Homeland Review: Trapped and on Drugs

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As much as "Tower of David" was an improvement on the first two episodes of Homeland's third season, this week's hour still left me with the feeling that this show isn't in an all that interesting position.

The return of Damian Lewis was a pleasant welcome back.  His ability to portray the many emotions of Nick Brody as he met the end of his fugitive journey in Venezuela was great to watch.

Unexpected Faith

The fact that we spent so much time with Brody, and as a result didn't see any other main character until the 31st minute, was a nice little surprise since it meant that we didn't have to endure the rest of his family for at least one week.

I enjoyed seeing Brody get saved, shot up with heroin, and held captive in the scary Tower of David.  His escape attempt was cute.  Did he really think he could just walk to the street to a mosque and these crazy Venezuelan gangsters weren't going to find him?  If he's going to escape, which I'm assuming he has to in the next couple of episodes if his story is going to go anywhere, Brody needs to run and run far. 

The only other regular we had the displeasure of watching during the hour was Carrie as she was similarly trapped, but with her it was in a psych ward.

As I've said before, Carrie has become increasingly annoying as Homeland has gone on, and "Tower of David" made that as clear as ever.  Most likely because the second half hour simply kept flipping back and forth between her and Brody, I found myself groaning every time she came back on screen.

Whether it was whining to the therapist, making buildings out of sticks, or smashing her head against a mirror, it was clear Carrie Mathison is a shadow of the character we met in the pilot.  Yeah, people can devolve, but this is someone who used to be really fun to watch when Homeland first started.

If Brody spent the rest of the season out of the country, attempting to make his way back, I believe it would be much more enjoyable than what will likely happen.  He'll probably make his way back into the picture fairly quickly, and we'll be forced to watch more of the dynamics that have grown tiresome over the last season plus.

But what did you all think of "Tower of David?" What were your favorite moments?  What didn't you like? Did you enjoy having Nick Brody back in your life?  Did you miss Saul and Quinn?  And were you happy to not have to watch Dana's love life?


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This show has really gone downhill. The show is boring and the characters are uninteresting. Brody's daughter may be the most annoying character in television.


Better episode from the last two, at least. In fact, I think the show could have led with this one and it would have been more interesting. Maybe have a few more cutscenes and shot of Saul and what's going on with the CIA, and maybe just a snippet of Brody's family. I think the show is strongest when Carrie and Saul are working together, and something tells me it will get back to that. On another note, what did the so-called doctor put inside Brody's abdomen ? It looked like he sewed something in? Maybe not.


It was awesome to see Brody (Damian Lewis) again, but depressing that both he and Carrie are being held hostage. I know what you mean about this show not being as sharp as it was in the first and beginning of the second season. I still love it, but I want it to get back to it's roots, and Carrie needs out of that psych ward ASAP!


I used to love Homeland. Now, not so much. I'll watch a few more episodes. It is getting to the point where I don't care about Brody or Carrie. The are getting annoying.I actually hoped that Brody would be killed off and we can focus on CIA catching terrorists and Carrie getting stable and back to work. And no more Dana please. Didn't miss her at all this episode.


You're a Harsh reviewer Daniel!

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