American Horror Story Review: A New Rug

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American Horror Story has reached the part of the season where anything can happen and anything does happen. If you turn away for a moment, you could miss something integral to understanding the character's actions and motivations.

Or you could miss a man with a horse head possibly having sex with a young woman who can make herself into a voodoo doll.

"The Replacements" didn't provide a happy ending for anyone. Whether from a magical or human perspective, there was tragedy all around. The only one from the school that may have had a decent day was Nan and she had to wear headphones just to get through the day.

Fiona's Protege

The stimulus behind Fiona's obsession with youth turned out to be not about vanity, but rather about survival. Given the Fiona we saw over the first two episodes, it wasn't much of a shock to find out that she took out the Supreme ahead of her with the flick of her finger. Fiona's a selfish woman obsessed with her position and power. 

In the aftermath of finding out she has cancer, it only made sense that she would suspect the new Supreme had began to flower. When Madison was able to create fire, Fiona began to test the young witch to see if she was the new Supreme. We weren't told exactly what the Mastery of Seven Wonders included, but it didn't appear that Fiona tested her for all of them. And, it was clearly stated that some witches mastered only 4 or 5 of them.

Madison's death at the flick of Fiona's finger was short-sighted. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Madison wasn't actually the next Supreme and Spalding had to bury her for nothing. It also wasn't clear that her death would prolong Fiona's life at all either. Though, for Fiona that doesn't really matter. It was all about exhibiting control or at least the appearance of control over her own destiny.

Fiona: This Coven doesn't need a new Supreme. It needs a new rug. | permalink

Fiona was a horrible mother and she's an even worse mentor. At least, she hasn't killed Cordelia ... yet. Given her daughter's own blood issues, perhaps she's actually the next Supreme and just starting her own transition. Though, Cordelia doesn't come across as someone with enough confidence to handle that important role. 

No one was having a good day. Fiona may be selfish, but she does have some integrity and moral standards. Her intolerance of Madame LaLaurie's racism was commendable, though heavy-handed. "Mary Todd Lincoln" did re-emerge in an entirely new world. A little compassion, understanding, and education may have been a better route than demeaning and punishing her.

Fiona's reaction did put Madame LaLaurie and Queenie together, which led to the creepy Minotaur exchange. Given her poor treatment by Madame LaLaurie, Queenie's reaction to protect the maid didn't make much sense. And, the sudden bonding with the Minotaur, masturbation, and sexual come-ons were shocking. Unless of course, Queenie is in her voodoo doll mode. Then all will be forgiven. 

I'm not sure there is a better punishment than Madame LaLaurie being virtually violated by the creature that she created, unless of course it actually happened to her. Queenie may regret her decision to go after the Minotaur since he ended up covering her mouth from behind. Their bonding may not have a happy ending for her.

Kyle's resurrection certainly wasn't a positive outcome. He may have been glad to see Zoe, but he didn't want to be back with his mother. At first, she came across as a mourning mother who thought about committing suicide after his death. It was so much worse than that. The sweet Kyle that Zoe met at the bar disappeared under his abusive mother's actions. 

Now that he's bludgeoned her to death and Zoe found him covered in blood, is their love affair over? Or, will Zoe understand? Based on Nan's premonition, they will find their way to each other and overcome this unfortunate situation. Plus, since he's already died, perhaps he's her best shot at having a full-fledged relationship with a guy without killing him.

This hour was full of unexpected events and was super creepy. Where does the witch school go from here? I'm not sure. Both Fiona and Cordelia are both train wrecks and not good mentors for the girls. And, the teens have so many issues of their own that need to be addressed and worked through. Plus, with their new bible thumping neighbors, it's going to get tense and dangerous.

Was Madison the new Supreme? Now that Marie Laveau has turned Cordelia down, will she give up the quest to have a baby? Is Queenie dead? Or was she acting as a voodoo doll?


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incest. matricide. bestiality. murder. cat got the butler's tongue. Fiona ain't even near Goode.. Coven's family makes the House of Atreus look tame. (shiver)
if it weren't for the combined magnetism of Lange, Bates and Bassett.. I'd run/hide from further episodes (didn't even make it through the first episodes of the previous two seasons) (another shiver)
who is this Ryan Murphy ?!


If Zoe could bring Kyle back from the dead, what's saying that Madison isn't entirely out of the show? After 3 episodes, I have a feeling she isn't. As for Queenie, I never thought about how she might actually be in voodoo mode, and if she is, I love it.


Loved this episode. This season's getting better and better each week! Can't wait for more!


Poor Madison. I kinda liked her.


That was a really good episode. I'm enjoying this more than last season. Jessica Lange is so good in this it is ridiculous.


One of the few series in which the cinematography makes it worse.

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