Castle Review: Shown the Trap Door

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"Get a Clue" was a classic Castle episode. It featured an occult style murder, a felonious monk and even a sword fight thrown in. But it was the very end that took away some of the fun.

Inviting Dad

Let's review some of the most entertaining moments first. 

The murder of Susanna Richland was pretty awesome mystery. Why would an accountant end up with stigmata type wounds and a sword stabbed through her throat? Add in some religious icons, pagan symbols, the Freemasons and a treasure hunt and you've got the makings for vintage Castle.

Castle and Beckett were at their best with lots of good natured joking along the way. When Beckett started weaving a crazy theory, Castle looked confused…

Castle: What are you doing?
Beckett: Making stuff up. Just like you do.

He was so completely appalled. She's Beckett. Her role is to follow the evidence. She's the yin to his yang and now she was messing with the natural order of things. 

And is there really a blacksmith shop still in existence in NYC or is that just creative license? I may need to go look that one up. 

The sword fight was epic. Looked like all of those fencing duels with Alexis finally paid off. Still I was grateful to find out they were stunt swords. Thinking they were real made that scene much scarier. 

I also really loved the Raiders of the Lost Ark moment when Castle grabbed the bag of half-dimes and the door shut behind them. But on the flip side, I had a little trouble believing that no curious kid ever stuck their hand through that hole in lthe ast couple of hundred years. 

But it all led to one of my favorite Castle quotes…

This is not my idea of going to the chapel with you.

We definitely all expect a lot more romance and a lot less dust when that day finally happens. 

As for the killer, I expected it to be the director, Nolan Burns, until he mentioned the family connection. Then it was obvious it was Henry. Sometimes family just can't be trusted.

Esposito and Ryan also had some great moments. How funny was Ryan as he tried to shake the filth off his hand after he touched that banister, followed by him muttering…

This place, you can get hepatitis just breathing the air.


I always love watching Espo and Ryan work as a team as they go through the door during a takedown. I sincerely hope that one day we'll see a spinoff with these two detectives.

And I couldn't help but laugh a bit when Beckett told Ryan to impress her and he groused…

You know, there are times I wish she'd stayed in D.C.


We all know he didn't mean it but Beckett was giving the surveillance genius an impossible task, and of course he came through. 

However, I was disappointed when Beckett sent Javier down to the morgue. I really got my hopes up that we'd get a substantial scene between he and Lanie. Are they lovers? Ex-lovers? Friends with benefits? At this point we really have no idea and this scene told us nothing. Felt like quite the missed opportunity to give the audience some information concerning one of our favorite couples. 

Finally we get to Alexis.


I've always loved Alexis. The father/daughter relationship on Castle has been one of the highlights of this show since the pilot. So now that we're up to Castle Season 6 Episode 6, it's hard to see that bond beginning to fray.

First, I'll acknowledge that even the strongest relationships have their rough patches and Castle and Alexis are no exception. Is this rift uncomfortable? Yes. Is it realistic? Also, yes.

Was Castle less than gracious at their dinner? He could have done a better job of hiding his displeasure but what father is happy that their 19 year old daughter has moved in with a guy…any guy?

That said, Alexis is old enough to make her own decisions and that includes choosing her own relationships. 

OK, that's the rational side of my brain. Now on to my rant…

She wouldn't let her father in the door!?! Are you kidding me? He came there to apologize and talk things out and she made him stand in the hall!

Then she brought up that she learned about her father's engagement through her grandmother. Well, I love Martha but perhaps she should have kept her mouth shut until Castle had the chance to share the news with his only daughter. And Alexis being hurt over that slight would have played better if we had seen any hint of it over the first five episodes of Castle season 6

She went on to compare her two month relationship with Pi to Castle's five-year relationship with Beckett. Being that she's looking at things from a 19-year old's perspective I suppose I can let that one slide.

But it's not as though Alexis has always welcomed Kate with open arms. Seems to me there were a few times she was more than a little cool towards her father's muse. Alexis felt she had her reasons then as Castle certainly does now for disliking Pi.

When Alexis turned down her father's offer for ice cream and shut the door in his face, I have to admit I felt like I was done. 

Alexis speech about acceptance would have carried a lot more weight if she would have shown a little bit of kindness towards her dad. The entire exchange made Castle's once extraordinary daughter look like an insolent, spoiled brat.

More than angry, it made me sad. Almost as sad as Castle. I'm hoping to see some glimpse of the old Alexis on Castle Season 6 Episode 7 (previewed below.)

So can Alexis Castle be saved in the eyes of fans or is it simply too late?


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Think the Rick/Alexis conflict story would be more effective if there were better balance between each characters point of view. The way the story has unfolded thus far, I only have sympathy for Castle. Some strange, random guy comes along like a whirlwind and takes over all aspects of Castle's home life? Of course Castle's going to bristle over that. I found myself grimacing right along with Castle during that opening scene at A/P's apartment where he was trying to choke back his protestation over their relationship. Sure, I understand that she's upset about the circumstances surrounding her Dad's engagement. But what did she expect, that he'd ask her permission to get engaged? She was out of the country, and his decision to actually pop the question apparently was a spur of the moment decision, though both Castle and Alexis knew he was in love with Beckett for some time now. According to Alexis, she's an adult. As such, his engagement to ANYONE would have less a direct impact on Alexis than, say, his marriage to Gina during her formative, childhood years. And though a parent's job is never really over, Castle's at a point in life where he can focus more on himself, be a litttle selfish and pursue his own bit of happiness without getting a bunch of grief for it. Not sure how the story could be written to flesh out Alexis' point of view to bring about a more sympathetic response in the father/daughter struggle, but at this point I've lost interest in Alexis. I'm ready for her to be the adult, move out, and live her own life with whomever she chooses, somewhere off of my screen.


Agreed. Good episode until the end. These random character mood swings have got to stop. First Beckett, now Alexis...I mean, if the writers really feel the need to introduce more soap-operatic moments, bring back Castle's dad for an encore. Or have Castle get a dog. It's already a Monday - how much more angst do we really want? On a side note, it'd be interesting if 'Pi' was involved in a story 'arc'. Then we'd be coming full circle.

@ Susanna

Also thought Pi would be integrated into one of the main stories (initally thought he was "the child" they were looking for in Time Will Tell), to give him a reason for being on this show...aside from being a complete annoyance. But no, apparently his purpose really IS just to be annoying.

@ Snaky Z

I think Susanna was just making a clever pun, more than anything else... nice one! :-) P.S. SOO wanted Castle to take Alexis down a few notches rather than apologize like a naughty child.


I enjoyed this episode. For the most part. Alexis' story arc this season is just so disappointing. I almost agreed with the points she made to Castle at the end of the episode -until I remembered how she introduced Pi to her father by having him move in & overstep his boundaries w/out even asking Castle for permission. I get that Alexis is growing up & is dating a guy that her father doesn't like, but in Castle's defense, Alexis never even gave him a chance to like Pi. So yes, as much as I wanted to agree w/Alexis, I just couldn't. I'm just so over the ridiculousness that is Alexis & Pi. And oh, wait, looks like Alexis needs Castle's (and possibly Beckett's) help next week. So stupid. On another note, I'd love to see the writers get rid of Pi & return Alexis to her "normal" sensible self. In the event we're lucky enough to have that happen this season, it'd be nice to see Alexis & Beckett have a good sit-down conversation & hash things out once & for all. I realize that'll likely never happen, but I can dream.

@ RKeys

Oh, and it makes sense for Alexis to be wary of whatever woman (including Beckett) her thrice divorced, former playboy father decides he wants to settle down with & marry. However, these aren't the reasons Alexis has given for being upset with Castle & as far as the viewers are concerned, Alexis has never had an issue with her father's ways.


I'll give it a rewatch but re Alexis:
Spoiled brat. The little princess has had her crown stolen and now she's whining and making everyone pay for it.
It's all about Kate and Rick and always has been Alexis is smart enough to push her fathers buttons and get some payback for not being the first to know about the engagement. Alexis doesn't like being replaced as No.1 in Ricks life and her shutting the door in Ricks face was a clear indicator of how she's feeling.
PI's just the sucker she's using for now to achieve that aim. Maybe she even tells herself that PI is the right guy but this is clearly about payback for Dad.
Martha's liberal attitude certainly hasn't helped.
Ricks made those mistakes and he's old enough to see a bad deal, as he does with PI, so obviously that's going to show in dislike for PI.
Can't blame Rick one bit..

@ David

Who's the third ex? I thought there were only two, Meredith (Alexis' mother) and his agent.

@ David

@David -COMPLETELY agree with this.

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