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Good episode with lots of twists, both in the case and with the team. Glad to see Eric and Nell get outta Ops, even if it was for a bit of comic relief. And BRAVA to Nell for popping a cap across that guy's bows--whacking a woman over the head is so e baaaaaaaad juju.

I'm glad Kensi's looking out for Deeks, but let's shit or get off this pot, huh? And on another bogartted potty,
"Eric needs to open up to Nell. No more flirting and back-tracking. Just go for it, dude!"


@ MrWriteSF

As for ECO delivering his lines... he's from Iowa LOL I do the same thing when I get excited.... I'm from Iowa... it's a talent LOL What gets me is that he remembers his lines that well...that's why he's the actor and I'm not!!! :D

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