The Vampire Diaries Review: The Old College Die

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Forget the Freshman 15. The Vampire Diaries Season 5 premiere introduced viewers to the Freshman Fif... SCREAM!

Indeed, "I Know What You Did Last Summer" took Caroline, Elena and millions of fans to Whitmore College, a university where the only thing more dangerous than the dining hall lunch is being roommates with two secret blood suckers.

What do we make of Megan's demise? How awesome is Paul Wesley as Silas? How hilarious will Jeremy and Damon be as roommates?

With the countdown to TVD's return finally over, let's answer all these questions and pose many more in the following countup. Come along and join me, won't you? I promise it'll be safer than a Mystic Falls town square celebration...

Ready to Move In

ONE: The number of threesomes depicted in the episode's opening few minutes. Damn, Matt! You go, boy!

Of course, there may truly be no such thing as safe sex, not when it involves a mysterious European woman named Nadia who then shows back up in Mystic Falls to return your magic ring and help knock you out because... who the heck knows why?!? But isn't it refreshing to see Matt get some action? Both of the screen variety and the HAWT bedroom variety?

TWO: The number of deaths on the premiere. Yes, Mayor Bennett's was more emotional, as it's hard enough to imagine losing one's father and even harder still to imagine losing one's father when you're a ghost and no one can hear you scream or be a shoulder for you to cry on. But we barely knew the Mayor himself. His arrival was almost comical, with Bonnie's dad just showing up out of nowhere and somehow being elected to high office.

So it's Megan's death that is truly most interesting. Why was there Vervain in her water bottle? Did her killer put it there? Did she put it there? And who is her killer? And is the campus police covering up the murder? And how in the world is Elena's father tangled up in all of this? Lots of questions. Lots of place for this storyline to go.

THREE: The number of months that went by since events on The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale in May went down. Stefan is still stuck under water (and help me on this one, TVD Fanatics: Is Damon subconsciously encouraging him to turn off his humanity so he can escape? Or just so he can stop feeling pain down there?)... we know where Matt spent his time (ooohhh, yeah!)... Bonnie was supposedly traveling the world (and pretending to still exist, via emails through Jeremy)... and Delena?

They have been going very, very, very, VERY strong. We're talking sex-all-throughout-the-house and dropping the L Word to each other strong. Is it everything you ever wanted and more, Delena fans? Let's just hope the writers keep these two together. There's been enough back and forth in the past. No more wavering over Stefan and no new college upperclassman to steal away Elena's attention, please. She has enough to worry about at Whitmore with that whole my-roommate-was-murdered thing going on.

And also Psych 101. That class can be tough. 

SEVENTEEN: The number of small appliances Caroline can apparently fit into the world's biggest dorm room. My goodness! And I thought the kids on Saved By the Bell: The College Years had it lucky.

FIVE: The number of times I marveled at Wesley's depiction of Silas. Approximately. The actor has said many times in the past - including to TV Fanatic - that he embraces a chance to play a darker role and it really is clear by the way he oozes charisma and shadiness as Silas. You can just see a satisfied glint in the star's eye that he's getting a break from playing his typically moral, upstanding character of Stefan Salvatore.

SIX: The number of questions I have coming out of a strong premiere:

  1. When will we see Tyler again? And what has he really been up to out there?
  2. What's the deal with Jesse? Anything aside from having an (understandable) attraction to Caroline?
  3. Why is Silas seeking out Katherine?
  4. How are the chores doled out in Casa Salvatore now? Does Jeremy take out the garbage and Damon do the dishes?
  5. How did Elena's father know Megan and what is Mr. Gilbert's connection to her death?
  6. Seriously, what does Nadia want?!?

Overall, a very entertaining opening episode. The Vampire Diaries Season 5 has a fresh feel to it, with plenty of new territory to mine at Whitmore, Delena as a certified couple and Silas as a fun, threatening villain.

What did everyone else think? Make like a college professor and grade the premiere now:


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...reminded me of Buffy herself!
Stefans humanity is a song i've grown tired of hearing about. We get it, move on. Please give the guy some depth already besides his yearning for Elena, his tubulant relationship with Damon and his fight with humanity!
Bonnie's father dying was ridiculous (are they seriously going to kill all the adults in this show? Oh wait, they already have except for sheriff Forbes).
Nadia looks boring already and i don't give a crap about Silas and his messed up doppelganger/shadow self rubbish and mysterious plans.
The only bright sparks about this episode for me was Katherine and Caroline and Jeremy dealing with the consequences, but thats its.
A 3/5 rating from me for this episode.


I also could not take the constant sucking up to Elena in this episode by Damon,Caroline and Bonnie. Elena is still selfish, immature, a terrible sister and sueish.
Poor Jeremy was left in MF to deal with the consequences of his death (which is thanks to Elena). I liked that part but again, Jeremy must deal and Elena doesn't. I actually wished Jeremy died in that accident, he should never have been brought back in the first place.
I don't care what anyone says, Delena is nothing but a shallow fanservice relationship built purely on sex with no decent solid grounding. Period. Elena showed some personality but it felt completely contrived and forced.
I didn't like that Caroline and Tyler broke up while shes at college, reminds me too much of Willow/Oz in BTVS when they broke up, seeing as Willow was at college and Oz was also a werewolf. Caroline and Elena's entire college experience reminded me of Buffys early fourth season, it didnt help that Carolines selfish behaviour and banter reminded me too much of Buffy herself, especially with regards to their roommate.
Silas is irriating, Bonnie's dad dying was ridiculous (are they really going to kill ALL the adults in this show), Nadia already looks boring. Katherine and Caroline were the only sparks in this episode for me. Stefan's humanity is a song thats worn out its welcome. We get it, move on! Give the guy more depth please! A 3/5 rating from me.


Seriously, am i the only one who wasn't very impressed with this episode? Sure it was watchable and enjoyable, but only if you leave your brain at the front door. I thought the title 'i know what you did last summer' would be a reference to Elena finally dealing with the consequences of her actions when she turned her off switch last season but, should have known that wouldn't happen.
Elena should not be at college, seriously! If Matt can't afford it how can she, with the mary-sue trust fund? If she was really the caring, strong, mature character that JP says she is then she would have not gone to college, but she would have stayed in MF, gotten a job, and take care of Jeremy. Instead, she unrealisticly goes off to College and frolicks in a relationship with Damon.


Finally the season 5 started the premiere episode was wonderful but it's also so mysterious .And I really impressed by Nina performance ,she is incredibly talented specially at the human kathren role . how she was scared , lost and weak she is really success by showing all that . I don't know what to say ,Nina you are amazing actress.


I think Silas is looking for Katherine because she was the one who took the cure intended for him, so perhaps, killing her will bring him ... whatever he wants out there. Maybe drinking her blood with the cure in it will help him achieve what he was originally going to do. Just a thought.
Anyway, good episode. Sad for Bonnie. I wonder if she remains a ghost throughout the season. Honestly, I thought the third bed in the dorm was intended for her (at least that would explain why Elena and Caroline were so hostile towards a non-vampire roommate). Oh, well. For now I just can't wait for the new episodes.


Fianlly TVD is back and I like this episode. I never knew Matt was the one who had the threesome with Rebekah and another lady, Go Matt cause in the past seasosns he was this innocent naive kind of guy who always sacrifices himself for his friends so maybe we will see a different Matt this season a more bold one but Im afraid that this Nadia came only to cause matt problems and he will fall for it and I wonder what the the guy did to Matt head. I like the Damon/jeremy bonding time at the car crash site when Damon wish he is not dead, Damon really care for Jeremy there, like if he was Jeremys; big brother and one he has to take care of and I love when Damon hugged him. In a way Damon do have some feelings for others, only that for him are hard to express them so people do see he has some kind of humanity even if it is very tiny. I look forward to see more of this bonding betweem them as elena is trusting Damon to take care of him. So practically Tyler broke up with Caroline that is why she maybe falls in love with this new Jesse guy out of spite. Ohh my the way Bonnie's dad died was surprising and this Silas is mean and diabolic. I wonder also the connection between Megan and Elena's dad, mm sounds fishy.


Yes, Delena fans the time has come! Our favorite couple are finally together. I loved every scene of Damon and Elena last night, even the ones where they were just on the phone talking to each other.
Hopefully, there's a lot more to come. The rest of the premiere was good as well. I wonder how long it will take them to find Stefan. And what Silas has in store for Katherine. Also, what will Bonnie's role on the show be now that she's dead? I can't wait for the rest of the season.


Even with so many new situations, this feels like vintage TVD. Losing the endless "Originals" plot really lightened the load and kept the stories moving quickly. BTW, if they want to thrill or impress me with a three-way, it'll involve 2 guys and a girl for a change, with the guys "interacting", lol. We've seen this fanboy fantasy service before.


Another strong premiere for TVD! I'm just hoping they don't keep this Bonnie the ghost crap up for too long. I'd like to just see her gone altogether. I was missing the originals from the show a little bit, but it was really great to finally get to see Matt and Rebekah have some fun together. They really would make a great couple. I'm glad Tyler and Caroline are breaking up. I hope they give her someone way more interesting and deserving of her, though I still am dying to know what would have happened with her and Klaus. I feel like I was just teased now. And I love having Jeremy around! I can't even begin to speculate on many of these storylines, but I can't wait to see what happens!


Is TVD on next Thursday? My tv says a football game is on instead.

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