Revenge Review: She'll Handle It

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Revenge is on a simmer so far this season, with every episode growing slightly hotter than the preceding week. Eventually, this revengenda is going to reach its boiling point... and then?

The Graysons probably have another 6 or 7 lives between them, so we'll see, right?

Revenge Season 3 Episode 5 had Emily losing control while simultaneously declaring she would handle, well, everything.

Emily Pleads With Jack

You know what's interesting about a rhombus? Parallel lines. There were all sorts of parallels in this episode and that's only part of what made it a great one for Revenge.

This "love rhombus" that ABC is touting got a little interesting tonight. A little. Even though I'm personally still calling it a triangle with only two viable options, there were hints of Revenge Season 1 in there that made Daniel seem slightly possible as a romantic choice for Emily. Slightly.

In season 1, Daniel and Emily were a possibility. She admitted feelings for him. He reciprocated those feelings. It seemed like they had potential.

The introduction of Aiden Mathis into the Daniel-Emily-Jack triangle ruined that potential. Suddenly Daniel was weak and stood no chance with Emily. He became simply a means to her end-game. 

Tonight I almost - almost - felt bad for the guy. Daniel does love Emily, at least the Emily he thinks he knows. His conversation with Margaux revealed that he really doesn't know much about the woman he's planning to marry.

After Daniel called off the wedding, Emily showed him vulnerability. Fake vulnerability using a picture of FauxManda's family, but still. Nolan told her that the one thing Daniel needed was the one thing she couldn't give him: Herself.

In compromise, she showed Daniel a memory that wasn't hers but she told him about the father and childhood which were. She shared a real moment with him and with us, and the rare Emotional Emily moments are always great.

She told him she was the girl who lost everything, which paralleled her discussion with Jack about what happened to the little girl he met on the beach. The moments when Emily allows herself to get emotional are the moments that remind her that the little girl she was is still inside her somewhere. 

Emily's only choice at this point is between Aiden and Jack and tonight she professed her love for Aiden. Or so it seems. 

Aiden knows all of her, completely, and accepts her. Loves her. She can be herself with him in a way that she's never gotten to be herself with anyone else. He's her everything. There's safety in that.

Is she playing Aiden to keep his jealousy away from Jack? Is this a moment of keep your enemies close?

It certainly would be very Revengey of her, wouldn't it?

But then there's Jack and Margaux's budding relationship to consider.

Emily wants Jack to be happy and for him to stay safely out of her plans. Margaux satisfies both of those needs. Could her "you're my everything" to Aiden simply be her settling since she knows she needs to leave Jack alone and let him find happiness without her?

Apparently love rhombuses are enigmas wrapped in mysteries.

One mystery which was solved tonight was the one about Conrad's car. Patrick is definitely fruit from Victoria's tree, that's for sure.

The long-lost son cut Conrad's brake lines to rid his mother of her power-hungry cockroach of a husband except he ended up killing a priest instead. And instead of handing Patrick over to Conrad, she covered for him by having Charlotte make a tearful confession that she, in such a grief-stricken state over loss of Declan and their baby, had punctured the brake lines in order to save Jack.

Charlotte is also fruit from Victoria's tree.

Victoria did go looking for Patrick at the art gallery, but he was nowhere to be found. Earlier in the day, she'd wished him happiness and he'd closed up shop to go and find it with Nolan, presumably forgiving Mr. 170 IQ for snooping into his background. 

Patrick is not to be trusted. Even if he does look great without a shirt on. He's probably not to be trusted because he looks great without a shirt. 

Why can't Nolan ever be happy in love? 

Random bits of Revenge-y goodness:

  • Everything about Nolan and Emily was great tonight. He's her Jiminy Cricket and she really needs one of those sometimes.
  • The neckerchief seems to be Nolan's signature look this season.
  • Victoria telling Margaux to learn to control powerful men was maybe my favorite Vicki line ever.
  • No way Conrad really bought that Charlotte cut the brake lines on his car. Conrad knows Charlotte barely knows what a brake pedal is, much less where on a car to puncture a brake line.

What did you think of Revenge Season 3 Episode 5, "Control"? Are you Team Aiden, Team Jack, or Team Daniel (how??)? Do you trust Patrick with Nolan?


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I loved Revenge for the first season and a half. Since then, I've felt obligated to watch the show, but it's probably the most tedious hour of every week. The dialogue is ridiculously over the top, Nolan's acting is just...painful. What lost me originally (the introduction of Emily's kung fu/ninja mentor--wtf?!) may be gone, but the show hasn't come back down to Earth.


I don't really care who Emily ends up with. But why is everyone always down on Daniel he could've been a good person if Emily had just stoped messing with his life.


I feel like the shooting all depends on if it was a set up or if it wasn't planed and Simone actually just shot her because if it's planed I think it's aiden because they have done the hole fake shooting before or maybe nolan because he was part of that to. But if it's actually happening and she was actually shot then I think it's patrick or Daniel. Patrick because he finds out that Emily is trying to take down his mom, but if Ts Daniel then I think it's because he realizes she's been playing him and he's so betrayed.


AND, Nolan and Patrick ! I'm so exited ! Sure Patrick cannot be trusted but they look so good together !


This episode was brilliant. I knew Patrick sabotaged the Conrad's car ! Yes Charlotte made sense BUT like someone said earlier, she doesn't anything about mechanics !
Ems, this ish is eating you up ! I know she cares about Jack, feels guilty about his losses, but she's gotta let him go ! I'm glad he has Margaux. She could be good for him. Let's hope she doesn't die ! Aiden is the one for her ! Daniel... I'm not even gonna go there. I just can't stand him. I just can't.
I loved what Victoria did last week to that gallery owner. This week, she and Emily were just cracking me up !


My suspects in shoting emily aré aiden,Daniel and charlotte, aiden because i think emily will take him off the missio and her life,let's not forget he wants to stop the wedding ,he loves her and wants her away of Daniel ,so he could prefer to kill her , Daniel because he could find out she doesn't loves him and is always been her toy ,what better opportunity to deal with her, nobody would know, and Charlotte because after all is her family been hurt by Emily , but in every episode the players on this game and their motives change for me.

@ Jossy

I am convinced the shooting is staged as a way of faking her death and the shooter has to be (reluctantly) in on that.

@ Louis E.

I think that shooting is staged as well. So that she wont have to go threw divorce. This is probably why she was sitting on a beach with a map in a previous episode, when Aiden walked to her.


Aiden or Daniel please Jack is annoying, hypocritical, emo, and a neanderthal with no type of sense. I'm glad Declan died, now Jack needs to follow suit

@ whathappened

yeah i was sure of that at first ,is stage and is aiden and is the perfect way to disappear but... the actress (emily vancamp) said is not stage and is happening and by surprice in a interview after the 301 .


I will never be behind Emily and Jack and tonight proved to me, one again, why. One single question by Jack sums up why they shouldn't be together: "What happened to that little girl I met on the beach?" Writers, you wrote it yourselves! Emily isn't that little girl Jack met anymore. Even when he fell in love with Fauxmanda he was falling in love with her because she was pretending to be a grown up version of that little girl. Emily isn't a grown up version of that little girl, she is a completely different person that Jack doesn't know, and she doesn't know Jack either. Aiden and Emily know each other, accept each other, and love each other for who they are. People who say Jack and Emily have in common that they have lost people, well so has Aiden. And Aiden and Emily clearly react that same way because they both entered into a Revengenda with Taikida. At the end of the day, even if Emily finishes this revenge plot, Jack will never completely accept her or who she has become and never truly forgive her for what she has cost him (people need to not forget that Fauxmanda and Declan were the collateral damage of her revenge). I am worried that Emily's speech to Aiden was not completely sincere, not because I think she was upset about Margeaux and Jack (because she saw the guy get married to someone who was like her sister and dealt with it), but because of Nolan's speech to her. I think she could have just been trying to reign Aiden back in but I am crossing my fingers that she was telling the truth. I really wish Charlotte and Jack would get together and I think when Charlotte finds out about Emily (I personally believe she is the one who will shoot Emily) Jack and her will bond even more.

@ kandi1212

Why would Charlotte kill her own sister

@ kandi1212

I agree with you. Emily loves what Jack represents for her (i.e. happy, innocent childhood, surrounded by love and family) and not Jack himself. He's not even that person anymore because Emily ruined him when she accidentally caused Fauxmanda and Declan's death. I believe that their "love" died when Sam passed away: Emily had almost given up her revegenda before Fauxmanda showed up reminding her that a normal life couldn't suit her.
As for Aiden, to be honest he kinda lost it in this episode. Nonetheless, the guy already has to accept the fact that the woman he loves is sleeping and planning a wedding with another guy right under his nose - and not only that, he's even helping her achieve these objectives - and he finds out that she may have feelings for yet ANOTHER guy. Give this poor man a break: he has a right to be hurt. I hope that Emily's speech to Aiden was sincere but seriously doubt so. She loves him but she was also trying to control him, and it wasn't coming from her heart. But otherwise it wouldn't have been much Emily's style, right?

@ kandi1212

I soooo agree with you ! She's not that little girl anymore and if he can't accept that (which he won't/can't) they cannot be together.

@ Emy

But she IS still that little girl. She just is on a mission that she wants to finish too. And it's super obvious that he's still in love with her. He's just wishing he wasn't. He wants to be mad at her. But I don't think he really is.


Team Aiden, please! Jack is annoying, i almost felr bad for Daniel, and i just love Aiden <3


I cannot stand Aiden, ugh he drives me nuts. I really don't think he cares about anyone but himself. And all these things that people are considering "acts of love" are just kind of ridiculous. It's him not thinking before he does anything. I've always enjoyed Emily with Daniel when she really did have feelings for him. I don't like the direction his character is going now though. So that really only leaves Jack. I think their chemistry builds though with each encounter. And it's not that he doesn't have feelings for her, he just doesn't want to. He's trying to convince himself that he doesn't. I believe they'll be endgame. And he has gotten a lot more interesting since season 1. I don't trust Patrick at all, but man his scenes with Nolan are pretty hot! I wish Nolan would get a real shot at happiness for once though! He deserves it! And I don't like what the previews show for him! I feel like it wil be Daniel as well who shoots Emily, maybe Patrick. I think it would be really interesting if Daniel found out the truth about her. At least someone else should find out!

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My father once wrote, always question where your loyalty lies. The people you trust will expect it, your greatest enemies will desire it and those you treasure the most will without fail, abuse it.

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Upon embarking upon a path of revenge, Confucius warns that one should dig two graves. Confucius was right. The second of the two graves was meant for me. I was only saved by my father's infinite love. I know now that revenge only brings darkness. I couldn't see the light until I considered my father's advice to try and forgive. It's not easy but my father once said that nothing worth doing ever is. Well, with one exception.