Hart of Dixie Review: Lemon and Her Squeeze

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After a crazy Hart of Dixie Season 2 finale, we're back in the town of Bluebell for "Who Says You Can't Go Home?."

Zoe struggled to hang onto New York with her deep love of the little town of Bluebell, all the while, trying to win over the community once again. You know what, this episode reminded me of the old Dixie before all of the heartbreak. It was very enjoyable.

Hart of Dixie Season 3 Scene

First off, Joel? Who the hell is Joel? Why is he here? Am I suppose to care about him? A new life, in five months? Well, at least he's cute. Unfortunately, he doesn't stand a chance with Zoe Hart. He obviously doesn't know the truth about Wade, which will be a big blowout.

Seriously, is anyone else shocked that she lied to her new boyfriend? Yeah, not me.

Elsewhere, Rose made an appearance! I love her! I am so glad she showed up! I really did miss her character. She was heartbroken that Zoe missed her 16th birthday, too. Zoe, can you please stop hurting people? It might make life suck a little less for you.

It seems that was the central theme of tonight's premiere. Everyone's pissed at Zoe, like a flashback to Hart of Dixie Season 1. Except Wade, Lavon and Annabeth, that is.

Speaking of A.B. didn't you hear the good news? Hart of Dixie made Kaitlyn Black a series regular! Rejoice for a lot more of this wonderful young lady.

Moving on: the first person Zoe saw as she entered back into Bluebell was, of course, Wade Kinsella, who had no regrets. Is this another version of Wade I can love again? I surely hope so. After the cheating debacle it has been hard for me to find a way to like Wade, specifically Wade with Zoe.

But of course Wade and Zoe had to pull an all-nighter while Zoe treated his dad. Oh, Earl!

Elsewhere, Lemon is having secret sex. With Meatball. I repeat, with Meatball. This is probably my favorite thing that Lemon Breeland has ever done. It is so out of character in the best of ways. She's sleeping with Meatball, wearing her dress inside out. Girl, you're a hot mess. I love it! As Cricket would put it, Lemon is definitely getting some squeeze.

During Hart of Dixie Season 2, when Lemon and Wade starting hanging out more and more, I didn't think I'd like it. It seems like, in the five-month absence, they became closer. The fact that Lemon would associate herself in a "fake relationship" with him to make Zoe feel bad says a lot about her character.

Here's my pressing question: how long will these two be able to keep up their relationship scam? I do like the idea of Wade and Lemon having each other's back, but the repercussions may be more extensive. Maybe not? I'll sit back and see where this goes. My money will always be on Zade.

Another thing I liked about tonight's episode was Tansy came back, even for a brief scene. I hope that Tansy continues to play a role in George Tucker's life because, honestly, those two were perfect for each other.

Lenley? Yeah, I'm with A.B. on this one, when is she going to go?

Overall, I think the season premiere was a set up for something good. I have hope that it'll be much better than the previous. Like I've always said in the past, this show has the potential to be something worth fighting for.


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I don't know how you can say Tansy and George were perfect for each other! There is not one scene I remember watching where they even seemed comfortable together to me. They looked pretty together but that was it. Either she always seemed crazy insecure with him and like she never really believed the relationship stood a chance, and kept trying to make him do all these bizarre ridiculous things to prove it, or he looked like he was doing all these things he clearly didn't really like... looking after her dog, her brothers etc to try and prove they fit. I didn't buy it...

Sarah silva

I have mixed feelings about this episode.
It was almost like a reboot as Zoe came back to Bluebell and we all knew she was going to stay, so that felt fresh to some degree.
Zoe moved on with Joel so fast, 5 months later and they are already very committed, moving in together and she keeps saying she loves him.
I hope we get the back story on how they met and why she is so in love with him so quick.
I really want her and Wade together but I am not sure if that will happen.
I can not stand Lavon's cousin!
We can all tell that Wade and Lemon will go from pretending to be a couple to actually being a couple and I will not like that.
I am still not 100% in love with this show as I was Season 1, I will keep watching for now and see how the season goes.


Honestly I love this series it is one of my favorites but compared to some of the other series that have just come backs first episodes.... Hart of Dixie was disappointing. After it finished I was like really that was it after being really pumped it got a 3rd season. Come on my friend was even the same. These guys and actors are a awesome combo that deserve a better script than that ??? Zoe's boyfriend ??? Really who was casting that one. It wasn't believable. Anyway I hope it picks up as like I said I love this series and these actors together are awesome. Fingers crossed as it deserves some recognition.


I liked this first episode and Joel will be leaving soon, that was so obvious. Leomon and meatball was hysterical and it's safe to say that no one saw that coming, I suspected Wade but that went away almost immediately. I hope more for Wade and Lemon because I like them both. "Looking forward to more interaction between characters and just hope this CW show isn't going to be scared to make progress ( story wise ) and stick with them and not keep returning to the same old pattern like we've seen so many times on this network" - I feel you Mel, but don't hold your breath on that one because I Think CW stands for Crap Waste network. Also every time I see Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage names appear as executive producers I cringe and my gag reflex hits, and I'm referring to the awful crapy show Gossip Girl. Although Savage is the stupidest of the two, but Josh is guilty by association.


All in all it was a good season opening. What really bugged me throughout the whole episode was that Zoe kept saying 'i love you' to Joel... Everything suggests that she's so very serious about this guy, but we all saw that look she gave to Wade. OK, she may have one ace up her sleeve - you cheated, but I really don't want to watch the whole messy mess all over again. Characters have grown, that's clear. I just hope their relationships can, too. Meatball and Lemon - amazing twist! I love her!
Looking forward to more interaction between characters and just hope this CW show isn't going to be scared to make progress ( story wise ) and stick with them and not keep returning to the same old pattern like we've seen so many times on this network.

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It was nice to see you Zoe..... I mean. Screw you Zoe Hart!


I am positive our little Lemon is getting her some squeeze.


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