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The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "For Whom the Bell Tolls"

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The Vampire Diaries celebrated (or lamented) Mystic Falls' Remembrance Day last week, because the town needs more holidays, while the gang bid farewell to one of their own.

Elsewhere on "For Whom the Bell Tolls," Stefan lost his memory and made some alarming discoveries about who he is and what's going on, while Jesse and Caroline grew closer.

Which scenes were most memorable, and what's to come next? Our Round Table team of Miranda Wicker, Leigh Raines and Steve Marsi have gathered for a Q&A. Read on and join in!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Miranda: Man hugging!! Damon hugging Jeremy when what it looked like he wanted to do was snap Jer's neck was... it was just... excuse me. I'm verklempt. Squishy-hearted Damon, FTW! Elena's been good for him.

Leigh: When Elena brought the feathers to Bonnie's memorial, I just about lost it. It brought me back to the innocence of The Vampire Diaries Season 1 when they still had sleepovers and Bonnie was just realizing her powers.

Steve: Like Miranda, I was most struck by the Damon-Jeremy hug. So great. Also, the return of the Stefan and Caroline frienship.

Vampire Diaries Round Table

2. Amnesia Stefan: A revealing look at the show from a suddenly outside perspective, or the dumbest plot twist in show history?

Miranda: I'm digging Amnesia Stefan. He's got the smooth and gentle side of Bunny Stefan but a little bit of the "cocky ripper douche" edge of Ripper Stefan. I like him.

Leigh: At first I was annoyed, but I don't hate it now. He's not ripper Stefan, he's a whole other side of Stefan and I like seeing these realizations.

Steve: Pretty dumb from a writing perspective that they would resort to that as a source of Delea tension, although Paul Wesley does a great job with the material he's given.

3. How will Stefan's realization, and condition, impact Damon and Elena?

Miranda: I can stick my head in the sand and not think about this, right? Because I've waited four seasons for Damon and Elena and I'll be damned if a brother with amnesia gets to ruin it for me.

Leigh: I feel like I'm just holding my breath watching those two. I want Elena to remember that Bonnie said she watched her be happier than she's ever been that summer. Sick of waiting for it to fall apart!

Steve: I imagine he'll regain his memory before long and this will be exiled into the scrap heap of time-killing, non-essential plot twists we can instantly forget about. Talking to you, "Ghost World."

4. Creepier random plot line development: The passenger inside Matt, or Jesse being euthanized?

Miranda: The passenger is creepier. Euthanized Jesse and Dr. Maxfield feels too much like Buffy and the Initiative. And shows that use "the Initiative" as plot devices get sort of lame. (I'm looking at you, Revenge.) Let's not study vampires like they're science experiments.

Leigh: Definitely the passenger. Let's face it, they snap people's necks and kill them all the time on this show. Possession, that's new.

Steve: Passenger all the way. First, it involves Matt of all people. Second, the black eyeball thing is never not terrifying.

5. What do you think Qetsiyah was up to this week?

Miranda: Eating her way through every flavor of Ben & Jerry's on the shelf because 1) ice cream and 2) broken heart. Throw in a side of Rom Coms and it's a rocking Friday night.

Leigh: I mean, probably sleeping after the energy she exerted on that Stefan's spell!

Steve: Throwing darts at a photo of Paul Wesley?

6. In honor of the gang finally realizing what we've already known for weeks, pen another eulogy for Bonnie.

Miranda: Dear Bon Bon. I didn't think I'd say this, but I sort of hate that you're dead. I kind of miss your judgy witchiness. And you made me (and everybody else) cry. It sucks that you died when you finally got interesting. Here's hoping Damon's plan to bring you back works.

Leigh: I feel like there's a possibility of her coming back, no? Otherwise: Bonnie, you were a great friend to everyone. Hopefully you can find piece on the other side without people trying to use you for dark magic and fix everything. RIP.

Steve: Oh Bon. It's like we hardly knew ye. Which is sort of true, as your character wasn't developed that well until after you were "gone." We will miss you just the same, at least until they find a random plot device to bring back THE TVD Plot Device. See you soon, babe.

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DE/SE storyline is so old and so tired! Let delena be for once, we had to endure that stelena "great love" for far too long! Dopplegangers everywhere, there are others actors and actresses on this show either than Nina dobrev, they too deserve a storyline that doesn't involve "saying elena". My dear Bon Bon, love ya..... You deserve better! I need progression in this beremy lovestory! What do I have to do to finally get a sex scene ha?!


DE/SE storyline is so old and so tired! Let delena be for once, we had to endure that stelena "great love" for far too long! Dopplegangers everywhere, there are others actors and actresses on this show either than Nina dobrev, they too deserve a storyline that doesn't involve "saying elena". My dear Bon Bon, love ya..... You deserve better! I need progression in this beremy lovestory! What do I have to do to finally get a sex scene ha?!


characters on this show really just need to stay dead..this dying/ coming back to life thing is ridiculous and been going on for far too long. Jesse is boring, elena was annoying, but other than that this episode was pretty great.
1. The look on Elena's face when Stefan told her he couldnt remember her name. LOLLLL.
2. Amnesia Stefan is pretty awesome, but I was sad when Stefan was burning his diaries, just like I was sad when Elena burned her house to the ground.
3. It's going to make Elena go crazy that Stefan isn't paying attention to her and falling all over her. Damon I can imagine will give Stefan space.. it will be interesting to see how they reconcile. Wish they would have given them more scenes in the episode rather than those annoying scenes with Elena. NO ONE CARES ABOUT HER.
4. Passenger inside Matt. Agreed with Leigh.
5. Dear Bonnie, I'm sorry how horribly your so-called friends treated you. You sacrificed way too much and got little in return. You were an underserved, underused character and shame on the writers for how they've treated you. I'm sorry your friends are too stupid to know how to give you a proper memorial. I'm sure we'll see you soon.


I think there is a way for Bonnie to come back...Qetsiah came back when the veil was down. So if they can figure out how to do that again, she can come back but probably at the expense of someone's death.


1. Elena bringing feathers sigh! Also STEROLINE moments!
2. Dumbest plot twist ever.. That WORKED!
3. Don't care!
4. Black eyes
5. Reading: "He's just not that into you"
6. I don't like to waste eulogies on characters I KNOW will come back eventually!


... and I like this new TVF site design by the way :)


love the Stefan/Caroline connection.


1. Fav scene
-Damon Jer hug. I really didn't know what to expect. It was so essentialy intense and heartbreaking. Just loved it.
-Caroline griving with Stefan. I really love the connection they have hopefully Tyler dies soon.
2. Amnesia Stefan
-I love it. Finally someone who says what is wrong here. Cause honestly it isn't okay for Elena fanging his Brother and finally someone spoke up. I like the writing so Thumbs up.
-According to spoilers the new student will have a bigger impact on Elena than Stefan. I assume Jessie's bff will be Elenas new pal, Aaron.
-I love Matt this season. I think he maybe even knows how to act.
-I call Voodoo dolls. Probably 3 Paul Wesley's.
6. Bonnie.
- The most potential used in the worst way. Too much power wrong handled.