Nashville Review: The Girl Code

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Everyone was giving in to their desires on Nashville Season 2 Episode 6.

For some that was great, while for others it was seriously disappointing.

Nearly all of the main characters ended up at the Belle Meade Polo Match even though each and every one of them mention at some point that it is not the type of event they would be at.  Least likely to be invited to the "old money" event is former white trash Juliette Barnes.

The Polo Match

But she was there, thanks to the invitation she later realized was from Charlie Wentworth, and her actions were the most disheartening.  This guy hit on her at his own anniversary party, and now invites her to an event that his wife is at, and Juliette is into this?

Let's take the fact that Charlie seems really lame out of the equation.  Why is Juliette going down this destructive path?  It's almost as if someone needs to take the time to sit her down and ask her about every decision she makes. "Juliette, is this the right move for you?"

She likely didn't expect the wife to walk in on her in the act, but since that did in fact happen, I imagine Juliette is going to be in some trouble in the near future.

Also in my dog house for giving into their desires are Gunnar and Zoey. She was absolutely right to not want to get into it because of how it might make Scarlett feel.  Realizing that she may have feelings for Avery again doesn't give Zoey the right to jump in with both feet with Gunnar.

The dude proposed to her not too long ago. Her feelings are still going to be raw. Why don't you pump the breaks, maybe wait it out, and see how Scarlett would feel about the situation if it were to go down?

Here's how this would work well on television (I'm not sure about real life).  Zoey and Gunnar start to hit it off, she waits to see that Scarlett has moved on, and then she mentions to Scarlett that she might like Gunnar but won't act on it because of their history.

Scarlett appreciates that and Zoey lets it be for a while.  Scarlett notices that Zoey isn't as happy as she has been in the past, prods, and realizes it's because she likes Gunnar a lot and is hurting because Scarlett won't let her be with him.  Scarlett realizes that she has moved on and it's okay for Zoey and Gunnar to go for it even if it will be weird at first.  Boom. Everybody wins.

Instead, Zoey and Gunnar are going to sneak around, and when Scarlett finds out it will likely be a gigantic blow up between the two best friends.

On the other side of things, I loved seeing Avery and Scarlett giving into their returned feelings for each other.  Avery has been without a doubt my favorite character of Nashville Season 2 so far.

Earlier Wednesday night on Survivor, Vytas credited his ability to perform well on his tribe to the fact that "women love the reformed bad boy."  I'm not an expert on that subject, but I think a similar sentiment could be said of TV audiences.

The fact that Avery was such a jerk to Scarlett in the very early going likely turned a lot of viewers off to him, but the way he has worked himself back has been a joy to watch.  The character who used to be a jerk but now shows signs of being a guy with some heart...that's hard to dislike.  It's Sawyer on Lost, it's Damon on The Vampire Diaries, and right now it's Avery on Nashville.

During "It Must Be You" we also got to watch Deacon and his lawyer girlfriend continue to grow strong together, Luke Wheeler kiss Rayna, and Scarlett sing for critics earning herself a spot on Luke's tour.

Overall it was a very enjoyable hour. That is if you forget about the fact that you just saw Teddy Conrad pitch a music festival in a city that has oodles of music festivals as if it's going to save Nashville.

What did you all think of the episode?  What were some of your favorite moments?  What didn't you like?  Who did you enjoying seeing giving into desire?  Who made you mad?  And what was your favorite song of the night?


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Juliette is heading back down the road she's always on.......and that's one heading for a train wreck....... Deacon does seem to be growing stronger with his new woman...... The young kids.......geesh.......that's going to blow up big time......... And so will Rayna when she finds out what her sister done........


What has happened to the music selection on the show? not great.


Avery wasn't just a jerk to Scarlett, remember -- he was also a jerk to the guys in his band, throwing them over for the big-time music producer. Then, of course, the producer turned out to be a jerk himself. When Avery had the courage to walk out of that deal, even though it would seriously hurt his chances of reaching the big time, and took it on the chin about the lousy way he'd treated his friends, that's when I began to like him. He realized that, like most of us, he'd been a Grade-A horse's bottom and he did the hard work of confronting that and starting over. Gotta like him for that!


Wait!! Everybody is upset with Gunnar and Zoey but are team Scarlett and Avery. It is okay for Scarlett to move on with her Ex before Gunnar who proposed to her as everyone keeps pointing out. But Gunnar and Zoey have to wait for Scarlett's blessing. Why does Scarlett get the easy part of this equation.

@ Tamara

I could hug you right now!!!


I'm not sure if I'm enjoying this show as much as I used to. The music - yes. The characters - not so much. Juliette's stupid decisions used to be a result of her brokenness, but now they're just stupid for no reason other than she's stupid. And the whole love quadrilateral between Scarlett and Co. is just really, really silly.

The only characters that are continuously being written well are Deacon and Avery. Their actions are purposeful, whether for the right or wrong reasons. I love how Avery has grown. The reviewer is right - but I don't know if it's just the reformed bad boy. I think it's great to see when people are cognizant of their mistakes and repentant, and finding redemption as they work to make it better.

I'm not sure how much people care about the politics of the show - the whole Teddy/Peggy/fake pregnancy/marriage thing is stupid, and I'm not sure if we've been allowed to be invested enough in the sisterhood of Rayna and Tandy to care when that erupts.

Great review, Dan.

@ Robin Harry

Second that, joyful! Deacon and Avery I believe in and care about. And the Teddy/Peggy storyline is dumb -- I can't imagine why the writers think it's worthwhile.

@ Robin Harry

I haven't watched in a few weeks for just the reasons you listed, everyone wasting my time walking around a polo field in hats saying obvious crap - I started with the show because of T-bone Burnett, but the music has really gone downhill - except for Scarlet's beautiful voice in this one.


I am sad about this episode, I would love for Juliette to end up with a good millionaire, a person she is happy to be around with, and has the means to protect her, help her make her dreams come true etc. this Charlie guy seems like a good match, only problem is he is married! So he is just using her :( Juliette needs someone REAL in her life, no wonder she is so messed up, everyone she trusts hurts her and this guy will too :(


Wasn't too crazy about this episode but really love the season so far.Last week, wfer example, was great! Think, that in many ways it's better than the first season because the writers do have a direction. The direction is of course what we see in the episode and not the promos which make Nashville seem like Revenge (and its NOT!).


This show is starting to be nothing but a infidelity and who is sleeping with who, Rayna seems to be worrying more about herself than her family. She has been sleeping with guys to move her self and business ahead (Luke) has money but did motherhood go out the window like her mother did on her father.

@ Truth be told

Don't like it? Use your remote and turn the channel........nobody is making you tune in.........

Sarah silva

As soon as Rayna said that she needed to get Scarlett to be an opening act for a singer that is on tour, I knew it would be Luke Wheeler.
Luke is going to be Rayna's new love interest so he will be sticking around for awhile. First Deacon and now Luke, not too shabby Rayna.
Last year was 100% team Scarlett and Gunnar but this year I am team Scarlett and Avery.
Scarlett will still be hurt when she finds out her BFF and ex boyfriend almost fiancé are hooking up.
As much as Charlie is bad for cheating on his wife, Juliet is just as bad to be sleeping with a married man. However he is good looking and I love his accent so I am just fine seeing more of him. I knew that they would get caught sooner or later, I do wonder what Olivia will do now that she saw what she saw.
Tansy will have nothing when Rayna finds out what her sister did!
I liked both Juliette's song as well as Scarlett's.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I wouldn't call it shabby it is more like screwing around for personel gain, family begone.

Drea xoxo

this episode let me know that this show is heading in a direction that i sadly won't be part of. the sl are all over the place and don't appear to make sense to the development from last season

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