knew the doctor would get thrown into the thing and that's what would stop it I also knew that at the end we would see the guy move inside the stuff and it would set it up for him to be a villain in the future. So Melinda is willing to go back into action that should be fun. I can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


first lets's pick on vocabulary :
"Dr. Franklin Hall becomes Gravitron in Marvel comics, they eluded to it in the final scene where the hand sticks out of the floating mass in the box."
elude means evade … allude (as in "suggest") would have been a better choice IMO the episode was worth more than 3.9 … i admit dr. franklin would have been the perfect excuse to explore fitz-simmons's past … maybe too perfect … and the cavalry's reluctance to go in the field has to be dealt with early on … personnally i love the idea of coulson going in the field (coulson is the reason i watch the show) … especially wearing a suit ! … going on a special ops mission wearing a suit is preposterous ! loving it!! the depth of skye's commitment or the mystery behind coulson's survival will (probably) not be dealt with any time soon : these are the baits that will make us come back week after week … we will get a piece every now and then … more likely a new question, no answer

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Ward: I know Director Fury felt he owes you after you scarified yourself.
Coulson: And my card collection.

Ward: And the attackers?
Coulson: Invisible.
Skye: Wait Invisible? So cool, but terrible.