Castle Review: Shown the Trap Door

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"Get a Clue" was a classic Castle episode. It featured an occult style murder, a felonious monk and even a sword fight thrown in. But it was the very end that took away some of the fun.

Inviting Dad

Let's review some of the most entertaining moments first. 

The murder of Susanna Richland was pretty awesome mystery. Why would an accountant end up with stigmata type wounds and a sword stabbed through her throat? Add in some religious icons, pagan symbols, the Freemasons and a treasure hunt and you've got the makings for vintage Castle.

Castle and Beckett were at their best with lots of good natured joking along the way. When Beckett started weaving a crazy theory, Castle looked confused…

Castle: What are you doing?
Beckett: Making stuff up. Just like you do.

He was so completely appalled. She's Beckett. Her role is to follow the evidence. She's the yin to his yang and now she was messing with the natural order of things. 

And is there really a blacksmith shop still in existence in NYC or is that just creative license? I may need to go look that one up. 

The sword fight was epic. Looked like all of those fencing duels with Alexis finally paid off. Still I was grateful to find out they were stunt swords. Thinking they were real made that scene much scarier. 

I also really loved the Raiders of the Lost Ark moment when Castle grabbed the bag of half-dimes and the door shut behind them. But on the flip side, I had a little trouble believing that no curious kid ever stuck their hand through that hole in lthe ast couple of hundred years. 

But it all led to one of my favorite Castle quotes…

This is not my idea of going to the chapel with you.

We definitely all expect a lot more romance and a lot less dust when that day finally happens. 

As for the killer, I expected it to be the director, Nolan Burns, until he mentioned the family connection. Then it was obvious it was Henry. Sometimes family just can't be trusted.

Esposito and Ryan also had some great moments. How funny was Ryan as he tried to shake the filth off his hand after he touched that banister, followed by him muttering…

This place, you can get hepatitis just breathing the air.


I always love watching Espo and Ryan work as a team as they go through the door during a takedown. I sincerely hope that one day we'll see a spinoff with these two detectives.

And I couldn't help but laugh a bit when Beckett told Ryan to impress her and he groused…

You know, there are times I wish she'd stayed in D.C.


We all know he didn't mean it but Beckett was giving the surveillance genius an impossible task, and of course he came through. 

However, I was disappointed when Beckett sent Javier down to the morgue. I really got my hopes up that we'd get a substantial scene between he and Lanie. Are they lovers? Ex-lovers? Friends with benefits? At this point we really have no idea and this scene told us nothing. Felt like quite the missed opportunity to give the audience some information concerning one of our favorite couples. 

Finally we get to Alexis.


I've always loved Alexis. The father/daughter relationship on Castle has been one of the highlights of this show since the pilot. So now that we're up to Castle Season 6 Episode 6, it's hard to see that bond beginning to fray.

First, I'll acknowledge that even the strongest relationships have their rough patches and Castle and Alexis are no exception. Is this rift uncomfortable? Yes. Is it realistic? Also, yes.

Was Castle less than gracious at their dinner? He could have done a better job of hiding his displeasure but what father is happy that their 19 year old daughter has moved in with a guy…any guy?

That said, Alexis is old enough to make her own decisions and that includes choosing her own relationships. 

OK, that's the rational side of my brain. Now on to my rant…

She wouldn't let her father in the door!?! Are you kidding me? He came there to apologize and talk things out and she made him stand in the hall!

Then she brought up that she learned about her father's engagement through her grandmother. Well, I love Martha but perhaps she should have kept her mouth shut until Castle had the chance to share the news with his only daughter. And Alexis being hurt over that slight would have played better if we had seen any hint of it over the first five episodes of Castle season 6

She went on to compare her two month relationship with Pi to Castle's five-year relationship with Beckett. Being that she's looking at things from a 19-year old's perspective I suppose I can let that one slide.

But it's not as though Alexis has always welcomed Kate with open arms. Seems to me there were a few times she was more than a little cool towards her father's muse. Alexis felt she had her reasons then as Castle certainly does now for disliking Pi.

When Alexis turned down her father's offer for ice cream and shut the door in his face, I have to admit I felt like I was done. 

Alexis speech about acceptance would have carried a lot more weight if she would have shown a little bit of kindness towards her dad. The entire exchange made Castle's once extraordinary daughter look like an insolent, spoiled brat.

More than angry, it made me sad. Almost as sad as Castle. I'm hoping to see some glimpse of the old Alexis on Castle Season 6 Episode 7 (previewed below.)

So can Alexis Castle be saved in the eyes of fans or is it simply too late?


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Excellent comment. I've got three children, one starting high school and two adult age children, one out of school and working on his own and one still in school working part time and living at home. None of them would even think about treating my wife or me like Alexis is treating her father now, especially while we were still paying most of their expenses. Castle's response shouldn't be let's get ice cream, but you're cut off. You want to live your own life and make your own mistakes, great, you do it on your own money. I also agree that it is very sad that the writers decided her character needed to devolve into the typical smart alec, disrespectful, know it all teenager for television. What's wrong with showing a responsible young adult on TV. They really do exist in the real world.


Sure Alexis has the right to forge her own life,but i to have raised two children and whats missing is respect that even a 19 year old should have for their parents,there is nothing more sad than seeing a mom or dad love that their child unconditionally,warn them in the past as example about putting info.out on the net,tell them so(thats communicating)and then risk 2 peoples lives in a strange country trying to resolve it.Its one thing to have a disagreement but considering all rick has done over the years for her, most reasonable adults/parents would say alexis give it up & show some respect to the one and only person that has truly loved her for 19 yrs!


we can only hope so

@ I+used+to+be+Not+Trampis

Nottrampis. This new site is a joke. Can we petition for the old one back?


The Pi character actor is not listed as a guest star in episode 6x7. Does this mean another Sully scenario? He just disappears from the story?

@ Vince

Vince. This is the only way I can post anything at the moment! I hope you are right about Pi, he needs to be gone. It would appear that Castle and Alexis make up next week, if they have, let's hope that Alexis has profusely apologised to Castle, because if she doesn't, I don't think the fans will ever forgive the Alexis character. Having said that, Kate never properly apologised to Castle for her appalling behaviour at the end of S5, and most fans seem to have forgiven her.

@ ukno1stanafan

The door slam in Castle’s face has ruined her character. There are too many episodes with Alexis which means no progression for our favorite couple. The show needs to use a test audience to screen the kind of crap viewers were presented in the Alexis arc. No growth in storyline since 6x4. AWM likes to beat on Castle to frustrate fans. He won’t accept any bad feedback which hinders learning from mistakes.


The Alexis comment to her father in the end scene about maybe Beckett isn't "The One" was really because she doesn't want Kate to be it. She wants her father to be happy, but not if it means she has "competition" as the #1 priority in her father’s life. Stop being rude to your father and talk to him like a mature adult. Actually, Alexis is behaving in ways that are self-defeating. If she is concerned about her place in her father's life now that he is committed to Kate, the thing to do is to have conversations with both Castle and Kate so that she becomes closer to them. Unfortunately, she is doing just the opposite.


Okay, two things to say on the Alexis issue, one; am as sad that their relationship has changed because it was one thing that this show had going that was 100% and totally unique. There is no other father daughter relationship like it on TV that I have ever even heard of much less seen, and it was refreshing. Two; the majority of comments here about Alexis growing and doing what a 'normal teenage girl' would do, sorry, are bogus. Yes, the stereotypical teenager has to 'make mistakes' and 'find herself' and do foolish rash things because that is was teens to it is a part of growing up, blah, blah, blah. Just like every woman who gets pregnant gets sick every morning for the first three months, right? That what pregnant women do. Stereotypes folks. TONS of women don't get morning sickness, and TONS of teens are perfectly happy and adjusted with out rebelling or lashing out or going through crazy phases. I actually found it nice to see a teen on TV who finally didn't fall into all the overused tropes of the age group, but I guess I celebrated too soon.


Sorry Castlefan1212 I wasn't being condescending I was merely amplifying my point of view. If it came across badly I apologise

@ I+used+to+be+Not+Trampis

used to be Not Trampis: No insult or harm taken. I just think for her age and everything that has happened in her life lately. Alexis handled it better than Castle. Heck, for all we know she could even be suffering from PTSD. Think during Watershed when she was trying to convince her Dad about the Costa Rica trip she mentioned nightmares and not living in fear. As a parent, I haven't always agreed with my children's choices but it's still their right to choose and work through the consequences. As for all us mere mortals; we make choices, we deal with the consequences and hopefully become better people.


comparing her relationship with Pi to Caskett was absurd. Shutting the door on Castle when he was clearly trying to apologise was bad manners which she has exhibited since coming back from Costa rica. Pi's story is claptrap. to mt mind. and she is the daughter of a multi-millionaire is Pi simply a malke Meredith?


Yes, I am entitled to my opinion. Thanks so much used to be Not Trampis. She's not comparing the relationships, she's comparing his right to choose with her right to choose! Yes, she did not make a wise choice in bringing Pi home without Castle's consent. He also had a month to communicate with her about it and apparently did not. She took the initiative to move and pay her own way. When Castle showed up for dinner, Alexis was so excited to show off her first place and he walked in with all kinds of negativity. Bottom line is that it's new territory for both and they will find common ground. We just need to wait and not throw characters under the bus for growing. I happen to love all the characters and how they have grown.

@ castlefan1212

The only responsible thing I can remember Alexis doing in the past few seasons is picking the lock when she was kidnapped. That is not enough for me to be OK with the character acting out this way..


you are entitled to your opinion Castlefan1212 but I cannot see any comparison between Pi and Castle.
Castle most certainly would not have arrived on the doorsteps of someone else's home and then made himself at home for a start.

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