Grey's Anatomy Review: Oh, What a Night

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Grey’s Anatomy celebrated its 200th episode with Grey Sloan Memorial throwing a seriously amazing gala. Was it the event of the season? I’m going with yes (even though we’ve technically only just begun).

"Puttin' on the Ritz" featured our favorite doctors charming Seattle’s rich and famous in hopes of raising money for repairs for the hospital. Donned in elegant gowns and dashing tuxes, the physicians were at their finest and I absolutely loved every bit of their competitiveness.

Smiling Torres

I almost found myself forgetting about the scalpels and scrubs, as it was honestly just nice to see them out and about being fancy and all. Perhaps the most dramatic part at the big party was when an aerialist crashed to the ground and horrifically broke her leg. My jaw dropped, and I kind of wanted to high-five Callie for totally calling it when the girl plummeted to the floor.

Back at the hospital, things were crazy as usual. With the grownups gone, Shane and Stephanie took the opportunity to step it up and rock the ER. Then, there was Leah, who was stuck babysitting in pediatrics and even both April and Arizona.

I found Arizona and April’s bonding scene in the supply closet very interesting. Right now, these two characters are my least favorite but seeing them together and just laughing and drinking away their sorrows was kind of entertaining. I was a little surprised, but it just worked. Also, who could really forget that awkward moment when April asked to try on Arizona’s leg?! That was just strange but oddly hilarious.

Meanwhile, Bailey struggled to help a dying patient who didn’t want to give up. While Meredith believed that Webber simply needed to hit rock bottom, Bailey tried to do everything she could to get him back on his feet. I was stunned when he pushed her so hard that she fell down. What a jerk! He didn’t even apologize.

Anyway, Bailey’s plan worked and the former chief seems to finally be fighting for his life. However, it has to only be a matter of time when Meredith confronts him for the awful things that he said to her.

Elsewhere: last week Crowen decided that they would try to start seeing other people. Owen is apparently doing just that. From the looks of things, Cristina is going to let it happen, but something tells me that she’ll soon be eating her words sooner than later.

Lastly, Alex’s dad checked into the hospital high and drunk. Alex spent a majority of the time simply wondering if it was really him, and was completely pissed off when he found out the truth. I really liked how supportive Jo was, whether it was talking up her boyfriend at the gala or even helping him back at the hospital. We know that Alex has a complicated past with his family and I am glad we are finally learning more about it. More importantly, he’s got Jo to help him through it. He’s found his dad now. What’s next? Will he be willing to try and have a relationship with him?

Other thoughts:

  • I loved every single MerDer scene. These two steal the show every time! Maybe it’s because of their whole sparkly eye thing. Also, when Derek was juggling impressively, I started to wonder if there’s anything McDreamy can’t do.
  • I know Jackson and Stephanie have been an item for awhile now, but I’ve been indifferent to their relationship status. I was a bit caught off guard when Shane suddenly kissed Stephanie, and I liked that Stephanie immediately went to talk to Jackson about what happened. Nonetheless, I still feel like April is going to come between these two.
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Overall, I thought this was a fun installment that was jam-packed with so much going on and introduced us to a slew of storylines. I appreciated the couple of nods to Grey's Anatomy history and even the glitz and glam of the gala, but I think more could have been done seeing as this was the 200th episode.

I mean, that's a really big deal! What did you think? What will happen next with Alex finding his dad? How will the rest of Webber’s recovery go?


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I dont like stephany I find her so boring and I dont see any sparkle AL ALL between her and jackson!!!! I hope they finish that soooonnnn


Btw, I know it's wrong but Callie was hilarious !


gosh I loved it ! The only thing that was EWWWW was that girl who broke her leg ! MerDer were hilarious ! I too was reminded of them having sex in an on-call room during the season 2 finale.
Arizona and April actually worked ! I liked it. When she asked for the leg, that was just funny !
Ross kissing Stephanie was probably due to the excitement. I liked that she went to explain to Avery straight away. Still don't like that couple though !
Crowen... I knew Cristina was going to regret pushing Owen to date other people, didn't think it would happen so quickly though ! I want more of them before she goes !
Bailey had a tough time with Richard...he needs to get a grip !


MerDer were hilarious when they were competitive, but ultimately they still found time to do other things wioth each other. Cris was bereft Owen met some one who clearly was attracted to him so soon after she gave the 'we ought to date other people' speech. Alex is in for some hard times over the dad who he regretted beating up the last time.Welldone BAiley for showing WEbber what he really faced if he made no effort to get better


Still Japril all the way. On another note - I'm really liking the interns - Shane, Leah and Stephanie are oprette cool.


No. I prefer Matt and April. Keep Jackson with Stephanie. I am starting to like the interns that are really growing on me. I didn't enjoy this episode much it was really depressing and stupid exactly the drama with Richard. The only thing I enjoyed was we finally meeting Alex's father. I wait cant to see that storyline develop and Christina and Meredith getting in to it in the next episode.


I'm not liking this season. Shonda, what is that? OK, Cristina is going away in the end of the season, but I'd like to see she going with Owen! They are one of the best couples, right after MerDer *-* I only like Jo and Murphy, but the others should go away quickly. Really, Stephanie and Avery? SERIOUSLY?! Come on, Shonda! Avery should be with April and everyone knows it.
And Shane should have died in the first episode. I'm just saying. This episode with him getting "into" cardio.. arght!
By the way, I really think that Richard should have died too. It would be the perfect ending for him. I just don't like the idea of Greys continuing without all the main characters. This interns have not gain my trust. Im not at all interested in them. Those storylines are extremely forced. They are NOT charismatic. April and Avery were the only ones who did it when they merged, and even they needed a really, really long time for that.
I'm just... disappointed.


I am still a fan of Jackson and April. April was the only one impressed by the clowns at the party. She has a sense of humor and was sympathetic to Arizona. Good for her for calling Arizona out on judging religious people. Mer and Der were adorable.


Cristina didn't drink the whiskey sours, she was bribing her benefactor!


Weren't they all drinking at the gala? There was a comment about Christina having 5 whiskey sours.....then they all operated?

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