Castle Review: She Dotted the i!

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It took Richard Castle's "Number One Fan" to set things right once again at the 12th precinct - and I couldn't be happier. 

So let's start at the beginning…

An Armed Suspect

Just as I had hoped, Kate Beckett was in an emotional free fall after the Feds fired her. She was even floundering around in Castle's bed, lamenting her options since the NYPD refused to let her back in due to a hiring freeze. 

Kate: What am I going to do, just sleep in every morning and screw around till the phone rings? What kind of life is that?
Castle: Mine. | permalink

And you can't say Castle doesn't make it look good. But how about a whole new theme for Castle season 6? Kate Beckett: Mall Cop. Probably not, but Beckett's probably the only woman in the world who could rock that uniform.

Moving on…

The loft has gotten way too cozy. I couldn't believe it when Pi just walked into Castle's bedroom unannounced. I wouldn't tolerate that type of behavior from a family member,  never mind a houseguest. I have to assume that sooner or later things will come to a head.

Until then, I'll just keep repeating my mantra, believing that eventually I will get my wish. It's time for Pi to go. 

Guest star Alicia Lagano did a wonderful job as Emma Riggs. The character was unstable enough to be scary yet vulnerable enough to make me care. 

I also loved that Castle's first response was to get the mother and child out of the hostage situation, even if it meant putting himself in harm's way to do it. 

And I thought Kate hit just the right notes of humor, confidence in Castle and fear for his safety as she told him in this Castle quote

Kate: I've been kind of looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you so don't do anything stupid in there, OK?
Castle: Don't worry. I think I've already hit my stupid quota for the day. | permalink

It was wonderful to see the entire team working together once again. Lanie was finally back and never mind the dead body or the hostage situation. Lanie wanted to know about the important things... a Caskett wedding! But Beckett told her they hadn't set a date yet and just wanted to enjoy their engagement. 

Since we're only up to episode 4, I can get on board with that plan.

Did anyone else wish Castle would have duct taped the jerk in the dentist's office? Although I did love Castle's comment about him having watched Die Hard one too many times. And I found it very funny that the man most vocal about getting out of a hostage situation was the one to ask if the donuts were gluten free.

Castle: Dude, they're donuts. Either you're in or you're out. | permalink

I wish last week's promo for this episode hadn't given away Castle being shot. It would have been much more dramatic if I hadn't seen it coming. However, I did love Castle's amazement at how the vest worked and how Emma's bullet dotted the i in Writer. It was a very Castle moment. 

I worried that Emma's father would end up being the bad guy and was greatly relieved when that turned out not to be the case. After a very hard life, it's about time Emma had someone in her corner. And I couldn't get enough of having the boys back together yet again.

Ryan: What does it say about your writing when your number one fan tries to kill you?
Castle: That was an accident.
Esposito: One inch higher it would have been a tragedy. | permalink

Beckett and Gates also made quite the team. Captain Gates has come a long way. She took over the interview of Aaron Stokes not because she didn't trust the boys but because she wanted to protect them from any fall out. Then she went out of her way to get Beckett her job back.  

She even gave Beckett an engagement gift. Richard Castle as her trusty sidekick…or should I say partner, once again.

Overall I had just one complaint: I wanted a longer kiss at the end. Nit picky I know but that won't stop me from asking for more.

But really, with romance, mystery and a Nikki Heat pop quiz, what more could Castle fans ask for?


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Our Roy montgomery, we do not get to find out in the next episode and that irritates the hell out of me. surely we are entitled to know why alexis is acting like a prat. ( Captain Cook can tell everyone what a prat is)


I really don't care about Alexis' personal life. A case of better heard than seen. That doesn't mean I don't love the show. The Alexis/Pi connection has gone on too long without a explanation. The Pi character has more on screen time that Lanie so far in Season 6. Passports can be replaced. The Alexis character has become irritable and superfluous. As a gentle courtesy to the audience, please writers tell us why Pi is still at the loft and what is the purpose besides general annoyance to Castle. Otherwise, all this wasted motion to just show Alexis and Castle don't communicate? Makes no sense IMHO


I do not think EVERY question needs to be answered but the major ones do especially when the canon changes.
Kate was always an idealistic homicide detective .We are never told why, when and how this changes. As to the job she never was going to succeed. You don't have to try something to know that. Particularly when trying it is bad for the relationship She is portrayed as doing no homework on the job and having no self awareness in other words stupid. We didn't need three episodes to know she should have never left the 12th. We didn't need two boring episodes in DC. UNLESS Marlowe is attempting to show Beckett ( and castle) can learn from their failures. BUT at least we are back in familiar Castle terrain and we have had two almost three very good episodes.


I guess I enjoy the show enough not to get upset every time something doesn't go the way I think it should or character(s) don't behave the way I think they should. It would be impossible to answer every question in a 42 minute show. Eventually, I think we'll get the answers to what is really important. Sometimes stuff does happen that we don't see due to time. One of the reasons I like the show is for me I do believe it imitates life in it's character development/storytelling. Imperfect humans just trying to get through life and hopefully become better over time.


I understand the final season 5 arc to be more about Kate insecurities about her relationship with Rick and Rick's fear of another failed relationship. They were not communicating effectively and this didn't help their relationship. The job offer just brought the relationship issues more to the forefront. Both parents told their kids what they needed. I think a lot was answered in Valkyrie and the first 3 eps of season 6. Kate tried the job, it didn't work, no regrets. Caskett knows where they stand with each other and are communicating better. Season 5 arc was just a way to get the characters to where they are today. Personally, I try not to use the words "always" or "never"...only takes one instance to disprove them. This is a tv show where things by necessity need to be drawn out over numerous eps or even seasons (Caskett). I guess I enjoy the show enough not to get upset every time something doesn't go the way I think it should or character(s) don't behave the way I should. One of the reasons I like the show is for me I do believe it imitates life in it's character development/storytelling. Imperfect humans just trying to get through life and hopefully become better over time.


castlefan 1212 unfortunately Marlowe and co NEVER did explain their appalling episodes of the final arc of series 5. There is NO explanation in the time traveller episode either so I am not as confident as you.


I agree we haven't been shown backstory on Pi or Alexis' inconsistent character the past 1-1/2 seasons. I get the Alexis stuff; she's trying to find her own way and we know her to be a good person. We haven't seen the Pi stuff but that doesn't mean it didn't happen, I doubt Castle & Alexis haven't spoken about Pi for this long. For me, I see that they progress the story, even if at that moment it doesn't seem to make sense. Seems to me that anytime there has been drama and angst, it's ultimately resolved--so I'll be patient and let Marlowe & Co tell their story. A TV show will never ever please all the fans. I love the show; character chemistry, writing, and crew. These folks work really hard to give us their best, even if I don't think every episode is AWESOME, I always think there good and hey, they know the destination--I'm along for the ride!


Time will tell is not as good as Number one fan but it is still a good castle episode


Our roy montgomery, I think you are saying Castle should develop a backbone. I agree. It would help in his relationship with Beckett as well.


brook. Agree. Castle needs to LOCK the bedroom door when there are other family members living in the same home. That is just common decency. Castle must begin to show some respect for his future wife. Now that KB and RC are engaged, Martha and Alexis need to leave the loft.

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