Kim Raver and William Devane to Live Another Day on 24

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Jack Bauer isn't the only one who will "Live Another Day" this spring on Fox.

Kim Raver and William Devane will both reprise their roles on the iconic drama, coming back on board as the characters of of Audrey Raines and James Heller, respectively.

The former, of course, served as Jack's love interest for multiple seasons, while Devane's Heller is Audrey's father and the former Secretary of Defense. Each was last scene on the finale of Season 6 when Jack left the bedside of a catatonic Audrey.

Kim Raver and William Devane on 24

Fox confirmed that 24 would return in a limited capacity this May, likely airing 12 episodes and being set in London, where Kiefer Sutherland's Bauer will face a new threat several years after the events of 24's previous finale.

Mary Lynn Rajskub will also return to the drama as Chloe O'Brian. Because without Chloe, would there even be a Jack?

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24 with 12 episodes or less? Well, so much for "Events occur in Real Time" ... perhaps they should rename it 24/2. Good to see that Mary Lynn Rajskub will reprise her role was well as Kim Raver and William Devane. Although I'm not too sure how much the Sec Def (if he's still in that position) will get along with Jack. I'm still miffed that Burn Notice ended the way that it did. I wanted Michael Weston to take over James' operation along with the hot Sonya and eventually, by some quirky circumstances, meet up with a disgruntled Jack Bauer to team up to take out the Bad Guys without the red tape of government!

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