Castle Review: She Dotted the i!

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It took Richard Castle's "Number One Fan" to set things right once again at the 12th precinct - and I couldn't be happier. 

So let's start at the beginning…

An Armed Suspect

Just as I had hoped, Kate Beckett was in an emotional free fall after the Feds fired her. She was even floundering around in Castle's bed, lamenting her options since the NYPD refused to let her back in due to a hiring freeze. 

Kate: What am I going to do, just sleep in every morning and screw around till the phone rings? What kind of life is that?
Castle: Mine. | permalink

And you can't say Castle doesn't make it look good. But how about a whole new theme for Castle season 6? Kate Beckett: Mall Cop. Probably not, but Beckett's probably the only woman in the world who could rock that uniform.

Moving on…

The loft has gotten way too cozy. I couldn't believe it when Pi just walked into Castle's bedroom unannounced. I wouldn't tolerate that type of behavior from a family member,  never mind a houseguest. I have to assume that sooner or later things will come to a head.

Until then, I'll just keep repeating my mantra, believing that eventually I will get my wish. It's time for Pi to go. 

Guest star Alicia Lagano did a wonderful job as Emma Riggs. The character was unstable enough to be scary yet vulnerable enough to make me care. 

I also loved that Castle's first response was to get the mother and child out of the hostage situation, even if it meant putting himself in harm's way to do it. 

And I thought Kate hit just the right notes of humor, confidence in Castle and fear for his safety as she told him in this Castle quote

Kate: I've been kind of looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you so don't do anything stupid in there, OK?
Castle: Don't worry. I think I've already hit my stupid quota for the day. | permalink

It was wonderful to see the entire team working together once again. Lanie was finally back and never mind the dead body or the hostage situation. Lanie wanted to know about the important things... a Caskett wedding! But Beckett told her they hadn't set a date yet and just wanted to enjoy their engagement. 

Since we're only up to episode 4, I can get on board with that plan.

Did anyone else wish Castle would have duct taped the jerk in the dentist's office? Although I did love Castle's comment about him having watched Die Hard one too many times. And I found it very funny that the man most vocal about getting out of a hostage situation was the one to ask if the donuts were gluten free.

Castle: Dude, they're donuts. Either you're in or you're out. | permalink

I wish last week's promo for this episode hadn't given away Castle being shot. It would have been much more dramatic if I hadn't seen it coming. However, I did love Castle's amazement at how the vest worked and how Emma's bullet dotted the i in Writer. It was a very Castle moment. 

I worried that Emma's father would end up being the bad guy and was greatly relieved when that turned out not to be the case. After a very hard life, it's about time Emma had someone in her corner. And I couldn't get enough of having the boys back together yet again.

Ryan: What does it say about your writing when your number one fan tries to kill you?
Castle: That was an accident.
Esposito: One inch higher it would have been a tragedy. | permalink

Beckett and Gates also made quite the team. Captain Gates has come a long way. She took over the interview of Aaron Stokes not because she didn't trust the boys but because she wanted to protect them from any fall out. Then she went out of her way to get Beckett her job back.  

She even gave Beckett an engagement gift. Richard Castle as her trusty sidekick…or should I say partner, once again.

Overall I had just one complaint: I wanted a longer kiss at the end. Nit picky I know but that won't stop me from asking for more.

But really, with romance, mystery and a Nikki Heat pop quiz, what more could Castle fans ask for?


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My comments on Alexis; writer's write and actors act! Alexis' behavior has been inconsistent for the past 1-1/2 seasons without full explanation-between mature and immature. I have kids that were her age (19 or 20) at one time and I think her behavior is typical. Not to mention what person I was at 20. Easy to forget where we've been or were at her age. She's been sheltered, protected, and just recently moved off to college. A parent doesn't stop parenting just because their child goes to college or moves out. Furthermore, parents provide whenever or whatever they can based upon their resources. Rick has also never parented a 20 year old, so he's figuring out as he goes. Alexis has never seemed to have an issue with Kate, so this may be more about Alexis finding herself than Caskett. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Castle had a background check done on Pi (remember the violin teacher)! So, I'll just trust in Marlow and see how it goes. As for Pi, he comes from a different culture and who knows how he was raised. Again, I'll wait and see.


Just a small thing but Espo, Ryan and everyone would be angry with Beckett going off to Dc without telling them at all. You wouldn't see applause in OZ. Minor matter though.


Loved the episode. After the last three, I was looking forward to something a bit more lighthearted even though Castle got shot! Didn't see it coming but that's why I'm SPREE. Glad to have the gang back. Two things were on my mind while I watched. First, why isn't Castle's bedroom door locked when Beckett stays the night? Maybe he forgot? Second, after Ryan announced that Beckett was back, I was expecting (hoping for?) an engagement announcement. And yes I too was caught off guard by how quickly the kiss-at-the-12th scene abruptly ended although I do get to cross that off my Castle Bucket List, lol!


In case anyone is interested I looked at the implications for caskett if Beckett got promoted at my tumblr blog!
bottom line We do not know. Unlike the DC job there are not a lot of large red lights here merely amber ones. ( do you have amber lights in the USA?)


I agree with Captain Cook and Our Roy Montgomery. One thing the writers are consistent about is Castle never being firm with anyone. I think a nice touch in the episode would have been for Castle to suggest to Gates he ring his mate the Mayor and then Gates to say let's wait on that. i have an idea.


Pete. It is a matter for a father and daughter. A mature daughter (19 years old) should realize that the father will be the same in spite of the new relationship. Alexis is not a child. She is a woman. I don’t see AWM creating tension between Kate and Castle over it. I am sure that Kate will be respectful of that adjustment in a manner that will not become an issue between them. IMO


What i meant was the conflict between father and daughter will in turn cause tension between R&K,that is very common in relationships when dealing with a potential step father or in this case a step mother.


pete. I think the tension will happen only between Alexis and Castle. I don’t see AWM creating tension between Castle and Kate at this point. Castle is the one not acting like a parent. ukno. After 4 episodes, fans are fast losing interest in the current Alexis portrayal as selfish and immature without some kind of sensible resolution. Whatever AWM intended with the connection, it is not working. The Pi character presents as some kind of porn actor with that mustache. It just seems like another AWM misstep in his storytelling. IMO


I believe pi is there for one reason,its alexis's way of lashing/rebelling at dad,the two of them will bring tension to R&K relationship.


Vince. AWM must have a reason for the Pi character, but for the life of me, I cannot see what it can be. You are right, however, Alexis is being written and portrayed as a selfish inconsiderate brat, and the fans will soon tire of this behaviour. AWM constantly refers to what happens in real life, well, in real life, her behaviour and Pi's appalling rudeness, would simply not be tolerated. Castle needs to grow some balls and kick them both out, and see how they survive on their own, without Castle's money. We all know it will not happen this way, but resolution of this scenario needs to happen quickly, IMO.

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