Grimm Review: Zombieland

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In what’s become typical Grimm season premiere fashion,"The Ungrateful Dead" left most everything up in the air with an ending card:

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Rosalee and Juliette

With Nick playing dead in a coffin for most of the premiere, we were stuck with the rest of the pack working to find him. It was great to see Hank, Monroe, Rosalee and Juliette together.

It’s taken a while to get everyone to their own unique role, and here everyone did so: Monroe is the best friend; Hank is the loyal and deeply dependable partner; and Rosalee brings sympathy and intelligence.

Juliette, surprisingly, was a welcome sight as well. Her and Rosalee make a good team, and without Nick to guide her she’s really on her own in this new world. It’s forcing her to grow up quickly, as Juliette tends to be a better character when her feet are against the fire. She’s trying to contribute in whatever way she can rather than being a hindrance when the wool was pulled over her last season.

Renard told his family spy to go through with the plan now that they have Nick and this small act of rebellion against his family is making me start to believe that he has more of an allegiance towards Nick’s small group than his royal family. Of course, there’s a lot of bad blood between Renard and the royals, but Renard’s been pretty loyal to Nick since his identity has come out into the open. He might think of Nick as a pawn in his game, but I'm starting to believe he genuinely cares for Nick.

Adalind’s time as a human may have finally come to an end. Claire Coffee mentioned in an interview that Adalind’s Hexenbiest powers shield her from human emotions - and that’s gotten me thinking about her pregnancy and time as a human. She made a nearly unimaginable deal: the baby for her powers. Yet, she’s been living with the baby as a human with emotions – what becomes of her if she decides she wants the baby after giving birth or feeling it for the first time?

Finally, there’s zombie Nick. In a word: awesome. The zombie process has completely transformed him and his Grimm powers have done so in a different way from the zombie groupies. He’s full of rage like the other zombies – he took out all of the customers in the bar – but he also has more control since he’s not running around aimlessly with the rest of his zombie groupies.

The moment that stands out the most with Nick was when he looks in the mirror. On some level he recognizes what he’s doing and what he’s become. I don’t think he’s completely in control, however, since he breaks the mirror pretty quickly. It’s going to be a fun ride to see how Nick ends up and what actions he takes as a zombie.

What are your thoughts on the Grimm Season 3 premiere?


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Hey where is the review/recap of Druacula. I think Grimm and Dracula are a good match for Fridays. I am sure they may not have done well in the ratings since the WS is on but I enjoyed both shows. The ratings for all shows should improve after the WS goes off. You have to admit the WS has been good.


I am so happy to see cool sexy badass The Captain from season one back. I hope we never see nipples Renard from season two again. Loved Juliette in season one can not stand her now. Love bad girl Adalind. More Adalind and less Juliette. this will be intersting to see what Adalind does with the baby. Nice to see Hank back missed him last season. More Wu and Franco less Juliette. Sorry can not stand Juliette now. I hope they don't kill of Eric. Really did not get to see him much last season. Finally got to see him Renard together and it was great. Don't kill him off....more Eric less Juliette. More everybody less Juliette!


To TV Fanatic...Love the changes to your website!!! So easy and fast to use!


My brother and I were discussing a theory last night - thought I'd share. Perhaps when a Grimm gets infected with a Wesen pathogen, it enhances some of his abilities, but the effects linger. Last season, when he got infected with the eye-worms, he went blind, but in turn got super hearing, and that lasted even after he was cured from the eye thing. It appears that this zombie pathogen has enhanced his strength (did you see that metal coffin - and he WALKED AWAY from a plane crash), but also reduced his anger management filter. Dude's kinda like the Hulk now. It'll be interesting to see what happens after he's cured. Grimm SMASH!!!

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Really good premiere. I agree the cast held the show together really well without having Nick. I love that Juliet knows and that she's totally cool with it it seems like by the way she's acting to all of it that she's known along time like everyone else but she hasn't which is cool. Nick is deffinetely different than the other zombies. I can't wait to find out how this changes nick because it deffinetely will. I know nick will be ok but I want to know how this is all going to play out I can't wait till the next episode to find out. I'm so glad to have the show back.


Also, not sure if you guys have seen this NBC recap of Grimm season 2. I'm pretty sure the narrator is one of us :-)

@ Robin Harry

I want to use all of the one-liners in my reviews...and I agree, the narrator is one of us. :D

Ronald simkins
@ Nick McHatton

Your reviews are epic as is the series!

@ isoron

Thank you so much!


YAY - Grimm is back, finally! @GeneralRapunzel - Agreed! The supporting cast carried the show incredibly well. Monroe and Hank's determination to help Nick was fantastic, and Juliette is already vastly better than she was in both previous seasons! I think she and Rosalee will make a great pair with their respective non-Wesen and Wesen scientific minds. Wow, was the Adalind story ever gross. Now we're dismembering people? UGH. Oh captain, my badass captain. I think that Renard's allegiance to Nick and friends became clear during the last season - he has his own mysterious agenda, yes, but he's never shown any malice towards Nick. I do wish we understood more about how/why Nick's reacting the way he is to the zombification. Hopefully that will be explained. In the meantime, this review did a good job of noting the differences between his reaction and that of normal folks. Great review as usual, McHatton :-)

@ Robin Harry

Thank you, and thank you for continuing the great discussion joyeful! It's a pleasure to have you here. :)


Meh. Juliette is even worse somehow. I liked Adalind's scenes apart from the pacing.


Eric Renard better look out, because the good captain is definitely on a war path! Loved it when Sean Renard woged and started beating the stuffing out of the rage zombies in the container yard. Also, it seems to me that Nick has shown remarkable restraint as a rage zombie - as far as I could tell, he only attacked people who posed a threat to him, people who attacked or confronted him. He ignored those who ran or hid from him, and let the bartender just flee.

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This ain't over yet.


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