NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Death by Chair, Fright or Hack?

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Which most likely leads to death: A hacked phone? Sitting in a chair? Or being scared?

While none of them appear on the surface to be killers, according to this week's NCIS: Los Angeles. all three could lead be fatal.

On "Big Brother," a hacked phone was proven to be the most likely. Two team members were killed in a raid that went wrong and a teacher committed suicide all because phones were hacked.

Heading Back to School

After the opening ambush in NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Episode 6, I never would have guessed where the hour was going. It went from looking like a fairly standard case of a mole to something much worse and more complicated. And, the addition of the hacker being a teenage girl added a bit of humor to the otherwise serious situation.

Cindy Chang's a computer genius, but she's also a teenager and acted as such. She used her computer prowess to spy on her classmates with absolutely no reason to think she'd be responsible for anyone being even being hurt let alone killed.

Cindy hacked the "mean girls" at school to find out what they were saying about her, which provided a gateway to their parents' phone and computer data as well. When Matt infiltrated her phone, he gained access to information that he used for nefarious reasons and people died.

The case went in unexpected directions which maintained my interest. Usually, I prefer the character interactions and personal growth in an episode, but that was kept to a minimum. There wasn't any mention of Deeks' issues or either of the potential romantic relationships.

The case was the driving force of the hour and provided for plenty of humorous situations. Though, I'm not sure why Kensi dropped out of going undercover as a substitute teacher at the last moment. It seemed out of character for her to quit and give up like that. If she didn't want to do it, she should have stood her ground and refused from the start.

In the end, it did provide the hilarious "Mr. Valerie Bellridge" moment for Callen, so it all worked out. He kept such a straight face when the student asked him about it. And, then the young girl replying, "That is so cool." Callen had an admirer! Too bad she's too young for him.

After Nell's adventure in the field, Eric got to take the technical lead in this case. He showcased his own computer abilities and even Callen acknowledge how smart he is. Eric doesn't get enough credit for the intel he provides to the team or his computer skills. And, just like Callen, he was hit on by a teenager. Again, too bad she's too young for him!

Overall, this was an enjoyable episode with plenty of highlights.

A few of the funniest moments:

  • Deeks and his Walking Workstation. Sitting kills you! "Death by chair." "Suicide by sitting." "Chairs - silent killers."
  • Deeks referring to his teammates as puppies.
  • Callen's neighbor is blogging about him? Ha!
  • When Cindy is brought in for questioning, she believes they are threatening prison for her kneeing Deeks.
  • Just for kicking blondie in the gonads? That was self-defense."

    Cindy Chang
  • Sam's dismay at the antics of a teenage girl. Bowling and frozen yogurt!
  • I know dying of fright is a real thing. Blah blah blah.

  • "Is it the guy you said was smarter than you?"

What was the funniest moment? Did you enjoy an episode that focused more on the case than on relationships and personal issues?


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Is it possible to get Eric Olson to wash his hair and bathe? He always looks sooooooo filthy.


Good episode. I'm glad it didn't have anything to do with how Deeks was doing that was getting old. It was funny seeing Deeks get kicked by the hacker because she thought he was a pervert. Eric found a girl that has computer skills and likes him to bad she's 15 and he would have to wait 5 to 6 years before anything could actually happen. Eric trying to hug Hetti when he was cover in sweat and her pushing him away was funny. Can't wait till the next episode.

Sue ann

I am getting very tired of Nell's superior attitude. She is getting snarky.


Good episode. Glad Eric got some attention. Why is it always deeks who gets kicked in the boys? Hasn't the poor guy been through enough lately? Now Sam or callen getting kicked.... That would be funny.....

@ Fiona

Agree with you. I am always wishing for that and it never happens!


I thought this was a good episode, thought I would've liked to see more scenes of Callen as a teacher.

@ PatrickC

Agree with you. I am always wishing for that and it never happens!

@ SD

I am sorry. Pressed the wrong reply twice.

@ PatrickC

Agree with you. I am always wishing for that and it never happens!


What was starkly noticeable was absence of any kind of flirtatious banter between Deeks and Kensi. It also showed an indifference from Deeks towards Kensi's emotions relating to her reluctance or developing cold-feet for assuming the teacher role for 15 year old high school kids. Usually we are shown Deeks observing Kensi closely at these times and tries to get to bottom of her emotions at opportune time. But we could see that Deeks was determined to be aloof from Kensi just like he was on the stake-out scene, where he expresses himself as bored with the stake-out and hence drinking coffee. Looking at those two, makes me feel for the first time that if Deeks was not interested in Kensi ever, it would have looked like this...a partnership exactly as Kensi had with Dom. Deeks was participating in banter only to the extent it looks a working partnership and there was no usual "their thing dynamics". While it does explain why Deeks was trying to be indifferent with Kensi (he doesn't want to talk about his emotions for her until she is ready or wouldn't want her to be overly concerned for him over his PTSD or whatever), the episode was unable to show what KENSI was feeling throughout. The episode was a damper on Kensi. It downplayed her character to the extent that her indifference to Deeks's indifference to her or her observation of the entire thing was made non-existent, which is nigh impossible in current circumstances. Does it mean that Kensi is actually happy for Deeks not noticing her or him just being the willing partner to be controlled ? Has she gone into her shell for some reason ? I could not stop wondering about it.


Unlike last episode, this episode was more about the case rather than Bullpen&Ops room interpersonal relationships. The bonding between characters was more prominent with guest actors, like Sam and Eric bonding with Cindy, Callen's chameleon ability to pass of as teacher Valerie without any intention to teach. Even those 2 minutes were enough. I was impressed how Callen without going to subject, was able to hold the class into silence. The students were observing as to what antics he has his sleeve. Even Deeks as the blondie did bond with Cindy at some level. As for Deeks Drama, it was applied entertainment as usual for the Bullpen residents. They all loved his Bike Drama like we loved in last episode and was DULY NOTED in Hetty's words. In yesterday's episode, they all felt a little disturbed or exhausted of the treadmill induced diversion, so much that they chose not to talk to him and instead declared him a DRAMA QUEEN and dismissed him (again through Hetty). This was good too. Showing not all days Deeks is going to shine especially when he himself does not feel inspired about his idea. We could see how he was texting supporting himself against the table and was back into his treadmill game when others walked in. Probably his idea was just to tease them all with his antics. And he succeeded atleast for a day !


This will be a long review, so I will post it in parts.
On a first watch, I felt the episode was more about trying to get more attention on Eric, like last time it was for Nell. But then in last episode too, Deeks shared Nell's limelight, just like he shared it with Eric in this episode with his treadmill drama. Eric was out of the Tech Room, in the gym and thinking hard. Callen indirectly acknowledged Eric as the smart guy who rarely gets as much credit as he deserves. Nell followed him to gym like last time Eric followed her onto the field. So for that couple, it may have been a continuation along with entertainment through Deeks Drama and resulting comments. Hetty declared him to be the Drama Queen. The Bromance betweem Sam and Callen was the usual with a little slip up from Callen. Sam's commentary on Callen was good leg-pulling. However, to promote Eric, the script made the other 4 usually bright agents+detective as looking a bit dull when they were asking Eric questions as if they were totally dumb and that Eric speaks something that they never understand. In my opinion the homour used was too distant between Eric and others, not the usual types. It was put off scene when they surround him and ask him questions in the Bullpen.


Liked this ep. It had LOTS of plot twists and also a lot of humorous banter without the whole "Densi/sexual tension" thing. LURVED the teen's lines about Eric "Oh you're the smart one!"--'bout time Eric got a little more cred. :-) A bit disappointed in the ending. They nab the guy and.......*splat*--no interrogation, no motive disclosure, etc. Just didn't end like the other cases did.


The story kept me interested. It certainly went in an unexpected direction from the opening. Loved Deeks and his walking workstation. Sam and G had some funny moments, especially when Sam was teasing him about his neighbour. Not enough Deeks/Kensi in this one to satisfy me but overall, still a reasonable episode. My only complaint was I found the ending with the schoolgirl dragged on way too long. Firstly it was odd they didn't give the parents any lines to say, then both the scenes with Sam and Eric talking to her were painfully slow moving. We needed some snappier editing. It was almost as if they found out they had two minutes spare so they used this part as a filler to take up time. It was especially frustrating when I felt this was time that could have been used with the team. Other than that, an enjoyable ep. The trailer and press release for next week's episode sounds good!

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Just for kicking blondie in the gonads? That was self-defense."

Cindy Chang

They are the worst spellers ever

Cindy Chang