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Deeks is back at work! His return wasn't without doubts about his readiness, but that would have been the case whether it had been hours, day, weeks or months. After the time away, he was bound to be rusty regardless of his mental state.

While Deeks struggled at times, one area that wasn't a problem was his partnership with Kensi. All it took was a few torture jokes and they were back to their crazy, yet effective partnership.

Deeks Looks Happy

The case of the week started out literally with a bang when the CEO of a biotech company, Tom Norris, was killed when his beautiful Ferrari blew up. NCIS: Los Angeles has had plenty of chase scenes -- they always run, right? In "Omni," we had awesome car chases! The Ferrari, the Cobra, and then even Sam's "American muscle" were all worthy car chase machines. Norris' membership in an exclusive car racing club provided a unique backdrop for the episode.

Hetty's Cobra tied together the jokes about Sam's "husky" size, the case, and showcased Kensi's kick-ass driving abilities. After both Sam and Callen were denied the chance to drive her car, it was fitting that Kensi not only took a chance by driving it, but did an amazing job showcasing the Cobra on the race track. It was only topped by Hetty's admiration of Kensi's driving abilities.

NCIS was brought in to investigation the explosion and Norris' death due to his company's work on a ricin vaccine at Norris Biotech. When it was determined that the bomb was made with white phosphorus, the case led the team to a group called, Omni. They were linked to the heist of a white phosphorus shipment. And, it turned out they were a major investor in Norris BioTech.

Coincidence? Absolutely not. Omni was kicked out of BioTech with the US government taking over the Ricin vaccine research and the bomber was caught and arrested. A job well done. Even though Deeks assisted with the case, Callen wasn't convinced the cop wasn't a liability to the team. After a serious conversation, Deeks was deemed ready for duty.

While Deeks had his issues on his first day back, throughout the day he overcame his hesitancy and got his groove back. His shooting at the range wasn't accurate, he didn't take the shot when his teammates did, but he did end up taking a tumble over a ledge.

I hope that his difficulties aren't miraculously cured going forward. He did suffer from a trauma and seems to have recovered enough to return to work. That doesn't mean that he shouldn't have some healing or residual damage to continue to work through. And, the only way to completely heal is to get back to what he does best and that's be a cop.

The emotional connection between Deeks and Kensi wasn't addressed directly, but there was a nod and a wink between the two of them. It's as if they put Deeks' declaration and the kiss in a box and have moved on professionally as partners and as friends. For now, that works, though going forward the feelings will likely leak out. 

My favorite mention on the episode was about Sam's shirts. Throughout the seasons, I've occasionally mentioned my frustration over Sam's long-sleeve henley shirts. He doesn't even shake up the colors of his shirts. They are so boring. Finally, both Sam and Callen discussed the former Navy SEAL's lack of fashion sense.

Please branch out to other shirts! Put on a collared shirt once in a while. Or, even a long-sleeved t-shirt. Something. Anything. Different. Though, please stay away from the skinny jeans. You do need some place to put your ... gun.

Are you happy with Deeks' return? Disappointed that there wasn't a romantic encounter? Or, okay with them being partners and friendly? And, most importantly, should Sam expand his wardrobe?


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The progression of the shows has gone well. It should take time for Deeks to heal. I would love to see Deeks and Kensi be a couple. They have great chemistry and thier lines and timing are prefect. Thier relationship draws me to watch the shows. The last 4 shows have been the best of anything on TV. Kudos!!!!!


liked the episode...especially the realistic reactions of deeks being back...his hesitancy & rustiness. yes, i liked how they all welcomed him back, but did you notice that once again, when deeks may have been hurt after his fall, no one asked if he was ok? sam asked kensi if she was ok...huh? she didn't fall down a bank onto concrete! i don't get why the team still shows some level of non-acceptance...i'm SURE he's more than earned their respect and loyalty by now.


LOVED: Callan: you got this? Sam: I GOT this!
Kensi's little dance to cheer Deeks up was adorable. The look on his face was priceless. It's always going to be baby steps with those 2, but at least they're getting somewhere.


Only thing I didn't like about this episode was Callan's confronting Deeks at the end but I do understand why he needed to do it.
LOVED: Sam hugging and being protective of Deeks.
Kensi saying she missed him.


Deeks & Kensi need to be an item & together. They should show us some couple time, romantic, funny & loving outside of work but only outside of work. During work we should see them as very caring partners. Quit throwing curves & let a fun, sexy relationship happen.


This was a really good episode. It was great having Deeks back at work but I don't think he's a 100% really to be back there because he isn't doing that great on his shooting and when it came time to shoot someone he didn't even fire a single shot and the next time something like that he tackled a woman and sure he saved her life but it was also so he wouldn't have to worry about anything else. Kenzi diving the car was awesome and Hetty being ok with it was even better. I can't wait till the next episode.


"Would you have screamed more if they had cut your bangs?" Kensi was on fire last night. I've missed the moments between them while on a case. Although her dancing at the end was extremely strange. It seems as if their partnership is back and possibly even stronger than ever


If ya wanna change someone's wardrobe, make it Callan's. I think Sam looks JUST FOINE in those henleys that hug every bulge of that muscular frame. Oooo...gettin' warm up in here......


I totally agree that Sam should change his wardrobe. Very happy to see Deeks back to work. I hope hat Deeks and Kensi would remain partners not lovers.

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