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"Get a Clue" was a classic Castle episode. It featured an occult style murder, a felonious monk and even a sword fight thrown in. But it was the very end that took away some of the fun.

Inviting Dad

Let's review some of the most entertaining moments first. 

The murder of Susanna Richland was pretty awesome mystery. Why would an accountant end up with stigmata type wounds and a sword stabbed through her throat? Add in some religious icons, pagan symbols, the Freemasons and a treasure hunt and you've got the makings for vintage Castle.

Castle and Beckett were at their best with lots of good natured joking along the way. When Beckett started weaving a crazy theory, Castle looked confused…

Castle: What are you doing?
Beckett: Making stuff up. Just like you do.

He was so completely appalled. She's Beckett. Her role is to follow the evidence. She's the yin to his yang and now she was messing with the natural order of things. 

And is there really a blacksmith shop still in existence in NYC or is that just creative license? I may need to go look that one up. 

The sword fight was epic. Looked like all of those fencing duels with Alexis finally paid off. Still I was grateful to find out they were stunt swords. Thinking they were real made that scene much scarier. 

I also really loved the Raiders of the Lost Ark moment when Castle grabbed the bag of half-dimes and the door shut behind them. But on the flip side, I had a little trouble believing that no curious kid ever stuck their hand through that hole in lthe ast couple of hundred years. 

But it all led to one of my favorite Castle quotes…

This is not my idea of going to the chapel with you.

We definitely all expect a lot more romance and a lot less dust when that day finally happens. 

As for the killer, I expected it to be the director, Nolan Burns, until he mentioned the family connection. Then it was obvious it was Henry. Sometimes family just can't be trusted.

Esposito and Ryan also had some great moments. How funny was Ryan as he tried to shake the filth off his hand after he touched that banister, followed by him muttering…

This place, you can get hepatitis just breathing the air.


I always love watching Espo and Ryan work as a team as they go through the door during a takedown. I sincerely hope that one day we'll see a spinoff with these two detectives.

And I couldn't help but laugh a bit when Beckett told Ryan to impress her and he groused…

You know, there are times I wish she'd stayed in D.C.


We all know he didn't mean it but Beckett was giving the surveillance genius an impossible task, and of course he came through. 

However, I was disappointed when Beckett sent Javier down to the morgue. I really got my hopes up that we'd get a substantial scene between he and Lanie. Are they lovers? Ex-lovers? Friends with benefits? At this point we really have no idea and this scene told us nothing. Felt like quite the missed opportunity to give the audience some information concerning one of our favorite couples. 

Finally we get to Alexis.


I've always loved Alexis. The father/daughter relationship on Castle has been one of the highlights of this show since the pilot. So now that we're up to Castle Season 6 Episode 6, it's hard to see that bond beginning to fray.

First, I'll acknowledge that even the strongest relationships have their rough patches and Castle and Alexis are no exception. Is this rift uncomfortable? Yes. Is it realistic? Also, yes.

Was Castle less than gracious at their dinner? He could have done a better job of hiding his displeasure but what father is happy that their 19 year old daughter has moved in with a guy…any guy?

That said, Alexis is old enough to make her own decisions and that includes choosing her own relationships. 

OK, that's the rational side of my brain. Now on to my rant…

She wouldn't let her father in the door!?! Are you kidding me? He came there to apologize and talk things out and she made him stand in the hall!

Then she brought up that she learned about her father's engagement through her grandmother. Well, I love Martha but perhaps she should have kept her mouth shut until Castle had the chance to share the news with his only daughter. And Alexis being hurt over that slight would have played better if we had seen any hint of it over the first five episodes of Castle season 6

She went on to compare her two month relationship with Pi to Castle's five-year relationship with Beckett. Being that she's looking at things from a 19-year old's perspective I suppose I can let that one slide.

But it's not as though Alexis has always welcomed Kate with open arms. Seems to me there were a few times she was more than a little cool towards her father's muse. Alexis felt she had her reasons then as Castle certainly does now for disliking Pi.

When Alexis turned down her father's offer for ice cream and shut the door in his face, I have to admit I felt like I was done. 

Alexis speech about acceptance would have carried a lot more weight if she would have shown a little bit of kindness towards her dad. The entire exchange made Castle's once extraordinary daughter look like an insolent, spoiled brat.

More than angry, it made me sad. Almost as sad as Castle. I'm hoping to see some glimpse of the old Alexis on Castle Season 6 Episode 7 (previewed below.)

So can Alexis Castle be saved in the eyes of fans or is it simply too late?


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The writers have made a big mistake with Alexis. At 19 - after being provided with everything all her life (and presumably her current schooling costs) - she treats her Father like crap? WTF? Those of us who are decades past 19 know that you know nothing at that age. If only we'd listened to some things our parents warned us about. Spoiled brat is the right term. Makes me want to switch off whenever Alexis comes on screen. The writers should fix this quick with Alexis making the first move to apologise.

@ Charliebrown

I'm only 24, but I totally agree. Her father is paying for her tuition. If he wasn't, she wouldn't be at school, and she wouldn't have a work-study job. She's still completely living on his dime. If she insists on living on her own and cutting him out of her life, he should cut her off. She'd have to drop out of college and become another disaffected teenage barista. I don't think I've ever wanted to yell at a fictional character more than I did at the end of this episode.


Alexis and Castle are both at fault. Kate and Alexis really need to talk and get to know each other on a more personal level.


I agree can't stand what they've done to Alexis and I'm sorry there is no defense for her. Castle failed to try to make things work for Pi? You mean the guy who just start's crashing at Castle's house, makes a mess of the place, uses up all of Castle's groceries and then only buys (doubtless on Castle's nickel) food that fits Pi's bizarre diet, barges into a bedroom without knocking and only wearing a towel? And I'm sorry if you invite someone over for dinner and you know they do not lilke your chosen cuisine, you make something special for them. We have friends that keep strict kosher, so when we have them over I buy only kosher ingredients and cook on disposable pans and plates to meet their needs. That's what a considerate host does, and the fault lies with Pi and Alexis, they did nothing to make Castle feel wanted. As far as I'm concerned, Castle should cut her off completely, change the keys to the apartment and let her see if all she really needs is love.


2 things bother me about Alexis. First is that there are typical rude teenagers as was commented earlier, but they don't normally change into that at 19 -- and isn't it most often a case of the teen developing their own life and defending it and distancing from their pre-teen home life? So Alexis' change seems to come out of nowhere -- and the writers are treating the change, not as a single point of contention, but as a fundamental personality transplant. The 2nd thing is that the ice cream reference by Castle seemed to me to be designed to suggest he's clueless and therefore Alexis is totally in the right and he's, at the least, a really poor parent and then just add in the negatives. Do the writers mean for us to think Alexis is acting righteous?

@ Keith Vlasak

Yes to all of this.

@ Keith Vlasak

This has always been my question when Alexis and Castle have had conflicts in the past. She is portrayed as the parent and he as the child. However, where I come from it's just pure disrespect regardless if the parent is in the wrong or not. This particular dynamic between them has always irritated me.


@Christine Orlando - What did I tell ya?!

This was one of my favourite episodes (until the blasted final scene). The case was fun, Castle, Beckett, Ryan and Esposito were all hilarious, and I gotta admit, I was totally cheering during that sword fight. Yet another episode where Castle isn't made to look like a fool with his crazy theories. Was LOVING this episode until....Alexis.

I will admit, Castle didn't handle the dinner well. But that's ONE instance. He has been nothing but patient up till this point. Castle is seriously one of the best fathers - single father, even - to grace television. So when Alexis refused to let him in the door and THEN closed the door in his face while he was standing there (which where I come from is grounds for disowning), it didn't even matter to me what she was angry about, or whether she was justified. That was rude, petulant, immature, disrespectful behaviour, and there's nothing Richard Castle has done on this show that deserves the way Alexis continues to treat him.

I've had it with her. I hate the way she's being written. It's like now that Castle's in a relationship they needed to give him some kind of personal conflict, so they bastardized Alexis' character to make her the source of it. I'm so done.

@ Robin Harry

YES to everything you just said! I agree.. up to this point Castle has been very patient.. and Alexis basically has treated him like crap since she got back from Costa Rica.. Another thing.. Pi isn't a US citizen is he?..can't he get into legal trouble if he doesn't have his passport...or a visa...??


I thought her not letting Castle in to have that talk was more so her way of protecting herself and showing him that it would take more than a meaningless apology to be invited back into that part of her life. While I understand his feelings, he did hurt his daughter deeply and she's not going to let him off the hook with a few charming words and a bowl of ice cream. Was it harsh and disrespectful? Of course. But was it harsh and disrespectful how he treated her and Pi? It sure was. I think they are both right in some ways and both wrong in some ways and I rather appreciate the conflict because it's real and it's emotional and it's showing character growth and helping them to get through these typical growing pains in a way that will actually bring them closer. Haven't we seen this same sort of thing between Castle and Beckett over the years? Conflict and emotion and hurt feelings leading to great joy and happiness and deeper appreciation for one another later on?


I'm ready for Alexis to move in with Pi, but preferable in a completely different city so we don't have to actually see them on screen at all. I hear that LA is nice, how about it Andrew Marlowe? I am completely over that storyline. Once upon a time I used to find Castle's interactions with Alexis to be family-affirming and cute, now they're just annoying. How much more of the whining, spoilt teenage-act do we really need to see? It's hard to have sympathy for Alexis when she brings home a guy she's known for a month. Said guy then proceeds to push beyond the bounds of polite behaviour (spreading your stuff all over the show, making a mess of your host's home, walking into their bedroom unannounced, living on the couch for a month) all for free. Who does that kind of thing? Castle should have shown him the door long before now. The fact that Alexis can't see that is just a symptom of how self-absorbed she is. We never saw her saying to her boyfriend that maybe he needed to be less messy or to dial it back a bit. Castle doesn't handle it well but overall my sympathy is definitely with Rick.


There´s nothing more to say, Christine, I would only be repeating your words! Your review nailed every point I had, so consider your words as mine!:)
For me, it will be hard to forgive Alexis. I could understand her points about how she knew about the engagement, I think Castle´s behaviour was as disrespectful in their home as Pi´s was in his (and btw, Pi grew a little on me - he could have use sarcasm trough Castle´s comments but he didn´t). But not leting a father with whom you always had the most amazing of the relationships in your house? Like you said, totally insolent and spoiled brat! Only I didn´t feel sad, I felt furious!


Ditto on the fun until the end. Are we really supposed to side with Alexis on this one? Castle was grumpy at the dinner, but for all he knows Pi could be an ax-murderer. As for Alexis comparing Castle getting engaged to a woman he's been friends with for five years and dating for 1, to her bringing home an unidentified mop-head she just met on vacation, how can any adult see that as a real point? Alexis is acting out as teenagers do. She may be jealous & upset, but in the reality of the show the relationship is not a shock; it's been in her face for a while. Her analogy was childish, and Castle took it as if it were the words of a sage. Castle is the only character thinking about her
safety. I get Martha's point about not losing her, but coddling Alexis and acting like her accusations are reasonable isn't good either. I hope someone did a background check on this guy with no passport. (Beckett, that'd be you.)


I have never been a fan of Alexis, she has been way too spoilt, but her behaviour, sadly, is realistic. I have a 17yr old niece, who is exactly the same, rude, cannot be told anything and believes she is right all the time, and treats her parents like s..t. They need to change the portrayal of Alexis fast, or the fans will hate her, and that cannot be good for the show, IMO.

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