Elementary Review: The Palette Cleanser

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For the first time in Elementary history, we had a Gregson-centric episode. When a man tried to kill his wife, Cheryl, Sherlock and Joan did everything in their power to find the person responsible.

The twist in Elementary Season 2 Episode 6 was that the killer wasn't actually after Cheryl Gregson, it was just the wrong house. No thanks to Google maps!

Unluckily for the culprit, Cheryl was packing and left him with quite the memory.

The Captain's Home

The central theme of this episode was marriage "monogamy has outlasted its usefulness," according to Sherlock). To be more specific the main component of this installment was partnership.

Once again, we were shown why Holmes and Watson have a deeper connection as partners than they do as lovers.

Joan was asked to consult on a case privately, but Sherlock solved it own his own. It was only a "a palette cleanser," after all.

Unfortunately for Joan, she was hoping to solve the case without the assistance of her brilliant friend.

"It takes 10,000 hours to perfect a skill," Joan said, and she is still playing catch up, but at least doing so very quickly. Every episode of Elementary Season 2 there is something about her revelations that surprise me; she really is turning into a great investigator. It's a joy to watch her character grow.

Though Sherlock was Sherlock in how he responded to Watson being upset, the result of him making up for it was the gesture of the trunk and this made their partnership grow stronger.

Sherlock told Gregson, "I have come to appreciate premise of partnership. The very smallest gesture can speak volumes." This quote describes the relationship between our two leads to the tee.

Since the beginning, we've been given piece by piece by piece of Sherlock and how he has come to be. We've seen him give these pieces to Joan to establish this deep connection they possess.. Whether the pieces be bits of his past or cold case files in an old rugged trunk... like Sherlock said, the smallest gesture do really speak volumes.

In their case, this volume refers to comfort and trust.

Elsewhere, we finally saw more of Tommy Gregson. I am thrilled! The moment that Cheryl revealed he was her husband, I was so excited.

It came as shock to me that no one really knew about Gregson's personal life. I figured he would shoot the shit with some of his cop buddies, maybe even Bell. I'm surprised that no one knew he and his wife had separated.

Another surprise to me was that Sherlock was the one to give Tommy a pep talk to not give up on his wife, that he had a partner. The last scene when Gresgon told her he wasn't going to throw in the towel? Swoon!

I really love Gregson and I really love Aidan Quinn. He's definitely underused in Elementary.

Overall, this episode wasn't mind blowing or overly entertaining, but it was smooth - just like a palette cleanser. It pulled on your heart strings a little bit and it definitely made you ready for a little bit more.


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I also adore Aidan Quinn, and was very happy to have a Gregson-centric episode. I hope that he and his wife do reconcile because it's clear how much he still loves her. It was a hoot seeing Watson in the police station sizing up the perps, that one at the end of the scene that said "Do me next"...was too funny. I love to watch Holmes and Watson develop their partnership, and thought it was so touching that he gave her his cold case trunk to hone her skills. I know that this show isn't do as well as in the ratings as it did last year, but I pray that it is good enough to give us a third season.


Good writeup Kate - -
Sherlock told Gregson, "I have come to appreciate the premise of partnership. The very smallest gesture can speak volumes."
And Joan is getting better every day at picking up the smallest clues - the scene in the Jail was hilarious - I know they cut it too soon, but still hilarious


Ever notice that while we're watching several hundred commercials, Holmes appears to be doing research such that when the program resumes, there's "suddenly" new information that advances the case and/or leads them to a new suspect? I'm torn between "Well, he's a detective--he's trained to do that kinda stuff" to "How damned convenient that he just HAPPENS to dig this up while we're not looking." I like the show well enough, but I find this plot trope kinda insulting. As for this particular episode, I kinda missed some of the subtleties (Holmes' rapid speech is sometimes hard for me to keep up with), but I enjoyed the twists and it kinda refreshing to see Gregson in the emotional spotlight instead of Holmes or Watson. BTW, did anyone catch the line Holmes said to (I think it was) Gregson: "Well, if you need someone to talk to, I can arrange to make Watson available for you."? CLASSIC Holmes--well-intentioned, yet socially stunted. :-)


I enjoyed seeing one of classic Sherlock Holmes moments: the dog who didn't bark.


I enjoy this show a lot and this was an interesting case/episode too. I especially liked Watson opening the trunk and her expression. One of the things I thought this episode stressed, in regard to partnerships, is that the partners are individuals and have their own thoughts and thus bring their own point of view. When this show first came out, the first couple of episodes were a bit of a struggle -- by which I only mean that I know of a couple of people who gave up on the show back then. I wonder if those that did have checked it out again and seen what it has become!

@ Keith Vlasak

good point - the ratings show Elementary and Scandal both at 9+ M viewers. I fell sorry for those who quit the show Jonny Lee's acting chops are just amazing - he physically owns every scene

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Elementary Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

[To Joan] These are several of my cold cases. They are the handful mysteries that have eluded my powers of deduction. So the next time you wish to use your skills on a solo venture. I encourage you to peruse them. I've already given them my all. You might even succeed where I have failed.


Sherlock: It's for you! This is my most loathed piece of furniture.
Watson: I'm touched.