Nashville Review: Hitting the Bottom

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A number of Nashvillians hit relative low points in "Never No More." But with help from others, or on their own doing, each found a way to pull themselves back up by the end of the hour.

Deacon Claybourne, whose self-destructive behavior has found him miserable following the accident, has also realized the hand injury he suffered in the car accident may hurt his chances of ever playing guitar again.

Since he can do nothing but feel sorry for himself, Deacon's first reaction is to cast up his hand, sell all of his guitars and never even think about being the man he has been ever again.

Rayna's Comeback

Luckily for him - and us - Scarlett talks some sense into her uncle, screaming at him to "MAN UP!" That, of course, leads to Deacon taking a saw to his cast in hopes of saving his hand in physical therapy. It's a route the character had to take if he ever wanted to do the thing that he loves most again, and I sure am glad that he did.

Rayna's relative bottom, meanwhile, was not nearly as emotionally troubling as Deacon's, but it was a problem nonetheless. With the new head of Edgehill Records (played but the wonderfully charming Oliver Hudson of Rules of Engagement) attempting to steal one of her two artists, Rayna first goes into defensive mode.

She gives Will her speech about how she wants to have him so that she can develop him as an artist, but once Will convinces himself that he's not an artist - but rather just a guy who is good at singing other people's songs - he decides to go to the Big Show and sign straight to Edgehill.

That whole issue, combined with Jeff's newest artist being a reality show runner-up who is just as bubblegum and glittery as Juliette Barnes was when this all started, got Rayna James a-thinking. In the episode's final moments, it became clear she was seriously thinking of leaving the record company that she helped build.

If her new adventure is to take Highway 65 on its own, and build it from nothing, that is something I would love to watch.

Juliette also had issues with the new head of Edgehill. Jeff, like many others around Ms. Barnes, doesn't like the fact that she has left her teeny bopper ways. The tween fans haven't followed her and her new, mature sound, so he's not giving her the attention she expects.

With her record underperforming, she organized a TV special about her childhood and made a trip home to small town Alabama. After meeting emotional old neighbors, and talking about her dead father, Juliette's single finally hit number-one on the iTunes charts.

Unfortunately, Jeff's newest artist overtook that number one spot later that night. What will Jules do from here? Continue to fight at Edgehill? Or maybe she will work with someone who is proud to have artists who want to develop? Say a little start-up known as Highway 65? THAT would be awesome.

Finally we have Gunnar. After suffering through his terrible attempts to make his lyrics rhyme with beer, we eventually got to watch him perform a fantastic song at the Blue Bird. 

Scarlett's friend, Zoey, was the one who got Gunnar's creative juices flowing again. Throwing Gunnar's brother's name into the mix for song ideas was exactly what the kid needed to come up with another great track. Like Will said, it's pretty amazing that Gunnar could bang that out in an afternoon.

A packed hour, "Never No More" also dealt with Maddie and Daphne struggling to handle family issues, Rayna and Teddy trying to figure out what to do next and Avery attempting to see where he fits in Juliette's life as she dragged him from event to event.

It was a very good second hour to Nashville Season 2. What did you all think of the episode? What were your favorite moments? Was there any story you could have done without? And are you going to watch the next season of American Hitmaker?


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I have really enjoyed both epi's, but when are we going to see Rayna take some responsibility? No, Deacon was not in a good place to be a Father, or Husband, all those years ago. But she didn't cut him out of her life, she had him as her Band Leader and great friend, and, yes, as her partner, in an emotional affair, throughout her marriage. Gee, imagine the man who has always loved you, who has been your best friend and your professional partner, a man who, you know, battles alcoholism, yet who has been strong and productive, in his sobriety; imagine that man falling off the wagon, when, he learns, in the worst way possible, that you have deprived him of his child for 13 years! It was Rayna who, knowing Deacon had been seeing someone else, made the ultimate move to rekindle their romance. But did she appear to have any intention of telling Deacon. Not that I saw. I really like Rayna and I believe that she and Deacon love each other and should be together, however, we need some moments between them, when they both acknowledge responsibility for the mess they're in,


I read the posts! I love this show. My hear really broke for Deacon I know he is in a bad place and but I also understand Raina needing not not be his person right now too!i want him to get the physical theory and then start talking to his daughter and to start trying to build some kinda of relationship. For him to ignore his connection with her would be a real let down to me. Scarlet that girl is sweet but has balls when she needs to I loved her this episode! I think Raina, Scarlet and Juliette on a new label would be so fun to watch! Looking forward to next week!


Do you think anybody reads these posts? I do I love this show!


This was a better episode than the season premiere


I am from Tennessee and I love Nashville so I love this show!!!! I'm waiting for Juliette to use the information she has on Rayna about Deacon being the father of her child........You know she's going to......just a question of when....... I don't get why Teddy is trying to woo Rayna back......not going to happen..... Deacon needs a slap upside the head..........

Sarah silva

I was mad a Will for going to Edgehill but I think the reason he did was based on what he said to Gunnar: Gunnar is a true artist and Will just sings songs. Will did not want to sign with Rayna as he wanted to leave the space open for Gunnar.

Sarah silva

Why does Oliver Hudson's character have to be a jerk? I was so excited to have him on the show and I am sure I read that his character was also going to be a possible love interest for Rayna. There is not way that will happen.
I find it harder and harder to like Juliette! Everything she does has an underlying factor that makes be lose sympathy for her each week.
Her story about her dad may have gotten her the top spot on iTunes but hours later the new girl claimed that spot! That was priceless.
Scarlet is a spit fire! I think everything she said to Deacon was spot on and it looks like he finally to what she said to heart!
My hope for this season is that Rayna leaves Edgehill, that her Highway 65 label takes off and she does way better with her own label than she did on Edgehill, that Scarlett does well AND that she signs Gunnar. Then Edgehill goes under and Juliette has to crawl to Rayna on hands and knees begging to be signed to Highway 65.
I was mad a Will for going to Edgehill but I think the reason he did was based on what he said to Gunnar: Gunnar is a true artist and Will just sings songs. Will did not want to sign with Rayna as he wanted to leave the space open for Gunnar.


(cont.) whole car crash scenario was so ridiculously contrived I can't stand it. Also not liking that the annoying producer is back next week and that Teddy is trying to move in on her again.


Was I the only one who was crossing my fingers that Will would throw out Gunnar's name to Rayna?! It made perfect sense, seeing as he was leaving her label because he isn't an artist like Gunnar. Even if Rayna didn't sign Gunnar as an artist she could still bring him on to freelance as a song writer, which would help bring him and Scarlett back together as they would inevitably be thrown together to write a new song for her :). I hadn't even thought about the idea of Juliette leaving her label for Rayna's but that would be BRILLIANT. I like those two much more when they are working together than when they are trying to tear each other down. You put country's Queen and Princess together on a label and add Scarlett to the mix and that is a true powerhouse label. I am loving the idea of Juliette and Avery together more and more. They have fantastic chemistry. My only complaint about this episode was I am fed up with the Rayna/Deacon situation. They will end up together in the end and this whole car crash scenario was so ridiculously contrived I can't stand it. Also not liking that the annoying producer is back next week and that Teddy is trying to move in on her again.

Ronald simkins

I loved that Will recognized Gunnar's being a true artist songwriter. I also love that Will is probably in contact everyday with the guy who kissed him at the bar but he's not going to out him (we'll see).

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