The Good Wife Review: A Powerful Woman

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Things at Lockhart/Gardner became a lot more tense on "Outside the Bubble," as a paralegal brought a harassment lawsuit against the firm -and Diane in particular - and the scrutiny over the actions of the fourth years reached the boiling point.

With the lawsuit and her impending departure from the firm and upcoming nuptials, the focus of the night was really on Diane. It's always been fun seeing the other side of her, especially when she spends free time with Kurt, but it was also interesting how getting some time away from Lockhart/Gardner reinvigorated her love for the firm she is about to leave.

Diane's Stress Relief

Somehow I missed how close to marriage she and Kurt were. The pairing of a liberal and a conservative works so well in this case, and I applaud The Good Wife for allowing the relationship to grow beyond the stereotypes into something rarely seen on television.

Never were their differences more apparent than when Diane's oldest friends dropped by their dinner table, as they were both devouring beautiful steak dinners after a day shooting. On a lesser drama, Diane would have felt the need to justify her actions to her friends, but not here. She enjoys learning about the other side and, while she doesn't believe everything Kurt does, she's willing to acquiesce and admit when she finds joy in something new.

Her friend gave Diane the advice to make sure her love can survive outside the bubble, the same advice Diane had once given to her. She tested the waters, met his (all female) friends and realized it can. Their love was likely born outside the bubble, and what they're creating together as they intertwine their interests is their bubble. 

That's the beauty of their relationship, and really of Diane Lockhart. Her refusal to give in straight away in the buyout package also showcased her strength, but when she had a bargaining chip - such as indemnifying her against the Howard Lyman case, she promised to do what was best for the firm she created. 

It also made complete sense that Diane would be the partner to figure out Alicia was leaving with Cary and the other fourth years. Of course, the Florrick/Agos team couldn't have made it easier for her to track down the truth.

Alicia should have never agreed to download Diane's files. Surely there will be some sort of recourse beyond being fired for that offense. She was stealing files. They were password protected, she knew it and accessed them for reasons other than Lockhart/Gardner business. 

The idiot fourth year who was feeding information to Viola Walsh in the harassment case, and then subsequently blackmailed the firm to which he wanted to be a part, proved that they are not ready to form their own firm. Alicia and Cary may be ready to do it, but they're putting their trust into a bunch of children. That he had the nerve to balk about being fired and losing his bonus after putting them all in jeopardy was over the top.

Cary and Alicia should have gone along with it and agreed he wouldn't be a part of the firm. After all, is blackmail truly a verbal agreement? I doubt that would stand up in a court of law.

I loved when Diane took everything she knew and went to one of her clients and acted as if Alicia had trusted her with the information. That was genius. After all, it made sense. Diane is leaving the firm to become a judge. Alicia confiding in her mentor wouldn't be too far of a stretch. 

When Diane looked at her name on the wall, she knew she still had a responsibility to her partner and her clients and she dropped the bombshell on Will. 

Will: What?
Diane: Alicia is leaving the firm with Cary and she's taking our top clients. | permalink

They've been advertising for quite some time that next week was the one to watch, and we're about there. This week being all about Diane was a perfect precursor of what's to come. She was given her due and it was her deduction that brought Alicia's downfall six days earlier than she planned. What's next between these two brilliant women? I can't wait to find out.


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I love the Good Wife but hate it when you decide to make the episode "political".....I have turned off good shows for this reason and would hate to do it on this one. Surely you can find enough material without injecting these kind of political jabs. Haven't we all had enough of this, we don't need it again in our leisure time.


I can't stand Will. He thinks he is so much when Diane and Alicia has saved his butt so many times. The firm wanted to get rid of him when it came out about him stealing from a client. Diane stood by his side and fought to keep him. Will is a jerk! Now next week he is mad at Alicia and having her taken out by security. I guess that is what Peter meant by handling this like a husband. Alicia is a great lawyer and most of the clients at the firm like her and Diane not Will and the "boys". It is like Carey told Alicia get from under Will aka get out of his bed and get out of his firm! Alicia and Will taking about sex in his bathroom...gross!


why in the world did Diane do that ? she knows there is no way in hell she's getting the judgeship now


Good recap of this episode, but one issue got short shrift--the "good wife" did something very bad. She crossed a firewall to prevent the poaching of the named partner's client and downloaded a file in order to steal the client! At a minimum, this is unethical and likely in violation of the Illinois attorney disciplinary code! This could, if this were real life, be the subject of a disciplinary action and she would probably be censured.

Drea xoxo

i just wanted carey to be good, ffs that guy n alicia messed it up for him, they should have slowly broke away and left when they had the chance!!!


Another great episode. This show is so smooth it always seems like it lasts only 15 just flies by. Can't wait for next week!


wow!!!!what a good episode fast paced. towards the end the look diane gave alicia and the way she walked into wills office. can't wait for next sunday get to see will wipe the desk off


Can't wait for next week! There is nothing wrong with Diane having a relationship with someone that doesn't have the same political beliefs as long as it's not a focal point of the relationship and that's what I think her best friends did. Isn't being accepting a major part of being in a relationship? Accepting someone with all their flaws?????? The case of the week took a back burner to Diane and Alicia/Carey and the 4th years in this episode and it was great.


I adore Diane and I adore that this is one drama that really gives 'older' women fantastic characters to flesh out and run with. I love the relationship between Diane and Kurt - it's more true to life than most you see on screen. Again, two older actors who really know what they're doing and aren't mugging to the camera. It was very tense this week. I didn't know until right at the end whether Diane would sign the split agreement and run allowing the firm to fall apart in her wake or whether she would stay loyal. I loved that I didn't know. That, in this world of signposting plots being so obvious you could trip over them in the dark, was genius writing.


I love Diane beyond reason, I loved her more when she defended her now husband in a ballistics lawsuit against him. She murdered the competition, some of whom were her long time friends in the Democratic party. She has been the matriarch of that law firm full of over zealous testosterone males. Will turning his back on her for an interview was unbelievably childish especially when he was disbarred every other partner wanted him fired more so David. Diane held the wolves at bay for him to come back. As a matter of fact she has saved Will from himself too many times to count. He should have taken it because he OWES her. What truly scared me was the look she gave Alisha, that was beyond painful to see. The question is will she finally leave or will she stay to save Will again. I feel Will needs to save himself this time, she is not his mother. He needs to man up and take the reigns.

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