The Originals Review: Declarations of War

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War has been declared on The Originals. The spoils? The city of New Orleans... The witch Davina... Power... Elijah's body. You know, typical vampire stuff. 

In the Battle of Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah are the victors. Sort of.

Davina's kind of the winner of everything and she's only 16. Maybe she's peaking early?

"Tangled Up in Blue" showed that Davina is the key to Marcel's power and is, obviously, the one thing Klaus wants more than anything. Even his own brother.

Marcel and Cami

Even when Elijah is daggered in a coffin and dessicating, he still manages to make an impact. Photographs. Voiceovers. Whatever. He's there in spirit. 

Is it weird that fans would take the spirit and voice of Elijah over no Elijah at all? He's just that important. 

When Marcel refused to give Elijah's body back (sidenote: of course he would refuse, but Klaus "just had to ask"), Klaus and Rebekah declared war on Marcel. (As if they hadn't already done that two weeks ago?) That's where the fun began.

One of the things that is consistently making The Originals great to watch is how we're getting to see new sides to these characters. Their plan to infiltrate Marcel's inner circle even further was a work of art. Set up a vampire! Plant a spell! Kill a witch! The plan was mostly Klaus', and we do know he's diabolical, but Rebekah including Cami as a distraction was a stroke of genius.

In order to defeat Marcel, he has to become Marcel's right-hand man. That's step one in his plan for taking over New Orleans. How does Klaus do that? By creating a situation that caused Marcel to go full-on Montresor on his current right hand man Thierry when Thierry broke one of his rules. 

Vampires don't kill other vampires.  We all know by now that Marcel loves his rules. But all's fair in love and war, right?

Klaus and Rebekah, thanks to two un-vervained vampires, created a situation where Thierry would be forced to choose between his loyalty to Marcel or his love for a witch. Thierry chose love, just like Klaus knew he would, which gave Team Elijah the chance to make a move.

One way or another, Klaus intended to get into Marcel's inner circle. And while Marcel will never trust Klaus - not fully, because he knows Klaus - Marcel likes being alive. Klaus called an audible and took the opportunity to kill Katie just before Katie killed Marcel and that helped to cement his place next to Marcel. 

Sending Cami to Marcel with only the memory of a perfect party instead of the confrontation she witnessed probably didn't hurt Klaus' cause either.

I like Cami and I'm liking that this love triangle is shaping up to be a much more adult one than a certain other love triangle also involving two vampires and a human once did. Cami brings out the humanity in both men; in Marcel because he likes to see the world the way the humans do and in Klaus because deep down, he's broken and searching for a connection.

He has money. He has power. The thing he's missing is love. 

It will be interesting to see what happens when Cami figures out that the men she's sharing deep, emotional gazes with are really vampires locked in an epic battle for their city. A battle which centers around a certain teenaged witch.

Step two in Klaus' long con is to obtain Davina.

Of course Klaus wants Davina for himself and of course that revelation comes just after we watch him cozy up to Cami. Soften our hearts to the man just to harden them again posthaste! He doesn't care about his family. He just wants all the power for himself.

But after witnessing Davina's power, is there really any question that he would want that? Given everything we know about Klaus, no, not really. More than he has a thing for blondes, or even for his family, Klaus has a thing for power. 

Something tells me that finding out Davina is the reason Marcel won't hand over Elijah will only make Klaus work harder to find her. And Klaus will find out. He always does, doesn't he?

What did you think of "Tangled Up In Blue?" Did you like the way their plan came together? What do you think about the love triangle shaping up between Cami, Marcel, and Klaus?


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I love Elijah and i am sick of him being out of the picture. More Elijah. Also give Haley something to do besides being the damsel in distress. Klaus barely speaks to her, really did not care when she tried to abort his baby last week but this week he is suppose to be jealouse that she worried about Elijah and smiled when she said she was having a girl. Maybe Klaus will be happy to have a child since it seems like he treated Marcel like his child. It is like Hayley said he is nice to me and he pays attention to her. Maybe Klaus should do the same instead of running after the boring bartender. I really don't see the purpose of her and yes she does look way older than Rebekah. Way to go Klaus someone calls your sister a "b" and you don't stand up for her. No wonder everyoen likes Elijah better than you. Also I am like everyone else I thought Klaus was in love with Caroline. Since they made it seem like it was going to be so easy for baby witch to kill Marcel why don't the witches just kill the vamps once and for all?


and also until now I haven't fell in love with new orleans it seems like sightseeing is the only activity in town....


please no more love triangles they suck. and this is even more twisted than TVD Cami being both a surogate for Caroline and Rebeckah... women outnumber men on the planet and in this shows it seems like there is a 2:1 ratio.
and yes it seems like julie is biased about klaus like she is about damon because of their hotness because with one gaze around this actors make panties drop


Now he's STARTING OVER AGAIN IN NEW ORLEANS (claiming it's his home btw but he also used that same dumb line in Mystic Falls as if every habitat in the world is his home) and as Marcel so beautifully put it, "looks down his nose at what he's built like its some cheap knock off of one his dumb paintings then starts to bitch." I stood up and clapped yelling "Amen!" because it's very true! And I fell out of my seat laughing when he asked Hayley "why does everyone like my brother so much?" with a "and not me?" written on his face !!!!!!!!! HEELLLOOOOOO!!!!!! You needed an answer to that?! And I thought he was in love with Caroline? How quick he forgot about her. Oh Julie, your bias for this character is so apparent its appalling! And Hayley's uneducated, nos omnia is clearly latin, not Czech or BULGARIAN! These Originals are incredibly self-centered, I'm on Team Witch all day every day! If they think something unnatural and not what nature intended will bring them all together they're sorely mistaken. The baby is evil and will be their un-doing and I want everything to blow up in their face.


I like this show, I like everyone on it EXCEPT once again Klaus He makes no sense, does Julie Plec think people forget? I've watched the episodes of VD back to back from season 2 and I CLEARLY remember KLAUS HAS A POWERBASE!!! The only way to reach the guy was through "craigslist"! Vampires all over feared him! HE ALREADY HAD POWER AND FOLLOWERS! Then he comes to Mystic Falls and decides to... start over. Gone is the powerbase, gone is the fear, gone is all his followers for reasonings unexplained. He decides he wants to make a hybrid army, why? BECAUSE HE WANTS A FAMILY AND TO BELONG!! But guess what?!?! HE ALREADY HAD THAT TWICE!! He claims NO ONE loves him and he's alone, but proceeds to dagger and hurt the very people who WANT TO LOVE HIM! Then turns around and abandons everything he's built to bitch in Mystic Falls!!


Poor Haley has nothing much to do but wander around aimlessly throughout the show..... one bit that kept bugging me throughout this episode, was the fact that Klaus and Rebecca we're talking about their secret intentions at Marcels party among tons of vampires with super hearing.Even Marcel was there and he didn't catch them standing down there plotting against him ? I didn't buy that whole scene because it failed. every vampire in there should have heard them talking,music or no music..


The show is struggling with Material for the supporting cast. Something TVD did really well in its first seasons.
And today's ep had some clunky transitions between scene. Perfect songs choice and scores was a big plus.
And best part was Cami's and Klaus scene, I ship them like crazy already. Cami's stare and Klaus about to kiss her was to die for. 4.3 episode.


I like the fact you made the connection about Klaus wanting Davina more than having his family whole. If we remember Klaus history, he has always had a witch at his side. He used them for protection and the eventual breaking of the moonstone curse. I believe this is where Marcel learned this particular behavior. What you missed is link between Davina and Marcel, anything that happens to Marcel happens to Davina same as Sophie and Haley. However, due to the fact that I am used to surprises from the TVD family writers. I expect Davina to be more than a witch. By the way, Elijah is piloting another show that is why he is not here.


how come theres nothing here about Hayley -_______-

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