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More than halfway through "For Whom the Bell Tolls" I was moderately bored by this week's The Vampire Diaries. I was ready to rate this episode a solid, mediocre 3. 

Then Jeremy revealed a secret we've known since The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale and everything went to pieces. 

Partying in the Woods

The lives of the group in Mystic Falls was forever altered, the way it has been so many times before. And this time, I found myself crying along with them. 

Starting from the beginning, it was Remembrance Day in Mystic Falls. Because this town doesn't have enough holidays already? As Damon tells it, people used to bury their dead with a string that was attached to a bell above ground for them to ring in case they were actually buried alive. Now, like so many other holidays, everyone uses it as an excuse to drink.

That said, drinking is supposed to curb a vampire's thirst and with the amnesiac Ripper on the loose, curbing hunger was definitely a good thing. It's too bad Elena had to take things one step too far by bringing Stefan down memory lane. Don't get me wrong, it was great that she wanted to help Stefan because he's helped her so many times before, but she fully let her emotions and her memories get the best of her. It was mere minutes before Elena was flirting with Stefan, talking about fond times from their past only to drop the ax on the guy when he kissed her. It's not his fault he felt a romantic vibe, he doesn't remember!

Amnesiac Stefan, as soap opera as the plot may be, has a different perspective than regular Stefan. He sees things simply and he sees them from another angle.

Instead of all the love triangle crap we're so used to, he sees that his ex-girlfriend is now with his brother. And quite frankly, that sucks to be around. I like Damon and Elena together, but I also liked Stefan and Elena together. Bottom line, no matter who you like together, it would suck to see your ex with your sibling and have to hang out with them. He doesn't want to be the guy from the journals and with his memory erased, now seems like the perfect time to hit reset.

I was so glad to get some good old-fashioned Stefan/Caroline scenes again. Even if Stefan wasn't quite himself, I always enjoy their dynamic and their friendship. I also liked that even though he couldn't remember Caroline, he knew he could trust her. Speaking of Caroline, her sexy plot device boyfriend is back! Tyler, where the hell have you been, man?

Stalking witches on The Originals?

So with all of this chaos, who does everyone want to turn to for help? Bonnie. It's been a lot on Jeremy to contain her secret for all of these months and even though he went against her wishes, it was ultimately the right call that everyone knew the truth. Bonnie eventually saw that too. Her funeral scene, particularly when Elena brought in the feathers reminiscent of The Vampire Diaries Season 1, was a total tearjerker. Especially when Bonnie spoke to each of them through Jeremy:

Jeremy: I'm not sure what else to say.
Bonnie: Say that I'm not going anywhere. Say that even though they couldn't see me, I've been there the whole time. | permalink

So the real question now, is Bonnie gone for good? As Damon said in the previews, he wants to kill Silas to bring Bonnie back. Could crazy Qetsiyah help out? Also what's up with Dr. Maxfield and his experiments? Hopefully we'll get more answers regarding that now that Bonnie has demanded the girls return to college!

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This episode was amazing , I spent the half of it crying .that's why I love TVD it's so sentimental and touchy .about the events:
I like stefan now very much he finally can to have a fresh start with his life with out all the guilt and with out all the love that he had for elena. and I liked very much how damon was Affected by knowing that Bonnie died . and the funeral scene was wonderful.


This was a really good episode. I'm so glad that everyone knows that Bonnie is dead. I'm also glad Matt sorta knows what's going on with why he's blacking out. So it looks like Jesse is going to become a vampire know since Caroline saved him with her blood and then his professor killed him by injecting him with something. I can't wait to see where that story goes. I liked how at the end they had a funeral for Bonnie and she talked to all of them the ought Jeremy it wa a very sweet and nice moment that they all really needed.


I've been watching this show since the beginning... I'm kind of getting tired of Elena. I find her to be very annoying and she whines a lot. I guess I'll have to see where this show brings us with all these new elements. I


- I like Katherine human side better than the vampire side. She is funnier being human.
Things I did not like -Elena acting lke a seductress wth Stephan. Did she think that only by using sex innuendos Stephan will remember?
- Stephan being angry at Elena and Damon cause they are a couple. If he does not remember his brother and beign with Elena he should not be mad at all. I also do not like the convulted arcs in almost one episode So is Bonnie finally gone or she will return from the other side eventually later in the seson. I mean I havent herd nnything that the actress quit the show so maybe she will return?? Whats up with Tyler?


My reviews on the episode. There are things I liked and things I did not like. Things I like.
-The final scene at the funeral very emotional and Damon looked HOTTTTTTTT
-Jeremy and Damon scene where Damon could not believe Bonnie was dead and he showed a bit of his human side b showing emotions by hugging Jeremy and I think he was about to cry as well. I loved that scene. I want to see more of Jer and Damon relationship. Damon is like Jer big brother. -Matt story I like the way it is developing I want to see more of Matt. I believe the rest of his friends do not really care about him, they pay more attention to other characters and not him and Matt is always left alone and he had sacrificde things for them but they dont pay him back the same way. -I believe Jesse is a good guy and I hope that if he turns to be a vampire it wotn be a reapper vampire. Maybe he can be edgy and cool but not lethal. Cont...

@ Damonfan

YES! Awesome bro hug, right?


I reckon Writers shld give Stefan & Tessa a go! He is on reset and we have not cn the guy with another girl!! It wld be nice to mix it up and give him another love interest apart from always Elena/Catherine / Nina dobrev all the time.
Giv the guy a break and hook him up with a strong hot female character like Tessa, Caroline, or newbee. Also maybe Caroline and Matt again? Or Stefan and Caroline. Just do something.

Ronald simkins

I love the on again off again bromance between Damon and Jer. The memorial was really good - something that TVD does extremely well.


I love how this show isn't afraid of restart. Erase Stefan's memory was clever way to get rid of a very boring character without killing him. I like this new Stefan, not so dark as the ripper, but still fun to watch.
As for Elena, how could she be so flirty with Stefan when she has a boyfriend?
That made her look so bad.
I loved the whole funeral thing, it was so sad. Jer breaking the news to Damon was a great scene.

@ CC

Well, she was flirty with her boyfriend's brother while she was with Stefan, so.....


oh yeah. and this episode was awesome in all accounts.


oh and elena has now 200 percent proved she is the worst human/vampire in the world. i mean theres one thing, seducing for her own benefit intentionally but the woman does it in total naivety! thats just stupid. I mean it was so plain in sight that elena was making stephan remember the love he had for her. it was way too obvious and when the moment comes where he wants to kiss her. oops im with ure bro. duuuudddeee thats just wrong in so many levels! seriously, TVD is awesome and I still thought elena was ayt even when she fell in love with damon. but to continually keep questioning which brother u love just made her the worst character in TVD/.

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