Grey's Anatomy Review: Just Say No

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It feels like we’re officially settling into Grey’s Anatomy Season 10.

"I Bet It Stung" wasn’t entirely emotionally-packed like the two-hour season premiere, nor was there a lavish party like the one we saw in "Puttin' on the Ritz". Nonetheless, it was certainly an hour of progression for the entire gang at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. 

So, what went down? Let’s dive right it in – just like Meredith did.

Ross & Murphy

The last thing Meredith wanted to do was ease back into work. In fact, she dove right in and seemingly struggled to excel at being both a surgeon and a mother. Hurtful words were exchanged between Cristina and her best friend after the two became territorial over a multi-organ, groundbreaking surgery. Cristina called Mer out on being unprepared, unfocused and claimed she now had different priorities.

I thought it was harsh that she compared her to Bailey, Callie and even her own mother; however, did Cristina make some valid points? Yes. Have Mer’s life changes affected her skills? Maybe. Overall, I felt like this conversation was worth having but hated the way Cristina went about addressing her concerns.

Push did come to shove, though. Meredith had to be there for Zola. One thing is certainly for sure: she is nothing like her mother, Ellis Grey. The fight caused Mer to stress out even more at home, and I hope the McDreamy’s can figure it all out sooner than later. After all, this is Meredith Grey we are talking about here! She can so be a strong mom and awesome surgeon. I really hope she proves Cristina wrong. I know Cristina rocks and all, but sometimes I think all that talent goes to her head.

How long do you think it will take for the two besties to smooth things over? I think their fight is far from over and am eager to see what happens next.

Elsewhere, Catherine Avery was back and showing Richard to step it up and not let the interns coddle him. She was also doing her best to keep Stephanie on her toes. I honestly thought there couldn’t be any possible saving grace for Stephanie when Jackson’s mom walked into the on-call room catching the two in bed. Surprisingly, Catherine came around and I liked that Stephanie wasn’t scared away and even tried to explain herself regardless of all that happened. Also, I think this was the first episode ever where I didn’t find Catherine completely annoying. 

Meanwhile, Jo found herself overly involved with her new patient, who just so happened to also be Alex’s dad. When the time came for Jimmy to be discharged, Jo tried to get Alex to change his mind about talking to him. Stubbornly, Alex didn’t care at all. I really like Jo and the fact that she tried so hard to help Alex’s dad shows how much she cares for Alex. Although Alex let him walk out the elevator doors, something tells me we’ll be seeing his father again. Hopefully, Alex makes a change the next time before it’s too late.

Lastly, I absolutely loved that scene with Callie and her patient’s sister realizing that it was okay to say no. We hadn’t seen a dance party on Grey’s Anatomy in a long time. Thankfully, Callie had her own dance party – and yes, she was in her underwear! Go Callie!

Other thoughts:

  • I’m definitely shipping Jackson and Stephanie now. What shall we call them? Jephanie? Stackson? If you have a better idea, let me know in the comments.
  • Last week, Arizona had April to lean on. This week, we found out she also has Leah’s back. I’m still not cool with Arizona, but we all need friends and I’m glad she has some now.
  • Be sure to check out the Grey’s Anatomy quotes.

All in all, I thought this episode was strong as it centered on new friendships, relationships and even fights. As always, I’m ready to find out what’s in store for our favorite doctors, but I’m mostly looking forward to see how Cristina and Meredith’s fight affects them moving forward.


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I loved it !Callie dancing in her undies !!! She's back ! The way she kicked Arizona out LOL ! Mer kissing her before going to work, HILARIOUS ! She def had to go !
Cristina was right. Okay it may have been harsh, but maybe Mer needed to hear that instead of thinking that she could handle it ! She can't, not right now. Practice ! She needs to learn how to juggle with the 2 lives. That fight with Der, many more will come, frustration at its best !
Ross... How come nothing is happening to him ! He at least had something to do with Mousey's death. He didn't kill her but he sure as hell helped ! I hate this !
I admired Stephanie for explaining herself to Catherine, especially because of the way that woman is. But I still don't like her with Jackson.
Richard on the road to recovery. Glad to see that.


Loving Jackson and Stephanie. It took a minute, but they really seem to work, and i can feel the chemistry now.


Cristina is as arrogant as they come. What she said was true. Just remember, it's not what you say it, it's how you say. She was cruel. I do see more of these kinds of thing happening as a means of easing Sandra out of the show. I don't like Stephanie and Jackson together. Actually, I don't like the interns. The only one I liked was killed off.


I feel the most important part of what Christina was pointing out is that she and Meredith are changing in different ways. We've all been through this; sometimes the relationships remain strong, sometimes they weaken, and sometimes they break. I can't see them "breaking up," but their priorities are different. Christina's manner was also pretty nice (timing sucked), showing her growth. Still, Mere is less than a week into being back at work. She and Derek need some time to get into a routine (especially now that Callie has gone home). Further, Mere is out of practice at doing surgery having been on maternity leave; give her a bit to regain her footing! I don't care for Stephanie much, but I was impressed with her speech to Catherine. She acknowledged what she needed, stated why she wore that shirt (didn't mention the lip gloss, though), and then appealed to Catherine's skill. I guess Stephanie and Jackson are really going to be a couple; that is, he seems more committed to her than he has before. Hornet's nests? Really? And the wife knows and hasn't sent him to therapy?! I like that Callie looked lost when back in her own apartment but then danced, like she's been talking about for weeks. I just hope she had the baby monitor up loud to hear through the music.


Callie and Mer kiss was hilarious! Totally unexpected. MerDer definitely benefited having Callie stay with them. Now im interested to see how they will function without her. Sisterwife comment was hilarious as well.
I LOVE Callie dancing in her underwear. Yes please lol But I thought it was misplaced. Granted she's back home but she still hasn't resolved anything with Arizona. Yes she cheated but they are not dealing with it. They STILL love each other. That connection was alive at the gala.
Arizona and Leah. Ew and ew again. I hope Arizona stays with April. I think Leah is just latching herself to Arizona to.get in on her surgeries. Id rather she kept.sleeping with Dr Burton than get it on with Leah. At least they had chemistry. Kudos to.April for.taking up for Arizona in the OR.
Stephanie and Jackson ew. Cant take them.together. I just cant ew.
I found it hilarious that Arizona was too drunk to remember anything. I wish it was Callie who found Arizona passed out. Oh well. Cant wait to see what Shonda has in store for.Calzona.


The only reason why we dont see much of the other moms is that we wouldnt care ( Shonda must think that). Its not real life its a TV show. There were NEVER a lot of scenes with Bailys kid or even Mark and Callie. But those are Mer and Der Kids - so Shonda shows us more. Thats the only reason why this comes up. And its a bit stupid. If i work 8 hours and give my baby to day care I bet there wouldnt be a problem every 2 days.. but we need the drama right? =) Christina is annoying when she is so arrogant. It got less but sometimes she still does it - she could have said it in a different way. I dont like it when she pretends she is the best and every one sucks ;)


While I essentially agree with Christina that the patient should come first, Mer is adjusting to a newborn, being the mother of two, and still being a great surgeon. She will get better. I'm sure Christina's breakup with Owen was still stinging, and despite the fact that she chose her career, she may be jealous a little that she chose just the career. It made me laugh that Callie seemed to handle all three kids and her job with great ease, while Mer and Der were still struggling. I miss any interaction with April and Jackson.


Katrine is so annoying. The show would be better off without her. When are they going to pear Ross with someone??? I hope its Leah.


I REALLY ENJOYED THIS EPISODE. Everything Cristina told Meredith was true. She has to be decide to being a mom or surgeon you cant to both at once. I hope we didn't see the last of Alex's dad their is so much potential their.


I liked the whole episode but jackson and stephany! that seems SO UNNATURAL!! gonna say it again... no jackson and stephany! no jackson and stephany! no jackson and stephany! no jackson and stephany! no jackson and stephany! no jackson and stephany! no jackson and stephany! no jackson and stephany! no

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