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Homeland Season 3

Closing In
"The Star"

On the Homeland season 3 finale, Saul plans a rescue mission as forces close in on Carrie and Brody.

Ghosts From the Past
"Big Man in Tehran"

When Brody runs into a ghost from his past his loyalty to the mission becomes compromised on Homeland.

Quinn Looks Uncomfortable
"Good Night"

Brody's condition threatens the operation when he heads out on a high stakes mission on Homeland.

Carrie at the Hospital
"One Last Time"

The situation is more difficult than expected when Carrie and Brody reunite on Homeland. At

Will Prayer Help?
"A Red Wheelbarrow"

Saul must figure out how to deal with political backlash while Carrie and Quinn go after a suspect in the Langley bombing on Homeland.

Saul's Gamble

Saul gambles with his career while Carrie and Quinn try to contain a police investigation on Homeland.

Carrie Finds a Mastermind
"Still Positive"

Carrie recruits a powerful Iranian operative and turns the table on the person behind the Langley bombing on Homeland.

Saul Hunt
"The Yoga Play"

Carrie does a favor that puts her mission at risk while Saul must endure an elite hunting trip with a Senator on Homeland.

Carrie Gets a Call
"Game On"

Carrie realizes that despite all that's happened, the CIA can still wield power when necessary on Homeland.

Unexpected Faith
"Tower of David"

As Brody's situation grows more difficult he looks back to his faith in an unexpected way and a mystery man offers to help Carrie but at what cost on Homeland.

Jessica and Dana Brody

An embattled Carrie learns who is really on her side, and Saul attempts to track down those responsible for the Langley attack.

"Tin Man Is Down"

On the Homeland season 3 premiere, Carrie must testify in front of the senate committee on the terrorist bombing while Saul takes over at the CIA.

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