Nashville Review: A Life That's Good

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At the end of the day, we all want a life that's good. Deacon Claybourne's lyrics, which were sung beautifully by Maddie and Daphne at the end of "You're No Angel Yourself," may never have been truer.

The artist of Maddie's new favorite song is obviously the character most connected to the sentiment, and although his words have a different meaning to him in life now than they did then, Deacon is still searching for a life that's good.

These days,that means working to stay sober. It also means accepting an invitation to dinner from his court-appointed lawyer, giving her a chance to open up to him and giving in to the idea that there was something between them.

Teddy's Engagement

Finally, a life that's good would be one in which Deacon has a consistent and solid relationship with his newfound daughter. That phone call at the end of the hour - between father and daughter - was fantastic. He was earnestly concerned, and he acted fatherly with ease.

Rayna, meanwhile, was less concerned with working towards having a good life and more worried about dealing with issues life has forced upon her. After admitting that she doesn't know who she is without her voice to her mother's grave, Rayna quit the tour with Juliette. The only issue is that she lies and uses the excuse that she needs to be there for her family.

She does. She needs to be with her family in these trying times - what with the divorce, the Maddie/Deacon issue and Teddy getting engaged to Peggy - but until she can tell someone alive that she can't sing, she most certainly won't have a life that's good.

Juliette Barnes spent most of "You're No Angel Yourself" recovering from Rayna quitting the tour.  She attempted to go back to her glitter and bubblegum roots, but quickly nixed that idea after rehearsing that ridiculous "I'm a Girl" song. She turned down the idea of not playing in arenas. She also nixed opening for Luke Wheeler - apparently the biggest name in fake country music.

What did she come up with? Well, Juliette thought of the brilliant idea of having that chipper Layla girl open for her to appease all of her tween fans. It makes sense in that the fans will still get to hear Juliette's old style in Layla and Miss Barnes will be able sing her new, more grown up songs. The only problem I have is that if she was only going to sell out half an arena by herself, I don't think brining Layla on will make up the difference.

Maybe the best part about Nashville is when Juliette shows her sincerity and that was showing up in spades here when she went to pick up Maddie, talked with her through some issues and called Rayna to come get her.  

With the new additions of Will and Zoey, The Kids Club has expanded greatly this season. This week, their story was split in two as the girls dealt with Scarlett's new fame and the boys struggled with Will wanting Gunnar's song.

I liked that Gunnar stuck to his guns and didn't let Will cut his new song as a single, but I LOVED that Avery was the one who gave him the confidence to make his stand. It didn't matter what issues Avery and Gunnar have had with each other in the past, the former was going to help the latter keep his song.

The only issues I had with this week's episode came from (who else?) Teddy and Tandy. Really, Teddy? That's your proposal? You tell her you don't want to tell people, but then let her wear the ring around her neck at the gala? Finally, insisting that Peggy is part of the family is an absolute joke. How about you slow your role for a second?

Finally, Tandy making that move to take her father down for all the illegal stuff he did was absolutely insane. She has zero proof that he had anything to do with her mother's death, but she's going to pull the trigger anyway. Come on girl, be better than that.

Other than a couple of hiccups, "You're No Angel Yourself" was another quality hour of Nashville. What did you think of the episode? What were your favorite moments? What didn't you like? And which character can say they actually have a life that's good?


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I simply cannot believe the level of trash being put out on Nashville as if this is OK. Are the producers believing that most country fans are OK with Rayna being a whore just as Juliette & all the others are portrayed to be. Why are the young girl actors allowed to be on this show? Do the people in charge think that homosexuality is OK w/most of the audience? We don't have to hate homosexuals to not accept it as normal. I used to like the show because of the music...not anymore...what trash it is now.


As far as a 'written drama goes" Nashville is...well a tv show after all. Looking past the stories for a moment...musically speaking, Rayna's daughters, Maddie and Daphane are truly gifted....their vocal harmonies are brilliant and as their acting chops develop I can see them taking more of a prominent storyline role. Scarlett is the main reason I watch this show...beautiful...cute...innocent and musically talented. I am in love with this character.


I'm with Mrs Alex.......Will will definitely take that song and do it anyway........this is a drama after all......and not to mention how cut throat the music business is.....would love to hear anyone's reasoning if you think he won't. Tandy has it in her head that her dad killed her mother. I see trouble in this with Rayna in the middle. "Just if they get rid of the Teddy/Peggy/Lamar stories and all will be well. They just don't fit in this rich beautiful world." Don't know what world your living in dear but there are people just like each of them all over...... "She almost threw Deacon back to his addiction, by hiding the true of Maddie's fatherhood from him" She had good reason to keep it from him. He wasn't even sober at the time and showed no signs of becoming sober. She also knew she didn't have a future with him. Yes, it came back to bite her in the ass but I don't believe what she did makes her "self-centered" at all.


In "Nashville" ....~~I have a show that's good ~~


This show is starting to get on my nerves and will probably stop watching it soon if it doesn't get any better. The women are portrayed as bed hoppers and the men are portrayed as stupid!!! Most men would run from a woman that tried to commit suicide, lied to them and after all that would definitely verify that she was pregnant with his child. Deacon is suppose to love Rayna but can't seem to stay out of everyone's bed and then plays the jilted one.

Sarah silva

This was a really great episode!
I knew Maddie would call Deacon dad, I just wish she said he before she hung up.
So I guess Lamar will either end up in jail or the one that is rumored to die before the shows winter finale.
I bet Will, will be a jerk and take Gunnar's song without his permission.
Juliette had a sweet moment with Maddie and Rayna but then the rest of the episode she was her typical self and it is so hard to like her.
I see a friendship brewing with Gunnar and Avery, I think they would make a good due like Brooks and Dunn and Florida Georgia Line.


I have a big problem with Rayna, she's so selfcentered. She almost threw Deacon back to his addiction, by hiding the true of Maddie's fatherhood from him. Now he's living a hell and she's just having fun around with that producer. Everybody in this show lives real drama, but not Rayna. She lost her voice? I don't care.


That was a great episode. Nashville is not a perfect show but a human show with a giant heart, compassion and love for her characters, the city she is located in and the music that plays so many different roles is this series and this episode embodied all of the above beautifully. That sing with the girls singing and Rayna at the back was small, intimate and just plain perfect! Or Juliette realizing that the act so far was "an act" by saying she is not a tween and never really was is so raw and real and also says something about the world we live in. Just if they get rid of the Teddy/Peggy/Lamar stories and all will be well. They just don't fit in this rich beautiful world.

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