Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Review: What's Your Wish?

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland continued Alice's bewitching adventure this week, as we were taken through a land where a ferry ride is given by an actual fairy and islands turn out to be turtles in disguise.

But can anyone be trusted in a place where nothing is what it seems?

Falling in Love

As Alice said in "Trust Me," there's only one thing to be certain of…

The one thing you can count on in Wonderland is that you can't count on anyone. | permalink

Even the Knave of Hearts, her semi-trusty sidekick, was questionable when he appeared to lack the enthusiasm for the journey to find Alice's one true love, Cyrus.

One of the things I loved about the Knave's cynicism was that it connected Wonderland and the real world.  As in this Once Upon a Time in Wonderland quote...

Alice: It's a place called Mimsie Meadows under the towering Tom Tom tree. It's a place where nobody goes.
Knave: With a name like that why would they, unless they were a Care Bear? | permalink

When things got a little too fanciful in Wonderland it was good to ground the topsy-turvy world in a bit of humor. 

Alice and Cyrus' love story began to unfold as we saw them fall in love and found out why Alice has been carrying around those wishes. If she never uses them, then Cyrus can stay with her forever.  Unfortunately, Alice's fortitude didn't keep Jafar off their tails.

Turns out the evil villain from Agrobah has been tracking Cyrus for years. He needs the genie, his bottle and Alice to be able to break the rules of magic.

And for the uninitiated those are: 

  1. Magic can't kill.
  2. Magic can't bring back the dead.
  3. Magic can't change the past
  4. Magic can't force anyone to fall in love.

I'm guessing Jafar's looking for something from rules 1 through 3. He doesn't seem like the type looking for love...but then again he could surprise me.

The Red Queen grew on me this week. She's different. Once I stopped comparing her to Regina the Evil Queen in the original Once Upon a Time I started to appreciate her for her own unique qualities. Although she appears to lack some of Jafar's power, she knows how to get creative to gain control.

Plus I rather enjoyed her dark sense of humor…

The Red Queen: Promises were made to be broken as were the bones of little bunnies who forget what they have at stake. | permalink

Yes, the White Rabbit's definitely in a fix but I did love how The Red Queen always referred to him as Bunny

Where Alice's story was obvious, she's searching for her one true love, the others were more of a mystery. And perhaps that's the fun of joining this journey down the rabbit hole. Each week more of the delightful, fanciful answers will be revealed. 

Are you ready to take a mesmerizing ride through Once Upon A Time in Wonderland?


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I guess I am the minority here since I think the show is awesome. Juat what I've been waiting for, for a long time. First off, for a weekly TV show the graphics are stunning, especially if you going to equate it to a major animation movie which takes $100 millions to $500+ million dollars to do and takes well over a year to complete. Secondly, the story line gets better and better each episode. It's a series so they obviously so they do not spell everything out in each episode. That makes it very interesting for me to explore this show. Most acting is quite good, Alice (Sophie Lowe) is awesome and so is the Red Queen I'd recommend you give it a try, but if you haven't watched from Episode 1 you might be a bit lost. IMDB gives a 7.0/10, but I's say it deserves at least a solid 8 to 8.5.


"Magic can't kill"? In the same episode where Jafar literally reduces a dozen people to dust with a wave of his hand? And they've already established this show to be in the same universe as OUAT, where countless are killed by magical means.


I had no clue this show even existed, just watched the first two episodes. I'm pleased a show for once didn't choose a stunningly gorgeous actress. Don't take this as an insult, but it's refreshing to not see some supermodel be the main character; instead we have a plain, ordinary girl. That being said, this show is decent. I don't understand why Knave or whatever his name is would put up with her bs. I see a love triangle coming up as the show goes on, and lord knows I've had enough of those. I don't like to judge a tv show too harshly by the first two episodes, so I'll hold judgment. For now I'm indifferent.


Doesn't anybody else think that Alice is a real bitch to the Knave most of the time? If I was him I'd have taken off long ago


Better and more cohesive episode than the first, though I still think it would work better without the annoying "sidekick". One of the points of wonderland was that it was whimsical and mysterious, and an annoying sidekick with terrible banter about some fairy he's dumped - or whatever - kind of detracts from that. The main actress is fantastic though. Better effects, though could be better and still some of the same greenscreen issues. Also, why does Lithgow's annunciation seem so crushed together and rushed? A minor thing since he has so few lines (unfortunately), but it's still weird. YMMV. Such a shame the ratings are so low :(.


I realized that Alice is just a poor pale copy of Jennifer Laurence/Katsiss.


I am still not buying that Alice and Cyrus is true love. If Alice promise never to use the wishes does that mean that she lied to Knave about giving him the wishes after she gets Cyrus. I felt bad that Knave suffer a broken heart and now I want to know who this Anastasia is. I am glad that the Red Queen is finally through with being a pushover. I am still not really into this show but I give it one more episode to convince me.


this is a magical shows with love and adventure & magic, hot actors & a great story line! perfect show for girl to get lost in and imagine her own fairytale 5 starts


this is a fantastic series its sweet, adventurous, funny and entertaining to watch makes you remember your childhood and wanting to be in wonderland after watching all those Disney movies! there is not that many good magical tv series out there and for this to get cancelled would be a real shame!!


I have been waiting a while for this show to premiere, and it has not disappointed. I recommend for everyone to give it a go, the second episode is so much better then the first one, as you get to find out about how Alice and Cyrus fell in love. I can tell that Alice's adventure is going to be one full of excitement, danger and struggles, but we can expect the reward to be even greater. I can not wait for the next episode, I hope the produces will continue the series.

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