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Klaus: What is it about my brother that always inspires such instant admiration?
Hayley: He was kind to me.

Klaus: You really like her, don't you?
Marcel: I like that she's not a part of any of this. Sometimes it's good to see the world the way the humans do.

[to Thierry] Here's a lesson in friendship. Friends don't lie to me. They don't break the rules. And they do not steal what is mine.


[to Cami] Guess I'm what you call a necessary evil.


Cami: I'm beginning to think your sister's a bit of a bitch.
Klaus: It's as though she invented the term.

Cami: You clean up pretty well yourself.
Klaus: Oh, don't be fooled, love. I'm the devil in disguise.

What's worth dying for, if not love?


I like you, Cami. Most girls have the unfortunate tendency of being whiny little twits.


[to Sophie] You can't win a war without a few strategic losses, no matter how regretable they may be.

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