The Good Wife Review: The Good Husband

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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 5, "Hitting the Fan," was the one they've been hinting at all season long.

Would Alicia and Cary really make the move? Would it all go down with as much drama as the previews promised? Would Florrick/Agos & Associates make it off the ground?

Oh yes. And that gesture of Will sweeping the contents of Alicia's desk was nothing in the scheme of things.

The best of the best were up against each other, throwing everything they had at what was before them, trying to keep clients or trying to steal them away. It turns out, hell hath no fury like a husband scorned.

Hitting the Fan, Desk

Was that an action packed episode, or what? The execution was absolute perfection. From the moment the words of Alicia's betrayal came out of Diane's mouth, everything changed. 

The choice for Will to flash back to his most personal moments with Alicia - under the sheets, a private smile from her in a meeting - while he walked down the hallway to confront her was the perfect way to tell viewers what he was feeling. It also made Alicia's reply to him that it was a business decision so much more effective at pushing him over the edge - because to him it was the ultimate personal betrayal.

It was interesting how much Alicia had learned from Diane's recent issues with regard to her own termination about the need for a quorum and a full board vote before she had to leave the building. She's also learned enough by listening to her son that she may have gotten him into some legal trouble by hacking her files via the Cloud.

Much like Zach, listening to Alicia talk about the Cloud in any manner was funny. How can somebody so accomplished know so little about computing? That's also two weeks in a row she has done things that I would consider illegal. Surely. she has had cases wherein her clients have stolen proprietary material via hacking. Just because you can get in and have a password doesn't mean it's okay to do so when you know you've been told you are no longer allowed access.

Alicia was concerned about not telling Robyn what to do as they would likely be deposed about what happened in her office, but she had no problem telling her son to steal her files in front of Robyn. Not only did she tell him to do it on Robyn's phone, but she had a witness. What?

One of my favorite scenes was between Diane and Cary. It showed how far from what Diane thought she was about she had actually become to those below her. She felt she was always there for Cary, but he had a rebuttal for every point. He was also genius for giving them only the names of protected class fourth years to throw them off for a while. He was fired for a second time - why would he give them anything at all?

As everyone was racing around, Diane started to have second thoughts. She almost didn't raise her hand to vote Alicia out of the firm - not that anyone would have known what happened behind those closed doors. Her attempt to reach out to Peter to explain what was happening was met by Eli. Hr was thinking with is head and assured her Peter won't make any decisions for his administration based upon his personal feelings.

Eli did ask the right questions to make Diane squirm. If she's not involved with the firm any more, why was she representing them at the hearing later that afternoon about the Chum Hum restraining order? She bristled as she told him it was a formality, but that bristle gave her away. She was more involved than she wanted to be, or she wouldn't be there defending herself.

Kalinda let her feelings about Cary leaving her behind work to her advantage, and there shouldn't be any questions in the future about where her loyalties lie. Robyn is going to have to step up her game to stay on equal footing with Kalinda's moves because they are plenty.

Peter's plans for Hawaii are off for now, but he might find his wife's distance from Will and invigorated passion for her work enough to keep his eyes on the game. They sure turned him on upon first glance. There is no denying the chemistry between Juliana Margulies and Chris Noth when they can do more in 30 seconds with their clothes on than any other couple on television.

Since both firms were under a restraining order not to talk with Chum Hum, Diane came in with an offer, likely knowing which way the firm she was leaving was going to use the opportunity before it was given, that would allow both firms to compete for Chum Hum's business. Peter has promised to run an ethical administration like no other Governor in the history of Illinois. Lockhart/Gardner used that to their advantage.

It was interesting to see both sides playing dirty because neither side is as good as the Governor elect. He had already been to prison. He gets the game better than any other. He also has connections. He is a connection, as was witnessed when he dropped a little hint about Internet taxation during a press conference. 

Peter knew what he was doing, as did Neil Gross, and the business that he had promised to Lockhart/Gardner was turned over to Florrick/Agos. Eli stood, mouth agape as he realized what Peter had done. He was just as shocked when Peter requested a new list of candidates for supreme court justice. 

The good wife stood by her husband while he cheated on her multiple times, while he committed crimes and went to prison. She strayed with one of the named partners of the firm she planned to leave. The good husband was going to do whatever he had to do to repay her for her loyalty. He's going to hurt anyone who tried to hurt his good wife. He hasn't even been inaugurated yet.

It appears Lockhart/Gardner will be intact. They haven't signed Diane's exit package yet. Will the show of Peter's power keep them from filing any charges for files taken by the former employees, if they even wanted to go that route? The start of the firms is definitely adversarial. If at first it seemed it might not go that route with little things - like Will passing on Grace's phone message to Alicia - those niceties won't likely continue.

There was so much about this hour to like, but mostly that it serves to completely change a show that has been on the air for over four seasons. The Good Wife Season 5 proves that a show can take a chance to shake things up, do it well and make it so compelling that you cannot wait for the next move. Perhaps more long-running series will follow in their footsteps.


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Just watched the Good Wife and am ready to barf, Donna Brazille of all people is the ruination of the Democratic Party!
Why she is still considered a spokesperson for Democrats is beyond my comprehension. ? She was campaign manager for Al Gore, I never want to see her face again!


This episode was spellbinding. That being said, I was very disappointed in Alicia. Her behavior is actionable. She is a partner and a fiduciary of the firm. Stealing clients by downloading files that were never even hers is likely fraudulent and in bad faith. My sympathies lie with Will, who I really do not find to be a snake at all. I am perplexed by all of those commentators that think he is worse than Peter. In any case, since the Kings have said that Will is Alicia's soul mate, that is, I hope, the endgame here.

@ Esq.

Agreed Esq! I love how the show paints every character as gray-no black or white good or bad. I love Will and even if you hate his character, you have to understand how betrayed he feels. Despite his flaws, he does love Alicia. I hope they are "endgame" too.

@ Melissa

That game is over don't look for a replay.

@ Esq.

thanks 'Esq.' I feel the same. (who are the Kings?)

@ deliane

ok! the Kings are only 2 of the writers for the show. how embarrassing. "never mind"!


One thing that I've noticed is that Cary has had relatively little to say (very few lines of dialogue). He is keeping his opinions to himself. But while others shout and accuse and curse, he is always shown reacting. The actor sometimes steals scenes because he is allowed to react silently to someone else's behavior.

@ Elaine Otto

I thought that too.......I totally thought he figured Kalinda ratted them out as to where their office was but he said nothing............


I thought it was a very good episode, but the part I had a problem with was Kalinda. I've always liked her but what she did made me dislike her a little. Can't wait to see what happens next


You all know this will be the last season for THE GOOD WIFE, Josh Charles was planning on leaving anyway and the ratings have slipped to a very low state for CBS to take,


I commented this morning and don't know why my comments are not showing up!!!!!!!!!! BEST EPISODE EVER OF THIS SHOW!!!!!! Can't wait to see what happens next.............


The episode was great but I watched with mixed emotions. It took the main thing I loved about the show (Will and Alicia) and blew it up! Alicia was my favorite character and now I'm finding it hard to root for her in this split with L/G. I don't know how this will all turn out but I think it will make for great shows in the future.


So what's the deal with the Good Wife...has she been a simmering pot waiting to explode in badness. Wanted to love this episode, tried to love it...but nah..what stuck a fork in it for me is when in the coming attractions she tell Diane Lockhart that she "learned from the best." Really? So now the new firm will be L/G clones? And really the quickie with Peter while the newbies are staggering around her living room trying to cobble together their next move. Believable or not? Not.

@ deedee

@kw ! word ! darn. I'm so disappointed with the choices the writers have given to Alicia! I'll miss Diane- a lot (Baranski is terrific!) but I am gone.. too far off track of "my" wishful-thinking-storylines! I was a real Alicia-Will hopeful.. and a fan of Alicia's moral compass. 1. a strangely sexual-but-not-emotional relationship with Peter (? they rarely kiss- just grab quickies? and clever verbal sparring seems to take the place of real 'partnership' or deep meeting of the minds); 2. a ruthless, sneaky, dishonest exit (Will? I ! would have respected a straightforward admission 3 weeks ago! watching her walk out, head held high.. strong, determined) 3. asking Zach to download files from the Cloud ?! after she has been categorically told files are off limits ?!
letting the profound-if-tested friendship with Kalinda just dwindle to nothing-- ?
turning down a valuable offer of managing partner -and- a/THE chance to (finally? !!) speak to Will ? too frustrating for this one (unimportant!) fan ! !! I must be a real fairy-tale-hoper, though: I've been hanging on to wishful/resolution since the very first season.. when Eli famously erased that voicemail of Will's.. the "yes, let's make a plan!" but it was a great run.
Diane. Elspbeth. Will. Cary. early Alicia. wonderful characters, all! good luck to the series!

@ ghd

correction: my post was supposed to be a Reply to "KW", above !


The new layout is OK but wish you would put the oldest comments under the review and the newer ones after. Also a "home" page for TV fanatic instead of having to re-load.


Dont get me wrong i loved the episode. However IMO the media Way Way Way Overhyped it

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Will: I took you in. I hired you. I pushed for you.
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Will: You were poison!

Will, I know this is hard. Document everything!