The Vampire Diaries Review: Monsters, Mothers and Mr. Hyde

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The Vampire Diaries treated viewers to a trick-filled installment on Halloween night, one filled with multiple storylines, a lot of exposition and at least one mother of a surprise.

Seriously, we all knew Katherine Pierce was one bad motherf-cker... but who would have guessed she truly was one bad mother? F-cker!

Let's start there in this rundown of The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 5 ...

Damon as Henry VIII

Points to The Vampire Diaries for remaining true to Katherine's backstory. And no, I'm not just referring to her chopping off of poor Uncle John's fingers.

We were told a long time ago that Katherine gave birth to a girl deemed "illegitimate" and was therefore banished to England, where she met Klaus and Elijah and the rest is globe-trotting, Doppleganger history.

But does anyone really care to see his history resurrected in the form of Nadia? Katherine has never really been a real character. She's been used as plot device again and again, showing up whenever the writers needed to find a convenient way to move the story forward.

And, my goodness, she just won't die! Yes, the show winked at this fact through every reference to Katherine "dodging the diabolical," but seriously. It's time for her to go.

I was hoping Silas would drain her, that he'd come alive via The Cure (so he could die again, ironic) and then Nadia and her Traveling buddies would wage war against him and Damon and Elena and a whole lot of craziness would ensue.

And, yes, I'm quite certain we're still headed in a crazy direction. (Correction: we've met Tessa, haven't we? The crazy quotient has been filled for a couple weeks now.) I just can't bring myself to care about anything involving Katherine.

She's been too misused over the years and the idea of her VERY long-lost child coming back to save her just seems far too wild and random. Even for The Vampire Diaries.

Let's get the other negative out of the way now: Tyler. Talk about random and misused.

The guy is inexplicably away for months (no cell phone service?!? If cell phones can work in his family's underground maze, they can work in Tennessee), shows up, has a ton of sex with Caroline (damn him!) and then leaves because he must go take down Klaus?!?

Yes, this verifies the theory that those werewolf attacks in New Orleans were committed by young Mr. Lockwood and, sure, I'm excited to see him on The Originals. But why even come back? Why not send Caroline a text? Sry. Off 2 kill Klaus. TTY never!

Would that have been cold? Absolutely. Colder than returning, getting his naked swerve on a few times and then walking away for good, though? I don't think so. Low move, Ty. You don't deserve any Beignets in The Big Easy.

So that's 0 for 2 so far. I'm not intrigued by Katherine as a mother nor did it seem worthwhile to bring Tyler back for a mere TVD cameo.

Ah, but then there's Dr. Wes Maxfield. And now we're getting somewhere!

He's experimenting on vampires? He says Jesse is the "perfect candidate?" He warns Elena people are watching her and her friends at Whitmore and they should pack up and leave? He's the guardian of some mysterious student named Aaron? Interesting... fascinating... question-inducing... awesome. I'm all in. Give me a lot more of this (evil? brilliant? helpful? benevolent?) professor, please.

And a lot less of Katherine never dying.

What did everything else think of the latest Vampire Diaries Season 5 installment? Are you blown away and enticed by this Katherine development? Are you missing the old, memory-filled Stefan? Do you wish Hallmark actually made I'm Sorry Kegs?

And were you excited at the return of Elena's diary entries? Or thinking we should all chip in at this point and buy her an iPad? Sound off below.


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Strangely with the originals gone to new orleans i really must say tvd gets more boring by the episode as the originals become interesting.
I don´t care about any stupid doppelganger yadayada anymore because it´s getting really old now. Bonnie and the other side pingpong is also really done already 4 times and the everlasting love triangle just makes me wanna kick my tv. so far in the season tvd is ruined for me. Very very bad writing and producing. I consider the most exciting character is matt now and that really means something.


I normally like the TVD reviews on this site but this one is terrible. Most of the fans out there, including myself and everyone I know who watches, adore Katherine. And 99% of the time, I don't even care that she is used as a plot device. I'm very ready to see more of her back story and info on her daughter. These are Elena's ancestors after all so it's more history for one of the main characters! And Dr. Maxfield? UGH. He reminds me of Professor Shane from last season, who I hated with a fiery passion. (Doesn't help that I met the actor in 4 different ways and he was a complete jack ass.) The only thing interesting about the doctor/professor is that he is connected to the dead roommates friend. That's it. Also, imo the most annoying character is Bonnie. I've gradually gotten more and more annoyed with her over the seasons and now I feel like she's just there to give Jeremy a romantic interest in the core characters. But Tyler has been a consistent #2 for me. I am excited to see how he'll be on Originals though. That plot could be fun.


Personally, I think Katherine is one of the best characters on this show. But I thought she was cooler as a vampire, but I still like her. Being hunted for hundreds of years, I understand she has the right to be a bit bitchy but she does care about people and she just found her daughter again! Damon pissed me off a bit, you can't kill Katherine! He deserves to get hit. Tyler breaking up with Caroline was sad but I don't blame him too much, Klaus killed his mother! But it still doesn't justify the fact that he chose revenge over Caroline. She should've bit him! But now Klaroline should hopefully happen!! My OTP :D With Tyler going after Klaus, Caroline will definetely have to come up which is a start!


Please kill off Bonnie. Keep in mind I say that because death really doesn't matter in this show. No one can die, and if they do die, it doesn't seem to mean anything. Keep in mind, this is a BAD thing. It means I don't give a flying crap if even my favorite main character dies, because hey, they can just come back next episode! Bad writing, you killed Bonnie and brought back Jer? Keep it that way.


nooo ! Katherine is seriously the most interesting character this season and she finally has a storyline. I'd trade her for Elena anyday


I really disagreed with you on the main points. -I like Catherine now a lot better than earlier, and I would love to see her with her own story line. -I like Tyler with Caroline. I think he acted terrible in the most recent episode. That said, I think it will be interesting to see how he fits in with the vampire / werewolf / witch politics of New Orleans.

@ Maryann

*** her for ELna

@ Maryann

Other thoughts: That professor experimenting on vampires is SO old and hackneyed. Lose this guy already! I don't like the "new" Stefan at all. So when does he get his memory back? And if he doesn't, the character might as well be gone, as far as I am concerned.


You don't like Katherine? Are you not watching the same show as the rest of us? She MADE Thursday's episode! She had all the best line, one very good storyline and I am very glad she didn't die because if she's to go down, it's with a fight and a damn good one!
Katherine survived for more than 500 years, it's not to be killed because stupid Damon wants to team up with their enemy to bring back BONNIE of all people (another underused character with no plotline ever!) and just so that he can score points with Elena. Pathetic. Katherine's worth more than that.
Plus, she still needs to be reunited with Stefan.

@ Stef

Katherine dying like that would have been crappy. But it was pretty freaking awesome to finally watch Damon of all people push her towards what he thought was really death for her. I always expect her to be his Achilles heal...except that he's happy with Elena now so maybe it's no longer a weakness. (Yeah won't last - but that's normal for tv drama) The Tyler thing was a little too obvious. I guessed while watching Originals that it was probably him. But I've been pretty bored with his character's relationship with Caroline for awhile. I'd rather see her with Klaus. (I know, he's on the other show now...) I really don't even care who's good or bad, should or shouldn't be together... I like watching the ones that make for good tv. I'm here to be entertained! And the Klaus/Caroline Damon/Elena both entertain me. :D


I don't get the writer's hate towards Katherine.
She's the best and most entertaining character on the show. She definitely has been used as a plot device in the past, and SO WHAT? She's finally getting her own storyline, we finally get to know and see her more. What is it that you wanna see, huh? More Delena? please, let's not be ridiculous with those pathetic reviews, it's obvious we're watching a completely different show.

@ luka

I completely agree. What show has this reviewer been watching?!? My husband HATES this show and still thinks Katherine is awesome. I honestly don't even care when she's a plot device. Plus I've always wondered about her kid. I mean Nadia is Elena's relative too! Granted her AND Katherine are super distant ones but still...

@ luka

i wonder if the writers will do it !! Can't wait to see amnesia stefan and katherine meet. He can finally give her a clean slate now that she's human and he has no memories. ( with the knowledge of what she's done to them in the past, of course)

@ luka

i wonder if the writers will do it !! Can't wait to see amnesia stefan and katherine meet. He can finally give her a clean slate now that she's human and he has no memories. ( with the knowledge of what she's done to them in the past, of course)


I have to agree TVD is turning out to be there worst season bonnie being dead has been really boring, I am mildly interested in who dr.maxwell is and the secret society the other new characters are so not worth watching. Jesse seems to only be there because with tyler and klaus gone they don't know what to do with caroline she seems to just be there and has no real s/l other then pumping up elaina or stefan. The dobblgager stuff is confusing at times and other times it seens just more like they have nothing new for any of the other characters so why not just double ellana and stefan hour. Although i do like catherine this seems like a sad attempt to keep this endless triangle going.
Caroline/tyler am i sad no relevied i was getting tired of caroline mopping about tyler with no idea when he would return again. I think they brought him back to set up his arrival on the originals and end forwood for good but it does make me curious that for klaroline they did the opposit knowing jm was not coming back to tvd they chose to up the stakes by having klaus declare he intended to be her last implying tyler and her wouldn't last and forwood they just ended


Its at a point where I am so confused by the plot...WHAT is going on??? Why is Damon resurrecting Silas? To bring Bonnie back? Who cares about Bonnie anyway? Can Stefan please get his memory back? Also, Qetsiyah = boring, Katherine = boring, Nadia = boring, Dr Wes and his experiments = random and out of place with the rest of the storyline. And don't get me started about Tyler. Are the writers planning to get him off this show? Breaking up with Caroline was bizarre and unnecessary. Also, where is the Stefan/Damon bonding? Yes, Stefan's angry at him but Damon sure as hell isn't doing much to gain his trust back. I'm a big fan of this show, but it is really starting to go downhill and get ridiculous. Vampire Diaries needs to get some better storylines fast, otherwise it's going to lose a lot of viewers.

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Don't piss off the diabolical ones.


The more I have to think about, the less time I have to miss Bonnie.