Hart of Dixie Exclusive Preview: Who's Having Secret Sex?

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We are just hours away from a return trip to Bluebell.

Following a fantastic finale in May, Hart of Dixie kicks off Season 3 tonight on The CW - and who better to pick the brain of for some scoop than executive producer Leila Gersteiin?

In the following exclusive interview, Gersteiin tells us what to expect from Zoe and Wade, how the series is dealing with Jaime King's real-life pregnancy and whether George's Zoe-related blues are finally cured...

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The core of this show has always been the love triangle between Zoe, Wade and George. Zoe has brought nothing but heartache to poor George. One of the best scene's from "If Tomorrow Never Comes" was when Zoe told George how she felt, again, and he responded "Are you freaking kidding me!?" I loved this scene because it's exactly how I felt. George is safe for Zoe.

I completely agree with you. You know who else agrees with you? George. I think that even Zoe would admit it at this point. When we start the season, George hates Zoe. For good reason. They will end up hashing it out.

I like the idea of him being mad at Zoe. He's always been infatuated with her. I am hoping we get some closure for George.

We do, in episode 5.

The relationship between Zoe and Wade during Hart of Dixie Season 2 was an emotional roller coaster. It was love/hate with some fighting, cheating and heartbreak. Was this always the plan?

It was bit of a roller coaster, we kept them together longer in the beginning than we intended because they were so cute together but we always knew how it was going to end. But we fell in love with the couple. So, yes.

In "On the Road Again," we had Lemon say that Zoe changed Wade and vise versa. The first time that we spoke, we talked about how Wade and Zoe make each other better. Are we still headed towards "Zade?" Is this relationship going to continue to play a huge role?

The relationship between the two of them, whether they're together or just friends, they're the bread and butter of this show.

What about Jonah? Are we going to address their summer in New York?

We will know what happened in New York in the premiere "Who Says You Can't Go Home?."

Are George's 'Zoe Hart blues' cured?

George isn't hung up on her anymore, but he is angry with her.

Lavon and Lemon. Do they still stand a chance?

We open this season with Annabeth and Lavon together and happy. It's a long season, a long series - hopefully. I think there's hope for Lavon and Lemon.

Jamie King is pregnant, very pregnant at this point. Is it going to play into Dixie or are you going to hide it?

It's hidden, you can't see it at all.

You've already teased so much for this upcoming season. What else can you tell us?

Lemon is having secret sex with someone. I think you're going to be kind of surprised with what happens! We're coming back five months later, a lot has changed.

Hart of Dixie Season 3 kicks off on its new night tonight at 8/7c.


Just about the only time I can tolerate Lemon is when she's with Lavon... Although I like Lavon/Annabeth too ... I'd be OK with either pairing and as long as Ruby doesn't come back I'll be happy ...I really don't think Lemon is sleeping with Wade... Maybe Lemon and Jessie or Judson... If it's even someone we've seen already...
Zoe and Wade will eventually get back together because they have smokin' hot chemistry...The push/pull between the characters is what pulled me in initially and kept me watching ...
Zoe and George have never been together as a couple so they can't get "back together"... George has been pretty boring up to this point so hopefully they add some dimension to the character ... Throwing him into a rushed relationship with "complete opposite Tansy" was a fail for me...


well that would be hard for George and Zoe to get back together since they've never been together LOL and from what I've gathered this 'thing' between them is FINALLY OVER, I couldn't be happier. And Lemon is so not secretly sleeping with Wade, that would be predictable and not suprising at all, so no.


Yeah I agree with Miranda, I'm all for Lavon & Annabeth staying together. Lemon? Lemon is secretly sleeping with Wade lol That would not surprise me at all. They do have chemistry and Wade is irresistible. Zoe and George will eventually get back together. Until then, Zoe needs to be single for a while.


Please - no hope for Lavon/Lemon!!
I love Lavon and Annabeth together!
I don't even care who Zoe ends up with (making every male who comes to Bluebell fall in love with her is ridiculous!) - just let Lavon and Annabeth be the bread and butter! :)

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I am positive our little Lemon is getting her some squeeze.


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