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Poor Felicity.

She went to all that trouble to save Oliver's exercise gizmo and only we happy viewers got to see him in action. She's been too busy acting as Oliver's Gal Friday, as each of our heroic trio struggled with their "Identity" in the new, unimproved Starling City on this edition of Arrow.

Hoodies are all the rage. Red ones, green ones. It's like Christmas. For some reason, I thought Oliver might make an announcement of his new name, but he's still The Hood, and his outfit doesn't seem like it will be in for a makeover any time soon. Would dropping the hood for a hat akin to that Robin Hood wore really fit his style? Probably not.

Black leather and blonde wigs are the fashion of the season for the ladies, and never was it more apparent than in the opening scene that there must be something more to distinguish China White and The Black Canary other than Canary's mask. Once again, I was a bit confused who was on screen. The real catch this week was another scene including Roy Harper. Give us a break, please. Women love fashion. Let's add some color for our next arrow-sporting female hero/villain.

Taking On Bronze Tiger

Wolverine The Tiger didn't make much of a splash, did he? The only thing his appearance did drive home was while the Arrow Season 2 premiere was called "City of Heroes," it seems the bad guys are far better at making friends and grouping together. If it's really going to be a City of Heroes, it's time to let some others in on the game. Sure, it's a step in the right direction to use Roy as intel in The Glades, but it's not enough. If there is one thing we've learned, the evildoers always come in packs and they will continue to do so. 

It was certainly entertaining to watch Diggle and Felicity get acclimated to their new roles in Oliver's life as CEO of Queen Consolidated. Sure, Oliver has actual work to do now, but it's nothing like the degradation suffered by his sidekicks. To wit: 

Felicity: Guess what I majored in. Hint - not the secretarial arts!
Oliver: Felicity! If I'm going to be Oliver Queen, CEO, the I cannot very well travel down 18 floors every time you and I need to discuss how we spend out nights.
Felicity: And I love spending the night with I worked very hard to get where I am and it wasn't so I could fetch you coffee!
Diggle: Well, it could be worse. My secret identity is his black driver. | permalink

If the CEO, the secretary and the black driver are what they need to show to the city for now, then they make one hell of a team. Who knew there could be corporate heroes?

It would seem to me that one of the worst farces Oliver could keep up would be to stroll around town in a limo replete with driver, especially in the faces of the bereft citizens of The Glades. Their houses have crumbled and somebody is stealing their medical supplies, but he thinks showing up in a limo to tell them he'll do what he can will hold any weight. That's a conversation you can only have if you're willing to come down to their level.

Similarly, Oliver had no idea what had gone on with his friends in his absence. He didn't know about the drastic change in Diggle's relationship status. Felicity was tossing out clues like Frisbee's at a tournament, but he caught none of them as he blindly pushed on trying to reconnect with Diggle without putting forth any true feeling into the effort. Oliver is one lucky man to have friends and allies as understanding as Diggle and Felicity.

As much as everyone dislikes Laurel, at least we're getting some insight into her actions. Her discussion with The Hood (sorry, I can't call him Arrow until he does it himself) about how she saw events the night of The Undertaking was very telling. What I don't know is how she knew he was off in a duel with Malcolm Merlyn since she was trapped in a building waiting for Tommy to save her, but somehow she got wind of events and the way she read them was that he left Tommy to die. 

Other interesting things in Laurel's story came by way of her conversation with Roy when she told him she wasn't interested in anyone but The Hood and when she had him trapped at the end. She obviously has no idea who Roy saw helping the city and will change her tune when she realizes it's Sarah - and if she had listened to The Hood's words about losing a friend for whom he would have given his life, she might have gotten a clue to his identity. But she's still too torn up to hear anything but the screams for justice inside her own head.

Inspired observations:

  • On the island, it seemed as thought Slade wasn't really diggin' the chemistry between Oliver and Shado. It would be a bit odd to be the third wheel on a three-man island. Could that be the beginning of the demise of their friendship?
  • It was cool that Roy was able to choose Thea and yet still help The Hood, but I really want him more involved and I want Thea to be down with that.
  • Felicity got Oliver his one cup of coffee. Odds that she'll get him two?
  • I was so happy Oliver finally admitted he was too lost in his own suffering after The Undertaking to realize others were suffering. If he had stuck around, things might not have gotten as bad as they have. I flinched when he told Roy that he hadn't "read" Glades Memorial had suffered any damage. He should have been there.
This week was a vast improvement over the premiere and that's exactly what I expected. Next week will likely be another step up the ladder (hey - if it's the abs ladder, I'm good with that). What did you think of Oliver's return to reality?


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Waste of Tiger
Laurel Hmph...
Roy cool as a spy
Felicity awesome as per ush
Need more of Black Canary...
Cool ending!!!


I'm so confused :( your saying the person that helped Roy was Sarah but it was actually the chinese triad girl as this episode, and is she the black canary? How can she be the black canary all of a sudden? She had a different purpose last season?


Really great episode story wise, the action was very meh. What a waste of talent to have Jai White and not deliver. I don't have a problem with Ollie's wig but he needs a damn mask for sure. As for laurel she is alright she is blaming Oliver for her mistakes. I do want to see more Roy and Slade doesn't seem to like shado and Oliver together, he probably feels it will cloud his judgement.


Im starting to like Roy, I thought he was going to be bad but it turns he is a good guy who want also to protect the city and rescue the needed ones, I only hope he wont betray Oliver trust in the long run, I mean he could have hidden agenda but we do not know of course.
I agree also that it Is time Oliver wears a eye mask instead of that dumb make up he has around his eyes


I like the team of Oliver, Diggs and Felicity even if Felicity gets Oliver on his nerves most of his time, he knows she is there to help. Like most of you I cant stand Liauren this season. She was much better last season, I guess she changed after Tommy died as she believesit was the vigilante fault that Tommy died so now she has that on her mind and want to bring justice to Tommy by pursuing Oliver until brings him to Justice and she wont stop. Oliver should stop talking to her and rescuing her, she certainly does not want to be protected so let her commit mistakes until she realizes she is mking a mistake with Oliver. Oliver should treat her with character ignore her and not become a softy with her. She is acting like this tough chick Ihope Oliver ends up with Felicity she deserves him better. Cont...


I am not a fan of the island and that awful wig Ollie has on. Ollie is a very good looking man but even he can't help that awful wig. I know the island is important but it doesn't need to be shown every week. Ollie, Felicity and Digs are so funny together. Love Felicity can't stand Laurel. Sorry but Ollie was stupid to try and talk to her again. Also if Laurel is such a good friend to Ollie why did she not stand up for him at the chairty event when that jerk alderman was bashing him? She could have said something. Laurel is on my can't stand the love interst list just like Juliette on Grimm and that stupid girl who is Sweets love interst on Bones; can't even think of that girls name I can't stand her so much! A little disappointed in Michael Jae White...just should him fighting and not much else. Will he be back? Looks like really bad blonde wig women will be back next week. Good fighter but really bad wig. Loved the boots she had on! Hey Digs you can drive me any where!

Sarah silva

This show is so awesome!
The last few seconds were INSANE! We all know that Ollie will escape but I can not figure out how!
So is Slade in love with Shado? The look he gave her and Oliver seemed to be one of jealousy or was in concern?
I loved Felicity's reaction to her promotion! I also love what Diggle said about his cover.
I can not wait for next week.


Laurel is on my last nerve. For as much as I liked her at the beginning of last season, she has gone downhill. I had a smidgen of hope when she and Oliver got together last season--not so much because I liked them as a couple but because I hoped that if she was let in on the secret she would become less annoying and more helpful. However, apparently that was a pipe dream. And I'm also not loving that thus far all we have done this season is destroy anything that was accomplished last season. Kind makes last season feel like a waste instead of the building platform it could have been. I guess we'll see...


I like this show but this guy has to be the worst vigilante ever. He is always getting shot or trapped. Like I mean come on it's called take a look around before you go into a building how hard is that. Oh and jesus would they do something with laurel already all she does is oh the hood is great... OH I hate him now... Oh wait I like him again... figure it out and move on. I just think they need to give oliver a bigger brain because no vigilante would be very successful or still alive for that matter with how many mistakes he makes on a weekly basis.


Eh didn't like the timing of the trunk hijackings and his charity event, but overall great episode.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Felicity: Guess what I majored in. Hint - not the secretarial arts!
Oliver: Felicity! If I'm going to be Oliver Queen, CEO, the I cannot very well travel down 18 floors every time you and I need to discuss how we spend out nights.
Felicity: And I love spending the night with I worked very hard to get where I am and it wasn't so I could fetch you coffee!
Diggle: Well, it could be worse. My secret identity is his black driver.

Laurel: Look. I used to feel the same way as you. He has this way of seducing you. Making you feel like he's some kind of guardian angel. But he's not. He causes chaos and death. And you trying to emulate him just makes the situation worse.
Roy: Half the city fell into the hole. I'd say the situations already worse.
Laurel: Who, like you and The Hood?
Roy: There are others. Others out there who are willing to do what's right. I've seen them. I've seen her.
Laurel: I'm not interested in anyone else. Just him.